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1. Me, The Misanthrope

Here I stand and behold the masses...
Would you consider perfect the horde of worms?
Nor do I, roaming high above their domains...
Would you ever see me passing through the centuries?
I know not.

My spirit always doubts, exploring the controversy...
Futile being, the beginning and the instant end...
Worthless entities, how low can you go with your
Dreams of unsound mind?

Majesty expelled, born dead into this world,
You whip your beggars in wine,
Knowing not their minds stay indifferent,
Despite you cry out... "Finally, I've seen a sign!"

A sign from the highest lord?
Grace of heaven unfulfilled!
Sailing the astral seas, I saw the godly sperm flow down...
The failure or the supreme beast?
Hedennah's long-awaited virtue!
Raining is the sticky divine fluid, unwilling to give your mind
A long-awaited birth...

Pathetic way of thinking,
Logic based on absurd...
Paradoxical change of seasons,
When winter comes in spring...

This is what you are, the creatures of destruction...
This is what I am, the misanthrope,
Proud in my existence,
Perfect in my shape...

2. The Moon, The Sun, The Stars

Deep inside the woods, whose sight's embraced with
Wintry fluid
The wolves come forth the sacred fire, whose flame's enshrouded in
My deep passion and anxiety

Memories of pride, memories of hunger
The lust forsaken, the hate bereft
Bitterness and strength, they all come into one
One and only, those far behind I've left

Praise the somberness of outer worlds,
Raise your hell and grant me your bereavement
The luminary gods dwelling in my reveries,
Buried in the infinite concealment

The sun of the sleepless, the one we bark upon at night...
The dawn brings it's regular disease,
Granting us it's incinerating warmness
Dearest phantoms of the night, they're finally released...

Whom does shine this magic light upon?
The ghastly theatre of nature, is it thee?
Whom does mortify this scintillation among the cosmic lawns?
The answers hidden within the very depths of me...

Those crystal lakes of an alien origin
What will they spawn and how will they act...
Entangled in barbed wire is the divine pigeon
What kind of peace will these long-dead spheres bring...

Mythical source of an ancient knowledge
A fountain of repulsion, truthfully the one I've longed for
The legions march across my motherland
The one deep beneath the surface of the earth

In the night, in deepest solitude my spirit is reborn
To fly high above the woods and explore the caverns of the
Underwater lands, reigned by a supreme king with horns
Will I worship him or cease...?

Cease into the space, rise above the mental reign
Afraid the natural and listen to what the looking glass will say...
Unite with my spirit lovers, for the gates are open
And the circle is now complete...

3. Quaerite Lux In Tenebris (Exploring The External Worlds)

That which is my cosmos is what I've starved for oh so long
My inner passion and bitter demise...
Those shores I dream of, to capture time in a dance
To encircle myself in a myriad of raining worlds...

Search your light in my darkness, for my darkness is your light
And that which is opposite, is opposite to itself...
Conceive your visionary evil, and I will grant you the good
Which one is ours among these plains surrounding us?

Create your dimension and name yourself explorer
You are not and will never be, my depraved child of sin
We'd never know anything in this funerary spring
And so sad to say, we'd never know what does it have to mean...

So let us reign over the higher art and supreme beings
Me, myself, and you, my inner solitary guard...
With mind I brought clear forth your sight,
We'd start our quest in these marble bloodred halls...

Internal and external, what kind of reality will we see?
What kind of existence will we fantasize for us this time?
Our sweetly blackened paragon slides into firstborn chaos
This is the end of a beginning - and the beginning for an end
Pitifully we've come to know what the knowledge is
So blow down the candle and now just disappear...

4. Praising The Departure Of Spiritual Strength

Welcome to my dearest gallery,
The exhibition of my doubts...
Come inside and rejoice with my philosophy,
Enjoy my faded images of grief...

Welcome to my sweet and scarlet world,
Where wretched conquerors cringe by my feet...
Loathsome often are the human ways,
Since one never knows what awaits him
Behind that dark and twisted corner...

Pariah for some - idol for the masses
What will be my human end,
Either worthless one, among the visionary ruins,
Or immortality, among the minds of men...?

I keep on following my own way,
Fighting - and feasting upon their condemned souls
Yet one more resistance has been overcome, so to say
This is my path, this is my world, these are my fouls
(... foul-fiends, the dearest ones...)

Yet again you're welcomed in my lair
Yet again you're invited to meet earth's most wanted scum...
Yet again you cross my path and lose your own
Yet again you give birth to indifferent perception...

Praise the loss of strength, run away in fear
Is this what you've spent your life for?
Praise the lack of energy, humiliate and sear
Is this what you've dreamt those nights of?
Hail yourself, for you're the newborn anchorite
Is this what you think the life should be alike?

My gallery grows day by day,
Even though I never knew the difference
Between day and night, for I was born
Blind into this world...

5. Beneath The Fading Eclipse

The lonely rose keeps on crying in my hands,
The hands that transformed all life into oblivion...
The lonely tear slides down my cheek,
The tear of a being that is rotten though still living on...

Feared once was I to lose my path
Below the source of post-earthly darkness
Feared once was I find the light
Deep beneath the blackest caverns of disgust

To reach my goal and find the way...
To attain the universal supremacy -
The one concealed inside my mind...
To start my journey at it's end

I cast aside my senses, those I will never feel...
Sensations that were mine
Leave me be and stray away
The love I've never felt, the hate I usually beheld...

Don't look upon me as I'm the leper man,
Turn away and don't cast a glance at me
... my precious demon of delight, imprisoned in my hellish den...
Don't pare my wings, for how then will I float above the nightly shores?

I rise above and dive below,
I crawl beneath and creep within.
I am the servant to the masters and emperor of bleeding sheep,
I am the one who is, and who is not.

Enshrouded with gloom becomes the luminary,
I unite with the one it was conquered by -
The eclipse glowing in the utter grimness of the dusk
Although it fades away so fast I could only tearlessly sigh...

6. Sacred War

7. Crescent Moon (The Final Celebration)

In the vault of our fears we never wished to reveal,
In the kingdoms of our dreams we always craved to re-conceal...
We travel off the routes, off the common paths,
Begging to bring back our darkness, to bring back your sun...

The road goes further on the sulphurous domain
... Them, hunting in the night, we watch and join this precious quest...
We celebrate the moon with feasting upon our graves
The time approaches and the starlit skies grant us their holy burden...

In this neverending hunt for blood, the sweetest nectar of our youth
We rape and violate to reach self-perfection in an unimaginable ecstasy...
Tranquil and soothing is our withering disgrace
Trembling and momentous in it's misty, precious haze...

The death arrives at last, this is the final hour
The lunar spirits fade away getting back the faceless dawn
We reach the peak in our passionate endeavor
And remain silent swirled in approaching storm of flesh...

Crowned ourselves the kings of blasphemy
Climbed upon the highest of the thrones...
Devouring true wonders of this universe,
We are the bastard sons of ages...

8. Those Spectres Within (Eternal Is The Nothingness I've Emerged From)

My soul have dreamt of being cast upon the earthly world
For I was living far beyond the reach of mortal men
My dream have dreamt of knowledge of what I really am
For I have never known what hides behind my shape

Demons float above me, laughing in their paranormal sanity...
I reach the door and wonder
If one could ever lock what once was locked...
Entered was the inner mind, faced were my own chimeras

Deep above and high below, unconsciously awakened
I sleep and see them feasting
On the right I see the things that are wrong,
And on the left I watch the right ones being banished

Necrospiritual experience, projection of the inner world...
It crawls inside the very essence, abandoned and hollow
A journey in pure nothingness, those spectres are the only ones I behold...
Deep within, they make their way into what I've came for

The self-made deity of insanity rises and proclaims...
"Wish I could travel beyond the senses
To explore what hasn't been yet explored,
And see what no one has ever seen..."

Me, the nothing and me, the all
Me, the one to fulfill the buried dreams...
Me, the one to make them fall
Me, the devourer and me, the fading dim...

I am everlasting in my own universe of nothingness...

9. Transenflamed Visions Of Your Mortal End

Torn from inside out, phlebotomized
You crawl through the darkened earthly debris
Once you thought you were disguised
Oh, it was painful to find out you were not!

We follow each step of yours, hiding in the shades
Of your pathetic life
We chase the thieves of our belief
Isn't it delightful to see them writhe?

Writhe in sin, writhe in a circle of putridity
Writhe in pain, writhe in a cycle of stupidity

Your dominion is but a ruin of it's former self
... Or is it a regular mirage?
A logical outcome
... Or a fatal failure of your minds?

Slipping silently, for we're in no need of words
Symbolizing purest mental strength, we've came to be your shrine
We rape, annihilate and slay your herds,
For the better life always follows the decline

Complete decline... the absolute demise
That's what awaits the human breed.
Among the chaotic shapes of universal apocalypse
Sown will be our inhuman seed.

The antithesis of vitality, antonym for the breathing flesh
We are the raging ocean of anxiety...
Your sight is transenflamed with vision of an End,
Ablaze with the fires of Yuggoth, the chariotry comes forth
And mourns the mankind, granting you the truest sleep
For your life was nothing but a dream...

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