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1. Into The Domain Beyond All Horizons

Eternal in my shapeless form I reach the dark domain
Soaring above these lands of torture
Fragments of eternity disappear as sunlight fades,
Rearranging to ephemeral darkened silhouettes

Reborn in bacchanalia of diabolical shades
Chariotry of Righteous Wrath splits the nightly sky
In exposed midnight vault
Crimson tears of wisdom embrace these mighty warriors
Their thoughts coloured in black,
Bitter dreams cast in despondency...

I behold the moonrise and make up my farewell song
Drowned among the fierceful lunar waves of blessed Nocturnal Sea...
My feelings are numb, though I scent another scarlet dawn
And everflaming solar hatred burning restlessly...

Walk into my affliction and see my despair
Fly with me, beyond the gates of Death Herself -
Into the domain beyond all horizons...

2. Mists Of Eternity

Algol, to Thee I sing my song
Oh star of Evil and obscene light,
Perpetual in your seductive nothingness
Grant me thy power, grant me thy all-devouring might...

For I am a feeble human soul
Itching for the planetary rule
To become one with the Elements...
To hover above the Cosmic seas eternally...

From the depths of my darkest nightmares
Reincarnated, I rise again...
Conceiving the glorious future awaiting me
Far beyond the limits of earthly fancies

Within the dominions enslaved by torment
Thousand human cries sound so sweet...
Their tears run dry
Crimson limbs, crowned with suffering
Enthroned through embalmment...

Pale forespoken skies turn black again and forever
Sunset is near, nightfall comes - my desired destiny
Silhouettes clothed in twilight crawl into my burial dream
Rulers of the visionary land, they endow me with their ecstasy
I wither and behold the clouded landscapes grow dim...

Lost is my visual form, forgotten is my former life
Now I'm at one with mists of eternity...

3. The Spectral Prophecy

From the dark stars They came before man was born,
Unseen and loathsome They descended to primal earth...> *

Among the underwater gardens filled with grief
Beyond the astral landscapes so dark and sorrowful
Where no vital creature may abode and live
A ghastly shadow rises from the deepest caverns
Of once forgotten R'lyeh...

And Their blasphemies were great upon the Earth
All creation bowed beneath Their might
And knew Them for Their wickedness...> *

Cloaked in the fiery sombre mists,
The Cthulhu's essense sweeps along the dying Tellus,
No man's eye can see His visual form and rejoice of further living...
Floating through the pale abyssic eclipse,
Through forbidden formulas He summons the Darkest One...


And They shall rule where They once ruled
As foulness you shall know Them
And Their accursedness shall stain the Earth...> *

4. The Forlorn Existence Of Soul Divine

Alone and sorrowful, the divine essense crawls
Along the dying remains of heavenly kingdom
Once adorned and now forlorn,
Questioning anything, but meaningless and painful

Bitter memories of past apocryphal superiority,
Flesh and soul now departed in more than racking way...
Necromantic lust for vital pleasures and devilish desires,
For precious taste of blood and sulphur throne of wisdom...

Sinful and infidel in spirit,
With bloodstained sword
It once joined the battle for the Divine's triumph
For salvation and a glory of the Heaven's Lord...

Forgotten and betrayed, it wanders through infinity,
Alone and tearless...
Enchanting odes from the distant woods so vast
Cherish it's neverending pain, encircling in oblivion...

Detested is the dying surface of the earth
Surreal and naked is it's torturing tristesse
The mournful silence is so sweet...

Into the very depths of Heddenah's gardens
Through the enflamed spheres it ascended
Lusting for revenge...

Countless centuries will pass
And some day the betrayal is avenged
For every sin shall be atoned
For every pain shall find it's rest...>

5. ... Of Shadowy Exaltation (When Night Blackens With Storm)

Flagellating your pale cold skin,
I desire for more
Beholding those deep bleeding wounds
I wish I could return you back to life
To start my feast all over again...

Whip bleeds my own skin now fiercefully
I expect the pain, although it passes away
Leaving me in utter bitterness
I await the night, when I may spread my wings
And reach the skies far above the wooden pantheon...
I await the night and the storm it brings
To conquer these lands of pride and joy
To blacken their souls and deprave their minds...

I'm true and faithful servant of those
Who came here long before the earth was born
I'm their messanger and archangel
Condemned to dwell behind these burning gates
Of sullen silent spheres...

I know not if I'm a vital being
But it should be so, since I scent the honied blood of females...
I lick them, rape them, slaughter them...
Wretched pathetic humans...

I make them weep, make them shriek and ask forgiveness...
Seeking delight in pain and suffering, oh so sweet...

When sun sets beyond the snowy mountains
And wolves howl at the fullmoon
Crescent skies tumble into glowing shade of agony,
So bizarre...

The shadowy inmaterial spectres invite me
To join their exalted hellish dance
The night blackens with storm, breed by Ancient Ones
And I lust for their return more than ever before...

6. Imperium Tenebrarum

Hollow voices surround the space around the cromlech
In evil tongues they speak, grim are their aims
The storm rages near, ruthless in it's anger
The prophecy once spoken now should be fulfilled...

The altar of invocation awaits it's victim
Whispering once forgotten prayers, forbidden and concealed
Abyssic spirits haunt the hellish winds among the solitary virtue
The last chronicle is finally revealed...

Through vast enchanting woods I stray in pride
Lamentation of pure bestiality,
Emptiness, my beloved and scarlet bride
Bleeding, starving - among symbolic immortality...

Child of sunset, descendant of lunar tribes
Darkness was upon the mystic birth of my funeral
Cold and senseless grave became my shining bed
As I began my quest towards twilight, the ever-first and primeval...

Anxious visions, danse macabre of universal mind
Woe to you, dwellers of this once so peaceful planet!
The blackened shadows grow longer and longer, night by night,
As the ensemble of pre-apocalyptic silence...

Time has stopped and the sunlight ceased
Awakened is the lord with horns, mighty messenger of darkness
For the Dark Reign comes forth the Tellus...
Descending through the space, riding the icewinds
Grotesque demon army, enormous in it's number
Has come to conquer and enslave,
To burn the sinistrous wastelands out of earth
And await the fall of their gods...

7. Portals Of Chaos (The Final Transmigration)

The hammer falls, breeding awe-inspiring wickedness
Ephemeral in it's regressive condemnation
Pulsating protoplasma rages upon the burning ocean
Mirroring the further mental transmigration...

The crescent moon grows old
And airy castles made of glaring starlight
Endure the utter suffering
Sparkling in this moonless winternight

The consuming parallels are broken,
Perished are the chambers of Utopia...
Sacrilegious and hidden, transenflamed and disgorged
Into portals of chaos the Space emerges...

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