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1. The Festival Of Destruction

[Blackie / Big Boss]

Sprightly Celebrating in His name will break out
In the streams of blood we will wash our Hearts
And from the broken skulls of our enemies
We will drink the elixir of Death to the birth of Power !

Skeletons on horses are coming with the Night
Flames are reflected against gloomy rocks
We are dancing, drinking, naked and intractable
We call into the fire: In Nomine... In Nomine...

The time of sacrifices is coming, knife-edges are glowing
Living hearts are torn from bodies, blood is streaming
We squirm in a trance of pleasure and lust
The Gate opens up and He is coming!

His cruel smile fondles all of us
The best bites are offered to Him
We throw away bones in the dancing whirl
We call into the fire: In Nomine... In Nomine...

In Nomine Satanas!

2. The Incantation Of Thessalonian Women

[Igor / Big Boss]

Ominous herbs of a magnificent size,
Your seed grew up in the cursed night,
Watched by the Wild Star, Hostile, Threatening!

Your very names suspicious to an inquiring sage
Were repudiated from words in long past times,
When mastering your power was a prohibited science.

Kolkhidian and Egyptian sages,
In the shine of bloody Moon,
Dug your roots precious to Magi

Who, mixing tart sap of the plants
With the dead extract of whitened bones
Incanted in low voices,

At midnight distilled these magic drinks,
By which chastity of virgins fell through overpowered,
Discovering the nakedness of their side...!

3. Nativity

[Blackie / Big Boss]

Before million ages
Great and wise was born
Strong and eternal arise out of him.
Our father's and endless Nira.

Ancient hollows
Expended their mysteries
I came on world in chilling grief
Not knowing my mission
of cursed legacy.

Roar of devil's
attended my birth
They knew who I am.
Beast's freaked, rocks were torn,
Even the time was stood with dread
I've come.

4. His Eyes Were Dark

[Igor / Big Boss]

In the shadow of black rocks
Under the overhang of roots and snakes' nests
There He used to sit and sing
He sang his songs
Which nobody understood:

He was old a hundred, two hundred, three hundred years?
Nobody knew it,
Maybe for thousands of years he has been in this world,
Maybe for thousands of years he has been in this world:

His eyes were dark,
But it was owing to wisdom and something mysterious,
They sparkled and penetrated everything,
When He played on his instrument,
The sky grew dark and wind became silent.

Over stony planes only wind runs
And mysterious shadows whisper their stories,
Many of them He told at His rock
And I lived them all with Him.

5. Black Seal

[Big Boss, Ashok / Big Boss]

Through myself one can reach the place of eternal suffering,
Through myself one can reach the night that is not followed by a morning,
Through myself one can reach the cursed bastards of one's mother-country... (**)

Who knows the mysterious place,
Where it lies forgotten,
Covered with a layer of the whole millennium's dust
And still waiting and waiting...

Who finds it and use it,
Will become the Lord of the World,
The Central Point of Magic
Is conjured in it....

I have been looking for it for whole Ages,
I am close, very close now,
I can feel its power and force,
My black blood is boiling...

I know it is waiting for me,
We are tied together with a bond,
Bond of dark anger,
Cruelty, passion and victory...

When I seize it with my hands
And say the Words,
Then the Galaxy contracts,
Then be in fear, you...

... you disgusting, you stinking!

[(**) Dante, Inferno.]

6. The Faith

[Root / Big Boss]

I believe - in wild Law of Nature
I believe - in purity of Idea
I believe - in Beauty of human body
I believe - in Cosmos harmony
I believe - in balance of Order
I believe - in honesty of Beasts
I believe - in Prudence of Oceans
I believe - in infinity of Wisdom
I believe - in Pride and Wealth
I believe - in fertility of Creation
I believe - in power of Earth
I believe - in Fire and Water
I believe - in Life and Death
I believe - in peerlessness of Existence
I believe - in Me:

Am I Believer?

7. Salamandra

[Blackie / BigBoss]

Do you want to cross the River of Shadows
And come back afterwards?
Do you want to talk to the Ferryman
And sit in his Punt?

Do you want to see the Lost Worlds
And mysterious nations?
Do you want to fly through night with Phoenix
And to get warm in his Ashes?

Then you must know that:

There is the only Mountain in the only Plane,
In it four Fires flame,
The first one smaller than the second,
In which Salamandra takes bath,
The third one is bigger and the forth is the brightest of all,
Then take away her Being with a Three-Pronged Fork
And at the Lucifer's glitter
Take out her Heart - the Heart of Salamandra,
Put it in Salt Water and wait.

Drink the potion the Ninth night!

8. Necromancy

[Big Boss / Big Boss]

Come! O you triple goddess!
Hellish, earthly and heavenly goddess!
Goddess of roads and crossroads!

You nightly friend of light,
Who despite this carries light to us,
You friend and mate of the Night....!

Wandering among shadows and graves,
You take pleasure in the long howling of hounds
And in vapours of shed blood.

You lust after blood
And fill mortal creatures with horror...!
O Gorga ! O Morma ! You multiform Moon!

Turn out to be your beam,
Favorable to the sacrifice carried
In honour of you!

9. Theriak

[Blackie / Big Boss]

From the wild East,
Full of anger, bloody slaver at his muzzle,
His side covered with foam and moss,
The black Wolf dashes towards the Center.
His message is Living Death...
From the dark West,
Insane and raging, bloody eye,
Tongue and teeth full of venom,
The grey Hound dashes towards the Center.
His message is Living Death...
And all of a sudden they come to grips with each other,
Carnage breaks up by main force,
Bones are being broken, tendons torn,
Then they drop dead to the Pit.
Their message is Living Death...
Dead bodies of the killed carcasses
Will decompose to Venom in the Pit,
Draw this potion into Silver
And drink it during ten sun-settings.
Their message is Living Death...
The drink is disgusting,
Stinking and smelly,
The mightiest of all the Magic Spells,
The supreme Medicine - Theriak.

His effect is your Immortality!

10. The Mirror Of Soul

[Ashok / Big Boss]

Look but don't touch!
Touch but don't taste!
Taste but do not swallow!
That's what the law of the descendants of Adam says!

My Soul is black
Like Hell itself.
My Hatred is unlimited
Like the infinite Universe.

My raging roar
Crushes brains of hypocrites.
My Truth is disgusting,
Nobody listens to it.

I murdered thousand times,
I gave birth thousand times,
I scatter Evil in every place,
Which is caught by my sight.

I have seen everything,
I have tasted everything,
I miss only one thing
To reach the absolute pleasure.

How happy I would be to touch you,
O, Satan of my Soul.....

11. Liber Prohibitus

[Big Boss / Big Boss]


I know the Black Flame,
Which carries the Truth to you.
Mysterious Words of recognition
From the book of Necronomicon.

They speak to you,
But you cannot hear them.
You see them in your dreams,
But you forget them.
Liber Prohibitus, L.B.
Liber Prohibitus, L.B.
Your arteries are changing into snakes,
Your eye-sockets are empty.
Do you remember?
Your bones will turn into stone,
Only flesh is left.
Do you remember?
The Time-honoured Matter of Life
Shines in the eye of Magic.
Do you remember?
Liber Prohibitus, L.B.
Liber Prohibitus, L.B.
Do you remember?

[(*) O, you priest of Christ, you must know I am Devil. So why do you provoke me?]

12. ...Before I Leave

[Big Boss, Ashok / Big Boss]

Before I leave to reach the Deceased
I want to let you know the Truth.
I know the Laws that are engraved
In the silver vault of the Monster's skull.

Some were smoothed away by the flow of Time
And they lost their meaning.
Those, which still can be read,
Turned into Mighty Magic Spells.

Those, who are watchful now,
Will be sure to find the Key to them.
But using them for the evocation
Is deadly to everyone!

Before the rise of the World
Old curses speak to you now.
... Before I leave to reach the Spiral,
I will leave you my Legacy.

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