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1. Lykorian


2. Kärgeräs Prologue

[Blackie / Big Boss]

Once a long time ago they lived, somewhere...
I'm drawing back the dark curtain of Time,
over the land ancient and lost,
forgotten in immense depths of ages,
where nothing begins
and nothing ends.

3. Kärgeräs

[Blackie / Big Boss]

With a mix of love and sorrow
I'm watching the beautiful land
that already by its birth
was ordained to come to an end.

It disappeared under the
layers of millenniums,
not even a recollection has remained.
Where went the living and dead
so beautiful and yet mortal?

It only lives in my mind,
the awesomely sad recollection
of the cruel fate of my beloved,
proud nation - Kärgeräi.

4. Prophet's Song

[Blackie / Big Boss]

There were the endless space was torn
and the Black Stone gives strength to life,
where we are born and die in the same instant,
lost like a speck of futility.

There the women gave birth to death
when the Black Stone was glowing with life,
and she was a stranger at home
and she will become her own victim.

Your beloved - yet they are false,
Don't believe them, that's what
I beg of you, only He is able to defy,
but he will turn into a Stone.

Oh you, you who understand a song
don't touch the Stone of Darkness,
because it is immortal from all who touch it.

So tells the ancient tale that I sing unto you,
But only those who hearken in their hearts will
Oh you...

5. Rullbräh

[Blackie / Big Boss]

I'm learning the anxiety of happiness,
it seemed deceitful long ago, but words of praise urge to birth
a harbinger of butterfly flight.

Glory of spite, delight of blood,
Happiness of happy - go luckiest and the forever mute,
of strong only in beauty and vulnerability
living in the sorrow of their souls.

I come across happiness
without looking for it,
lost in the bottom of bitterness
in the garden of faded flowers.

I'm listening to the whispering of voices,
about the blossomed solitude of abandoned eyes,
solitude agitates my heart.

[Rullbräh and Prophet:]
I will no longer, may be when I wake up...

6. Rodäxx

[Blackie / Big Boss]

I was born by steel
In the middle of precipitate rocks,
I am a strong, powerfull warrior,
I am Rodäxx!

I will liberate my land from Dygon,
The dangerous monster, that is about to destroy us,
I am Rodäxx!

My sword is able to break rocks,
I will defeat Dygon with it,
I will defend my land and nation,
I am Rodäxx!

Nobody will stop me anymore, I embarked upon the fight,
Away with all superstitions,
I am Rodäxx!

7. Old Man

[Blackie / Big Boss]

Rodäxx, oh Rodäxx,
You mustn't fight with Dygon!
He'll laugh at your sword,
He'll crush you with his claws.

My advice seems menacing,
But only truth it tells,
Our nation is heading for undoing,
And is past help.

The Stone dominates us all,
Vengeance is hidden in it,
Your fight is already lost.
There are no winners!
Nothing at all!

In the Black Stone from the thin air
That gave birth to Dygon
The power of thousands is concealed,
Of alien world's creatures.

Their strength knows no boundaries,
Oh Rodäxx, it won't be a duel,
Oh Rodäxx, it won't be a duel,
Death is facing death here!

8. Old Woman

[Evil / Big Boss]

I used to know you, pretty Rullbräh,
Already as a little girl,
You used to play alone in the Woods,
And you wandered in rocks.

Today you have a mysterious Mission,
You must find the Black Stone,
Only you can touch it,
However you will not change the
Run of time by this.

The Stone and Dygon are one and the same,
And you will break through this Damnation,
Late, late time is being filled up,
After all you are the mother of Dygon.

Through your touch the power,
Of the maledicted stone will be broken,
But Kärgeräs will lose everything,
Asit is fated in the damnation.

This what you yourself have caused,
You yourself will redress,
Only a recollection of you will remain,
Your sacrifice is made of stone.

9. Equirhodont - Grandiose Magus

[Blackie / Big Boss]

I am an envoy of Infinity,
Materialization of mysterious Wishes,
I am Grandiose Magus Equirhodont
And I have fulfilled my mission

The race from the Stars that created you
Was destroyed by you - why?
I am the last of them thousands of us who survived
Are sealed in Black Stone.

Only longing for vengeance gave us the power to create
Me, the Stone and Dygon.
Note Rodäxx what you must know,
For each blow to Dygon
All living are paying with their lives.

And that also you bravery became our vengeance
Only Rullbräh is innocent, innocent
Although she is mother of Dygon.

We don't exist any more
I have fulfilled my mission
Nothing more than Emptiness
I have finished - I am the Grandiose Magus .

10. Dygon - Monstrosity

[Big Boss / Big Boss]

What is - the world, love,
life, understanding, faith,
delight, lust, pain,
joy, grief, making love,
dying, being born, rising,
doom, honor, bravery,
knavery, deception, sincerity,
obsession, art, harmony,
barbarity, kindness, favors,
horror, anger, hatred,
flowers, rivers, lakes,
rocks, birds, animals,
people, children,
man or woman?

I don't know!
I know only one word:

11. Trygan - Sexton

[Big Boss / Big Boss]

Why does Kärgeräs not exist anymore?
Who knows?
Nobody will learn the secret of Ages,
Nobody can stand up to the order
Who knows?
That is given by Infinity.
Who knows?

I remained alone, Trygän - Sexton,
For long years I buried all who died
From day to day.

And there's nobody left here anymore
Alive or dead - I am alone here,
The last grave is dug,
For me the Time has also come.

I am leaving alone, abandoned by Life,
Sad nad redundant,
I'm laying down to sleep,
Out of which there's no waking,
Kärgeräs doesn't exist anymore

A long time ago there lived...
Mighty, mighty Kärgeräi!

12. Dum Vivimus, Vivamus

But we, we are alive.

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