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1. Introprincipio

"Arise Demons!
Arise Hordes of Hell!
Arise Fiends
And gather your Armies of The Abyss!"

"Purify the Earth,
Purify the Human Race
From the sludge of foulness, hypocrisy and halo"

"Let your Fiery Maws spew Fire, Doom and Ruin.
Let your Bloody Claws plough the Earth.
Let your Steel Jaws rip, bite and crush"

"Not a single stone shall remain.
Until the Earth is Pure again"

"This is the Final Attack"

"Once And Fol All"

"So charge my Black Hordes"


2. In Nomine Sathanas

Když slzy stékají po lebkách bez tváří
Lucifer směje se v Pekelných plamenech
kříže se obrací a Jeho Rohy zazáří
Země se zachvěje v samotných základech

Prokletí volají to Jméno všech Jmen
Zvednuté ruce hrozí zas a zas
Moje krev vaří proudí z těla ven
Já volám také In Nomine Satanas

Nomine Satanas - Nomine Satanas
Nomine Satanas!!

Zkáza již přichází třeste se tvorové
To Satan otevřel své Brány dokořán
Až do vás zatne své Drápy krvavé
Nebude nikomu klid již dopřán

Oh Satane ty Vládče Všehomíra
Ta Píseň z mého srdce nikdy nezmizí
Až Peklo povstane a vonět bude síra
Budu volat zas In Nomine Satanas

Nomine Satanas - Nomine Satanas
Nomine Satanas!!

3. Legacy Of Ancestors

Since the ancient times - my Master
We have all worshiped You
To Fiery Powers
We gazed

Into the Dust of Oblivion
Everything around is drowning
Only the Reign of Baphomet
Creates the Eternal Power

Legacy of Ancestors
Is a promise eternal
Legacy of Ancestors
A Life is Eternal!!

4. Revenge Of Hell

One day they will rise
Creatures, no eye has seen
Myriads, monsters and monsters
The Maw of Hell will open

And will pay
Those who hesitated
Worthless creatures
Clad in golden cloaks

Crowns and crosses
Crushed by hooves
Those bizzare buildings
Razed to the ground

And prayers in vain
Will turn to Scream
Turn to Pain
Turn to Nothing

Revenge of Hell
Revenge of Hell
Revenge of Hell
Sweet will be the Revenge of Hell!!

5. Darksome Prophet

The Darksome Prophet
Comes through The Time
His words precede his Deeds

The Darksome Prophet
Speaks to you with The Voice
To you all and all your Sons

The Darksome Prophet
His hand makes the Sign
His gesture penetrated with Wisdom

The Darksome Prophet
Will turn the dist in Silver
Lie and truth seem to be Virtue

The Darksome Prophet
A fiery glow in his eyes
Will burn everything - even the saint preachers

The Darksome Prophet
The darkness of Dreams comes alive
Do as your Wisdom tells

6. Fiery Message

So open the Infernal Book
Read the Fiery Message:

"...And Fateful Times will come
When everything turns to dust
And the dust turns to nothning
And from the Pre-Substance He will be created
And He will create everything New
And He will be the only Law
The Law of Chaos and the Law of Order

The Legion of Doom comes from the Darkness
The silver Horns glow in flames
Upon them the wings of Demons and Creatures
And rocks burn, oceans dye with blood

...And the Hordes from Hells will rise
Satisfy their desires upon the Dead
And Universe itself will tremble
And the smile of Fangs of steel will glow
Upon the ghastly end of Existence
And skeletons will be smashed to dust
And the memories of YOU will vanish

The Legion of Doom comes from the Darkness
the silver Horns glow in flames
Upon them the wings of Demons and Creatures
And rocks burn, oceans dye with blood"

7. Son Of Satan

Ad Satanas Qui Laetificat Juventutem Meam.
To Satan, Giver Of Youth and Happiness.

From the Dragon breath
And the fiery Diamond

From the Infernal Power
And the black Seed

From the cursed Woman
Of Diabolic Kind

From the Dark side
Of the kind of Man

From the might of Trapezoid
And the womb of Magic

HE was born

8. His Coming

Veni, Omnipotens Aeterne Diabolus!
Come, Almighty Eternal Devil!

Let - your Power spread further than the Universe

Let - your Thoughts go through Existence

Let - your Name shine like the Black Crystal

Let - you be my brother of the Universe

Let - a lot to be unspoken and still to be known

Let - YOU BE!!


9. Greetings From The Abyss

We invoke, invoke, invoke You our Master
We, the chosen ones, beg You
For the command to the Ultimate Attack

We can´t hesitate, They are coming
Our streeds stand ready, swords shining
So give the Ultimate Command!


The Prince of Death flies above the battlefield
Blood, sweat, dust, scream of horses´ neighing
Red clouds cover the scene

...And then the Horns will blow
And the Enemy will be swept into Nothingness
...Only Dust and Ashes!

10. The Apocalypse

Yellow eyes glow
Adam´s descendants run away
Flared revenge - the stamp of hooves
Riders in black cloaks
Golden chalices smashed in mud
Holy temples burn, burn, burn
No remorse
Only the revenge shining in the eyes
For thousands years of lies
For millions of innocents
Amazing Satan
Now collecting tax, the tax of Truth
For hypocrisy - Death Penalty!
For falsehood - Death Penalty!
Shining Lucifer
Burning with his gaze
Adam´s descendants screaming with terror
Now the Truth has come
They´re pounded by Belial
The Riders have passed by
Only dust remains
Dust, Bones and Truth...
The Ground for new Empire
Dust, Bones and Truth...
Black Rooster is singing
The Kingdom of Darkness
Comes to Rule

Pone, Diabolus, Custodiam!
Devil, set a Guard!

Ladies and Gentlemen
Here comes His Dark Majesty

"Welcome, my Son"

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