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1. Black Dove & White Raven

And so it came to be that from somewhere came a creature purely unknown
And started to call himself human,
from the beginning he appeared to be friend of the order of the universum,
but as the time passed by he changed,
to be the worst creature we have ever learned.
Black Dove or White Raven?

2. Human

Monstrosity of all monstrosities shackles with him
The madness of the spirit scrambles up

As if the flaming swords of truth
Were finishing their works of doom
Torn his entrails in two

Alegory of situations seems like panopticum
Of lost souls, lost people
Deep under the cover of disguise.

Thousands of truths, thousands of lies, thousands of masks
Angels like lighting through the night
reveal, malform, cover

What will be the end to all
Well immortality is just a dream
Will everything return to the Womb?

3. She

Dark diamonds in your eyes
Oh, how bewitched they glow

What are you holding mysterious goddess
Do you know my secrets, maybe?

I can see your face by day by night
I can see you in ponds in rocks.

I can hear in the leaves, in the wind
I can hear you in the revers in the seas.

I know you from the very Ages
You are everywhere i am

4. Who’re They?

I know the thoughts of the dead
Even the thoughts of the unborn
I can feel their touch when i dream
When dreams come true

They talk to me, they sing to me
I blend with their breath
I become one of them
I don’t want to go back

Once i will not Return

5. Awakening

I held his arms
When he was dying
Glowing universes in his eyes
When he was dying
His mouth whispered legends
When he was dying
He wished to become me
When he was dying
I wished to become him
When he was dying
He fell to dust
When he was dying
I put on his candle
When he was dying
And then...?
I was born
as he died

6. Immortals ( Tears Of Stone )

Extinct looks of the stony giants
Witnesses of forgotten Aeons
They talk each other
When all go to sleep.

Allegorial stories they tell together
of the times when the Great ruled
they remember-
when all go to sleep.

Then the Right was the Right
And Lie was its reverse.
The Stone lives-
When all go to sleep.

They saw it all therefore they know,
how the creatures came and left.
They sing-
When all go to sleep.

Then the Wise came created Things,
they turned to nothing, but who knows...
the Stone breathes-
when all go to sleep.

The Ages passed the World was incubating
which for long forgotten is.
Tears of stone-
when all go to sleep.

Memories turned to dust
so why to wake the dead from sleep
we stand here-
even if all go to sleep.

7. Strange Beauty Of fright

It creeps in our dreams
The flowers of lotus with wolfteeth
amazing sceneries with dead
breathing beauty of death

Strange beauty of Fright

Amazing feeling of fear
which we love with abandon
fantastic pictures of life
turned into cruel pain

Strange beauty of Fright

We cannot fight it
we are overcome with feeling of sorrow
we are crying upon the dead beast
anyhow we love the

Strange beauty of Fright

8. And They Are Silent

Just silently lay the Messengers of Time
As if Death suddenly caressed them.

Autumn painted leaves,
gently cover the Earth,
just as if drowsing protecting,
but who against?
What shall come?
...and they are silent.

Manking going to sleep
not aware of any evil
its quest is done
but for whom?
What shall come?
...and they are silent

Animosity of the moment of Doom
everything that was is breaking down,
bound by the eternal Cycle
whose Order it is?
What shall come?
...and they are silent.
All has been considered
all has been counted
and will fade in void.
So has been decided!
What shall come next?
...and they are silent

Wanna know the right?

That was the universum rising
and told the Verdict
upon all the Mankind and its deeds!
They are silent no more.
They spoke...

9. Sonata Of Chosen Ones

Sentimental tones sound along the Universum
Flying per neverending void
Contractile impulsion of dead souls
Carries away beauteous melody of tomorrow.

No more are alive the ones who sent them
There’s no one to listen
So they fly alone and clang and clang
Grow strong and swell by their beauty.

Maybe once they will reach where they should
Maybe they will be heard by someone
And will amaze with their harmony
Their perfection of the Universum laces.

I believe the will gain the ear
That the Chosen Ones will get the mystique of tones
And once, once they will catch them
And send further on their journey
Through INFINITY!!!!

10. What Will Be The Next?

Forces encountered
In unequal fight
Bridges of knowledge
Burn and vanish.

Spirals of the Order
Reached the End
Creation is overturned
Destruction of perfection.

All ruins all
Selfdestructing doom
The end of Life
The end of Death.
...And so nothing rose from nothing!

11. Hope Dies At Last

---but a slight particle
bare fragent of Life
still glows in the Void
will it be saved?

Is it convicted to burn out?
Is it really the End?
Does anybody care for it?
May anybody want it?

Slowly it burns out fades
Glimmers of memories vanish
All ends, Dark came
Hope Dies at Last

The End

12. A Good Affair Turned Up

Human doesn’t exist anymore!

Daemons to humans:
You can’t always get what you want!

Daemon Viam Invenient

13. We Shall Never Surrender

As the Rock resolutely on the Earth stands,
As the Ocean with energy storms,
As the Universe full of Power is,

We shall not yield to Despair,
Let fury rule through us!

Because We Are Daemons!
Because We Are Daemons!
Because We Are Daemons!
Because We Are Daemons!

Thanks to kabelvjatker for sending these lyrics.

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