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1. Int(i)ro(l)

2. Dislocated Purple Stoma

Dislo, Cated, Purple, Stoma! [6x]

Dislocated Purple Stoma
Let me sniff your
Dislocated Purple Stoma
Let me taste your
Dislocated Purple Stoma
Let me squeeze your
Dislocated Purple Stoma
Let me lick your

Dislo-Cated, stinking purple stoma
Dislo-Cated stinking bag of shiiiiit !!!

Sucking your bag!
Gargle on your juuuuuuiiiiice!

Slit the sack, Swallow Paarse pek, Between my teeth, I lick, Remains of,
Liquid shit
Slit the sack, Swallow Paarse pek, Between my teeth, I lick, Remains of,
Liquid shit!

Thanx for your! Dislo-Cated-Purple-Stomaaaah !!!

3. The Erected Underwater Necro Clitstomper

Years ago when I still did school,
I met this girl down the swimmingpool,
Just a shy girl no-one thought she was cool !!!

A normal girl on shore, but underwater she was more!

She was - the erected necrostomper!
Hammersmashing clit!

First she makes you drown!
Your swimmingpants pulled down!
Totally unprotected, her clit is now erected!
If you weren't dead,
Sure you'ld be surprised!
By the fucking fact, her clit is hammersiiiiized !!!

Your blood stops pumping,
By underwater stomping!
No use for operation
& forget re-animation!
Her lethal stomping clit, makes your torso split !!!
She also smash your eggs,
With that hammer between her legs!

So don't you try to dump her...
The erected necro stomper !!!!


4. Zuilzalf

Die zalf op m'n zuil, daar moet ik echt vanaf ja!
Vandaag of merrege pis ik me nog rechtstreeks in het graf ja!
Die lijm op m'n lans die kredde nie 1-2 weg!
Kiek m'n voorhuid hinniken, wanne peeeeech !!!

Zuil !!!!
Zalf !!!!

Bwleh! Bwleh! Bwleh!- Zuilzalf [8x]

Die boter op m'n balk willik er toch een keer afstampe!
Maar m'n dikke dop schudt 'nee', kiek m'n aders dampe!

Met m'n duim ken ik er wel de paalpasta afragge!
Maar godverdomme dan begint m'n eikelsnaar te lache!

Gelukkig ben ik al een grote knul,
Dus oma breit een hoedje voor m'n lul,
M'n zuilzalf gat wel zitte broeie,
In da hoedje mettie print van koeie!

Zuilzalf! [4x]

Bovendien moet ik nu ook nog lere leve,
Dat er steeds die smegmamuts aan m'n dop blijft kleve!
Ik voel me dan ok af en toe zo'n Domovla kalf,
Mettie lulhoed op m'n lat voor m'n zuilzalf!

Zuilzalf! [4x]

Maar 1 ding
Is echt goed
M'n helm heeft een hoed!

[English translation:]

Column Ointment

That ointment on my column, there should I really yes!
Today or merrege I piss me directly into the grave yes!
Those who advocate glue on my credit nie 1-2 away!
Kiek my foreskin whinny, Wanne peeeeech!


Bwleh! Bwleh! Bwleh! - Column Ointment [8x]

That butter on my bar willik there is a time tramp!
But my thick shell shaking 'no', photograph my veins fumes!

With my thumb I know there is the pole afragge pasta!
But fuck then starts to jerk my laugh!

Fortunately I'm already a big kid,
So Grandma wide a hat for my dick,
My column ointment hole but zitte heat,
In da hat mettie print cow!

Column Ointment! [4x]

5. Pelikanelul

Pelikaan- oeh oeh! [3x]
Pelikanelul !!!
Pelikaan- oeh oeh! [3x]
Pelikanelul !!!

Ik heb 'm nooit gezien, maar toch moet ie echt bestaan,
die natte aderlul van een pelikaan!
't Enige wat ik zie dat is z'n dikke zak,
die hangt dan aan z'n kin, want daar past ie met gemak!

Pelikaan- oeh oeh! [3x]
Pelikanelul !!!
Pelikaan- oeh oeh! [3x]
Pelikanelul !!!

Want als die dikke zak op de normale plaats zou zitte
is er geen plek meer om kutte dicht te kitte!
Ik heb het over kutte dus van vrouwtjepelikanen,
die naaie d'r vanalles in van zeewier tot bananen!- oeh!

M¡¡r wat mij,
tot nu toe is ontgaan:
Is die dikke natte aderlul,
van die pelikaan!

Pelikaan- oeh oeh! [3x]
Pelikanelul !!!
Pelikaan- oeh oeh! [3x]
Pelikanelul !!!

[English translation:]

Pelican-OEH OEH! [3x]
Pelican-OEH OEH! [3x]

I 'm never seen, but he should really exist,
that wet aderlul of a pelican!
The only thing I see is his big bag,
that hangs on his chin, because he fits with ease!

Pelican-OEH OEH! [3x]
Pelican-OEH OEH! [3x]

Because if that fat bag in the normal place would zitte
there is no place for more kutte close to kitte!
I am referring to kutte therefore female pelicans,
who sew her Master of bananas to seaweed! - OEH!

Maar concern to me,
so far escaped:
Is that thick wet aderlul,
of that pelican!

Pelican-OEH OEH! [3x]
Pelican-OEH OEH! [3x]

6. Swarming Of The Cysts

Swarming of the Cysts, your cancer on my fists!-ooh !!!

Tumourstomping so much fun,
Punching cancer of your lung,
Lymphatic lowkick on your dick,
But you say that you're not so sick!

I don't believe you, look at you,
Maligant cysts all over you
Now match & I will make them swarm,
But first I'll amputate your arm-woooooooh !!!

Swarming of the Cysts, your cancer on my fiiiiists!-ooh!

[Eindhovens dialect]
Cystes vliege rond munne kop en soms vrit ik d'r inne op
Daar lidde dan gij dikke gek oe bakkes lekt nog kankerpek

D'r zitte vast nog bulte in die vette romp onder oe kin
Dus schup ik nou oe buik d'r uit zodat de leste bult d'r uit spuit!

Kiek die wond 'ns gaaaaape !!!
Daar ken een perd in slaaapeee!
Oohweeoohweeoohwee! [2x]

7. The Babyshitter

I am the evil babyshitter parents please beware,
Your baby will inhale my shit I-don't-care !!!

Squat in the fucking cradle with my pants down,
My hairy anus on its mouth little baby drown!

All hail for the babyshitter !!!

The first anal cigar is now filling tiny lungs,
There comes some gass now suck my ass with your tiny tongue !!!

The baby looks pathetic, with its mask of shit,
It makes me furious so I-get-rid-of-it !!!


8. Cuntlava

Wwwwwwrrruuuuuaaaaaaah !!!! Hahahahahaaa !!!- Burp!

Wa-wa-wa-wa why do you each every fucking time throw your bloodsoaked
tampons fucking away?!
Don't you fucking understand I wanna suck 'em dry until I feel okay!!
But now I've hidden your O.B.'s and I'm on my back for the ultimate ride,
Sit on my face, I can smell your cunt so honey open wiiiide !!!

Expectations...completely fulfilled,
She squats on my face her cunt looks killed...

Black ketchup covers my eyes and it also covers my ears,
And my nose fucking makes her shit, I'm touched can't you see my tears?!

Crying I swallow, menstrual pulp and shit,
Come fill my stomach filthy kid!

But then she walks away and I wipe my eyes and ears,
That bloodcunt on my face belonged to Britney... Spears !!!

[ - repeat first part - ]

Cuntlaavaaaaaahhh !!!!
Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhh !!!!
Cuntlaavaaaaaahhhh !!!!
Aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh !!!!
Cuntlaavaaaaaaahhhh !!!!


Cuntlavaaa-1-2-3-4-FUCK !!!!!

9. Boneryard


Strolling through my boneyard
A ghoulish midnight stride
A walk among the corpses
Fills my heart with pride...

A score of screaming victims
To me they scream no more
40 or 400 I've lost count
Buried 'neath the earthen floor...

One by one they met their doom
Through macabre & nefarious means
Midnight in my boneyard
The wind blows through the trees...

10. Crash Test Faggots

Ready for countdown!


Crash! Test! Faggot!
Crash! Test! Gay!

Awwwwwrrrrp !!!

Uuuuuuu- I'm going to tell you story about certain people,
People wich I have a perfect vacancy for
They're called transsexuals,
And travestites
Assfucking faggots- they don't deserve rights!

Hahaha...listen faggots!!

There is this factory, around the corner you see,
Let's gather transsexuals, and kill them brutal for me!
Remove the testdummies, and use transsexuals instead,
I can't wait to witness, the E-normous impact!

Crrrash !!!

Uuuuuuuu- Served transsexual genitals now look like splatter,
Witness the torso get squashed is obviouslyyyy, what matters to me!

6-5-4-3-2-1, Next in line please!

Crash! Test! Faggot!
Crash! Test! Gay! - Die and make my day !!!

11. Outro

Thanks to blackvernon, nunslaughter_ for sending these lyrics.
Thanks to dnb_gabber_head420 for sending tracks ## 4, 5 English translation.

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