Dark Lyrics


1. Katzenklavier

2. Agamemnon

Quick to draw, not like before
With these new habits, in old haunts
And no lines are left because they’ve all been said before

Arrive to deceive, captured in reverie
Are you taken aback? Because I’ve heard some vicious rumours and some shameful facts
And with no dismay, warned not to outstay your welcome.

Out of luck when you’re weighed up
Take responsibility for what you mean then what you say

It’s a pain that feeds on an intolerance of this
The unfair nature of some,
Fighting a losing battle but I won’t go without an explosion

3. House House Casanova

Left in the dark with nothing to hold
Backing away from a following march
Out of my grasp
Out of control
I’m watching you fade
Everythings distorted
Out of my head
Out of context
Nothing is peachy nothing is perfect
Different eyes are staring back
Nothing is peachy nothing is perfect

4. Party Wounds

Smashed glass proceedings
Wide open party wounds
Tasteless movers and shakers and candlestick makers
I've watched from afar and I've led the processions of faint heart believers and sons of the night

What did you want to learn?
A scale of notes that could drown out the world
Or put off what's been on your mind?
Forever never seemed so long at the time

Our sense of adventure only ever outweighed by these perfectly scripted desires
Such horror, mischief and desperate decadence, tall tales from the lips of liars
But when that beat drops, beat drops, beat drops, beat drops
Well I'm back to where I was before
I've been low, low, as low as I can go
But when I feel it, I'll still hit the floor

Pull up the flowers

Oh my stars
With scars, scabs and everything in between
How can this be?
Jaded but serene

5. Unromance

What say you we talk this over?
Well honey you are in fine shape but out of practice
These simple acts are carried out with circumspect and I am perplexed

Indulge my need of delicate elocution
With some deluded affection
I'm sharp, you're trivial at best
Exploiting your edge

So talk yourself down to the gutter
Because this is the answer
The profane ain't profound my dear
The truth is I'm prior to engagement

It's recognition (on the record, off the QT and lush)
It's the same beat in different songs

Tackled to the ground
Drowning in comfort
Suffocating smothered
You say you can see through me but you're not even there

6. French Motel

There is no good
Shake your head at me and I’ll shake mine right back at you
Disappointment isn’t a desire of mine
Plagued with fragmented thoughts of why?
Too shameful to describe
With weary assurances I sit by
And await no reply
There is no good
(Digesting the oldest fucking trick)
Catch me if you can
Dipping in and out of disgust
(Smirk at the disadvantage, I know I did)
Try to keep up

Now let us convince
There’s no desire
There is no desire
Now let us convince
Where is your desire?
There is no good
There is no goodbye

7. Kasia

Enchanting ourselves and trying to preserve
The signals we transmit through fingertips
It does not do to dwell on dreams
Desperately seeking to find something real
The hours are lingering losing momentum
Dismembered a memory of what once was close to me
Enchanting ourselves and trying to preserve
The signals we transmit through fingertips

Without a doubt, I am complete
This is unbroken, there’s no defeat
I am not abandoned, we have belief
I am blessed

To hold tight and fight
Following all our own advice
Treasuring time, as time well spent
No distance will disturb this
Gathering the pieces
Making the montage

8. Sakia

I’m bringing it down now.
Ripping it down from corner to corner
Tearing the flesh then running for shelter
Nothing has mattered as much as this
Losing it now, dazed and addicted

Lashing out for, something real
Hanging by a thread, pulling myself up again.

Mirror, mirror on the wall
I’m a liability if there ever was one
Well the devil likes them young

I always knew it was going to be like this
Dragging myself back
Sit back, relax, this is my mask
I’m the queen of all you see you can never win with me
Figure it out, deal with it because I am feeling cruel

9. Tongue In Chic

The truth is repulsive, utter imperfection
Impulsive urges carelessly lain on the unsuspecting victim
Gracefully tear open the vulnerable
Vicious thoughts carried out with a dormant mind

Tell me what you see, because these eyes know
Tastelessly disposed with no remorse

When you come to point your finger
Now you’ll find all 4 are pointing back
When speeches are worthless and thoughts are senseless
Hushed voices drown you out

Listen to me when I say I am not afraid to say this
Exposed for what you are, you are numb and void

And I am sick to death anyway
Always amounting to apology
When you are proven guilty
Yet allowed to move freely
Now I am seeing clearly
Oh now how the plot thickens
As I am crawling like a fog
Then away I drift
Not only dismissed
I swear I quit

10. Cosmology

A romance to bleach the soul
A restlessness beyond my control
We love to rot and rot for love
And history repeats and haunts us
Is it enough? It this what you were thinking of?

Sometimes it’s threadbare but you know I’m still here
Same mistakes forever but you know I’m still here
With memories best left to neglect

Trying to banish these thoughts instead of them following me, broken into some already structured symphony

I’m lost but you know where I’ll be found

Tell me what this means to me.
Speak freely from your heart.
Art for hearts sake

11. The Golden Ghost


I never fail to let myself fall
I know who’ll stay, I know what will fade.
Independence isn’t something to prove,
Movements so irresponsible and spineless

Feeding from brittle bodies, laced with diluted excuses.
Leaving a trail of infatuation, allured by unsteadiness
and a sense of protection, ignoring but not forgetting this infestation.

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