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1. Howl

A fresh impact onto the unknown
As promising as beginnings go
Disrupt momentum, it helps us move on.

Undeniably in doubt, confronting this argument
The past is limited with silence
Enlighten and repent.

Holding fragile moments dear but not one is sacred to you.

Mistaken immortality for failures
Debilitated and taken down.

Blinded by intelligence at a lifetimes’ expense
All that is evident misted with ignorance.

Disregard induced this decline, exhausted, scorned
Worn and resigned.

What’s impractical? What’s impossible?
To lead it on for so long
Withdraw to where we’ve been before
To go so far and no further.

2. Ex Luna Scientia

One mark of absent-mindedness the harshness of loathing
Skin and bone, losses are lesser, nurture this burden
And disposal is a waste of it all.

An absent influence that brings relief
Keep your secrecy; it’s never meant anything to me
Unfolding insincerity, talent lies in deceit
The craft of cheating.

Make believe misfortune to keep yourself down
Undaunted when the real disaster hits
Disconnect, keeping distance
At the last moment come to lose what you’ve found.

The faintest spark attempting to impart
Coughed up promises churned out to embrace faith
Not one was ever believed
There’s no quality like arrogance
There’s no defense when falling flat is risking fortune.

These things are sent to test us
The practice of misleading
Every measure unforeseen

The strains of undue weight, first error lies elsewhere

Retreat, march on!

Repairing the damage that has been done. Crushed, move on!
Finding comfort in these lessons.

3. The Scales Of Balance

Temeramental, faltering foundations
I feel it slide, collapsing from the inside.

Uneasily I’ll find my feet, I’ll remain capable
Reinforced for now, but it’s still perishing.

My discomfort directs me, vexed by irrational scrutiny
Assuring plagues of despair, articulated fears.

Inflicting such pitiful catastrophes
Sabotage my subconscious, sparing me

Drained and dragged, confined in my mind
Unravelling twisted reasoning
Shining forth, drawn to this glow
Unfortunate for the tormenting.

Far behind I’ll see, this falling short of everything
Far behind I’ll see, there is cause for release
Far behind I’ll see, the lack of ability to collide
Far behind there will be no remorse this time.

4. Remancer

A hard lesson to understand I educate and learn nothing
Teaching how to make the most of a wreck
Indulge in emotions, swallow them whole, and immerse
Yourself in these consequences.

Uncover neglect with a halfhearted attempt and now
You’re representing everything that we stood against.

An easy lesson so I’m told, to pass through the underhand
This knowledge will ensure to isolate
Feet tripping over tales, mixing myths with minor truths
And occupying mouths.

What’s left of endearment? Hollowed out devotion
Fuelling advances, elevated memories.

Revising my statement, revisiting my soul
I rebelled against perfection and watched it devour all.

Seeking out perspective, unearthing everything
I disagree without regret, forever learning to settle for less.

5. Empiresk

Oh I, I believe in motions, of findings, that are far from
Transparent. It’s remarkable what becomes uncovered.

When instinct does not mislead
There is no pleasure in unveiling truth
When the answers are so bleak you must be lifeless
To seal all speech.

Leaving warmth unspoken, threatening already broken bonds
Your palm was always open (understand you stand alone)
Your palm was always open.

Eyes pried wide to resilience (the bleeding off of energy)
Build it up and reconstruct
(This backbone has been reformed)
There’s intensity in this influence.

Eclipse what should have been
Miles and boarders and the unfamiliar
(Soaring past the moment of breaking)
Evolution in these strange surroundings
I find it inspiring.

But you covered tracks to protect
All that separated you from your wishes.

6. Prelude II (Echolalia)


7. Echopraxia

And here again where ends are meant to meet
Tried and tested methods for the wild and restless
A trial in the strength of our morality
A vessel to embrace immortality.

And what I’ve witnessed is no great loss
Wits beaten hollow, failing on reason, all consciousness knocked
Your body is a crime scene and the tape reads “do not cross”.

Endless monsters I saw come to life.

A clarity in the mistakes of others
Uncountable apologies we owe
The best examples are found in mirrors
You don’t need to fill these silences.

Unthinkable acts, we traded innocence for
Something we’re not sure of yet.

A love, drip fed in a flood.

Is your consciousness clear? Were you born to fight?
Are you pure of heart? Do you worship the night?

Is it luxury? Were you born to fight?
Do you lust for blood? Do you worship the night?

8. Gloam

The reckless oaths of youth
Our futures, shrouded with ghosts
Each division, with precision, tears me up.

Are you receiving transmissions? Do you copy?
What’s your position? Is anyone out there?

A stranger in my own home, re-ignited fear
Open my eyes & disappear.

With colourful flaws
That echo through eternity
Our division
My superstitions
Haunt me.

Does it crush you? (I feel it crush me)
I’m at fault, does it linger?
(A constant looming) re-offender.

I can’t pass on blame when it’s there to share
A fading image of who we were.

My recollections come and go
On repeat, constant cycles
These divisions, my inhibitions come and go
Finding things I thought I’d lost
Losing things I’d never had
These divisions, their incisions, cut me up.

Sometimes we lose our way
But I can hold dear those memories.

9. Illunis

The sheer disrespect of this, to disregard and feign bliss
I listened to the movement now I’m stunned to silence.

Claim to love it, unconditionally
But boast with resent with charmless ease.

What seems to get overlooked is this is not compulsory
This isn’t who we are lost in the lines inbetween.

Your bitterness in this business, a hate supreme and merciless
Pierce with distaste to watch it bleed
Romanticizing misery, this league is bred to criticise
And now we watch it multiply, fail to resist intrigue in
Interest, detonate the illusion of affluence.

This sunrise brings entitlement and we fight to earn it
All is not lost for this lost art
Though it’s forged with lukewarm sentiment
When all else is laid to rest.

How dare I dare to demonstrate?
What was beloved is now waste.

Grieving the death of easier days
Against dominating waves
Laboured breath forcing it to wake
Call control on what you did not create
Reduce this weight before we sink
Revive and reverse, resist and return.

Conquering my despair
The true prevalence
Of passion.

10. Illuminaire

A tremulous motion of light
Measure these flickers with a delicate hand
It flows so readily, a deepened agony
Tender to the thoughts of eternity
The appearance of entirety
We search for peace in these pieces
Dismantling absoluteness.

Embrace veiled conflict
Unashamed to let this unfold
Its observations that have led us to this point
The nights we felt unable to shout
When cries are whispered into the depths of the dark
Scrawling out these sentences, etching onto reflections
Let these meanings disseminate.

Stillness ringing out, it starts up and astounds.

Let serenity resonate, project my ascent
Overthrow and illuminate, I will not relent.

Marked by the stars, balanced in the scales
Here it lies, glistening, there is no applause for this.

Radiate with ease, granted this relief
Resisted tales, drawn out in ink.

I will not relent.

Thanks to baileybuster for sending these lyrics.

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