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1. Gathering At The Dawn Of Chaos

2. The Trigram (Clepsydrama Of The Hanged Gertrude)

[Lyric: Federico - Music: Riul Doamnei]

The whipped silence lived and breathed stilt over trees
A left mist lens by invisible hand evil
Forward nightpiece of moon that recovered knees
By the lovers freeze towards the candlelight room

A cometh in rue
(voyeur wood)
As terror bellows stoke brands in cornucopia of unconscious
Neo messiah of woe
Reborn in blood
Vomitosis of faith
Strelitzia grew
(under plenilune pray)
To snare from ground her steps 'cause she has obsessed his gaze
Not Death knowing laze
Bistoury wale
The final schism to make

Clod cursed in
Mould ecumenical
Pain matrix
Absinth in fecalix

"...No vices for novices..."

Torn balmoral hung down
Over rotten trunk, the old
Abbot still lay libidinous
Under shade of her gown
Twice had sinned and
In vice he purloined life
Of a young naive novice
A deceit to the pureness
Tumid purply marks adorned
As neckband her throat
She consecrated to the horned
An arcadiagram of bort

A talardent will trespassed in fatalent thrill
But nadir wood hid horrid clough warder deep
Of a never-found corpse, Abbess had induced to kill
Astride, seducing siege to plant with devil her seed

Cannibal soul
Murder of doll
(exchanging heart chaste for a century given)
Covenant seal
Necrogamy treat
Conventombed fate
Synodious flames
Under Jezebel name
(a conventity wicked from an ancient trigram)
On dial belfry to shed
Triad zodiacal lymph
She libertine timeless nymph

"...Per duplicem noxam
Hanc sanguinem fundo
Immortalibus hostia
Meum pactum renovo
Cenaculum vitae
Oraculum mortis
Malo cultum reiectum
Ab codice scripto..."

In the night of stars alignment She uttered formula at third bell
To rechristen her-self another once and carve apse clerical sham
Mass catholycantropic black drew the inquisitors to cleric cell
But those unveiled him hanged by the long red novice tress

This way was completed her ritual slaying

Under his feet a painted trigram
At the cusps of which three acronyms headed
Virgo Scorpio Gemini astral
Castitas Turpitudo Seductio

A name and a place: "Abeljez-Campanaria"
As the cadaver naked revealed this message skin-cut
So they climb to dial, Her in calvaria to damn

"...Nunc sacram interdictam
Sed mox Abbatissam
Suspensam meridie..."

3. La Belle Dame Sans Merci

[Lyric: Federico - Music: Riul Doamnei]

Alone loitering and pale
Pain spottes path as paint
Step by step
Marching on the virtues way
Now hunt my fate
Wait for her porcelain made
From now to dusk
On the shores of this vitreous lake

A strange scarlet flame have lured me here
Under most splendent evil born from Sirius star
Her harvest is done my ruin in languid gown

The lastest dream I ever dreamed
Her gaze like spell
Is it heaven or hell?
Moon's our sun
Mother white
So this night will never turn to light
Art Thou Morgana?
Or The Lady of Lake?
There finding forlorn my Avalon

..."My Lord of the War
Not for me was enthralled
Thy name as rill-blood
Reflecting 'pon the sword?"...

If I met thee for
My triumph or fall
Doesn't matter at all
Never lost I was before

So many darkness I've torn
Seeking her on this earth until madness howls
Drink deep from the calix of her doctrine
Angel eyes but devil horns

From the silent hill side to her elfin groat
Where she'd promise a kiss
And another present for me
"I love thee true":this mine hope too

The lastest dream I ever dreamed
Her pale skin bare
Her scent through the air
Maybe I should sleep for eternity
Or awake at dawn
Thou!!Lilith spawn

Many starved lips gaping in the gloam
Like horrid warning for my soul
I saw ghost kings, death possessed 'em all
..."La Belle Dame Sans Merci, hath thee in thrall"...

4. Les Contes Du Graal

[Lyric: Federico - Music: Riul Doamnei]

"The end of first age Seraphim and the third Angels hierarchy,
Rebelled and at war with the others, sealed the Alliance with
The Adepts of Darkness to reconquer what too long was lost
And forgotten..."

Red desert sands kept cursecrets Apocrypha
But now heavens started to blaze
Angels at war blessed the Herald Apocalypse
The armies of Gabriel raged

Whilst the human eyes was still trying to penetrate
The mistery of Graal through sky
The most sacred relic was disputed in massacre
From exodus of Sinai tribes

To the north Arcade of Chartres named "Door of the Iniziated"
A golden wonder of absolute knowledge
Enrobed with stoles to incense this thirst

The Fountain of Soul under Solomon Temple,
of Moriah was Shetiyyah stone
Later house of Nine, Guardians and Knights,
three kisses rite at Baphomet dome

as Parzival led to the land of Priest John

Jerusalem ruined and iconoclast won, the salvation on Assuan way
An ancient flood isle stored the Trinity hidden, for two centuries Tabernacle stayed

Again waters of Nile as blood
Plagues and darkness three days long

Twelve Tables of Law
Made meteorite raw
Forty dusks passed
Then Moses returned

Causing pain after pain Archa rode
From place to another place to Tana Lake
For next eight hundred years silent one's time bode
Saint Mary Of Sion the Axum church to reach

"Hic Amicitur Archa Cederi - Hic Amicitur Archa Foederis"

Great clouds lurid thickened
The Winds stormed on battlefield
Near was Har Megiddo for the Mercy Throne
Seraph Lieutenant Uziel loomed
At the Gabriel left ahead of troops
Waiting signal to invade

"...TO WAR!..."

Virtues darts rain grew fire
Sight black doves flight... Immolated
Cherubs figures... Mutilated
Earth rumbling trembled... Devastated

As Bezaleel hands had built for god will reflection
So Uzzah and Ahio burnt on chariot redemption
A scourge...

The battle was won but the war not so shure
Axum in terror of a final assault
Forsaken the gates of besieged city lure
The Trumpets of Damned recalled

...So there marched the Apocalypse crowd...

5. Martyrdom Acropolis

Fabrizio ‒ Bass
Maurizio ‒ Guitars
Giorgio ‒ Keyboards
Federico ‒ Vocals, Guitars
Enrico ‒ Drums

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