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1. 13th October 1917 Miracle And Apocalypse

Darkness as a veiled glass
On red clouds are rising up
Deep autumn creeps
Where skies are livid
And winter comes forth
Trespassing gates of heaven
Appearing to rule

Our Lady of charity and grace
Our light and comfort trace
Our source of hope
In fragments

The miracle and apocalypse
Useless it’s praying god
Be thy eye witness ripped out

Seize for her a throne
From where she governs
Enlightening your soul
And night upon world

“Brother, do you want to feel the fire?
You gotta go down
Blazing through the flames to beware
Of tempting mess
As Thomas’ finger settled on Jesus’ chest
Touching under vest with your hand
The leper’s plague”

An interstellar massacre over spaceline

And the jealous saints
Bleed in their vanity
A curse to paradise
To burn the Jesse Tree
And the hierarchy

Welcome here where crowd waits
Living the miracle of moon

Blood spatters her crown
With which she hails
Releasing out her hordes
To radiate upon world

2. Bestiary Of Christ

And the blood in their mouth will taste sober
The marriage of Chana under rain
As morning pure water for an acolyte
Worst venom descends through your bowels

Terrible dark beauty of nature
Reminds of incarnation divine
In the garden of wounded Christ
Slavering demons appear
'pon the cradle to wait
Their turn to feed hunger justified

Let our hands dig under
The gravestone of abyss set

Uncorrupted by the witness
Triumphant inner flesh
Persecution and despair forget
The cruelty wears a talar
Infesting children left
At the cathechesis lesson sat

Thy door has been pressed
With the blood of the lamb
Sleep-walkers at borderline frail

They still repeat to themselves
It was just a nightmare from past

The bestiary of Christ

3. Sodoma Convent

A silhouette in shadow
So many times I see
In beauty now I sleep
A step forward to your grave
Listen little angel
To the words of lullaby
Now close your eyes forever
And leave the world of light

Seminary and rigid rules
To the convent chamber used
Where my body was abused
And so long I was recluse

Flame of a candle was consuming the wax
Far through window as a dancing whore
Then darkness there and nothing more

Sleep my little angel
Don’t say a word tonight
Tomorrow wash your blankets
Your sorrow is others’ delight

The litany of the sacred heart

The queen of the holy rosary
The shroud of a virgin in ecstasis
Listen little angel
To the words of lullaby
Now close your eyes forever
And leave the world of light

4. Portrait Of A Collective Hallucinosis


5. Stigmatized Under Marian Grace

Ghost of city lay still
Under white aurora moon spell
Genuflexed the nails I felt
During the Sunday sermon at Easter mass

Am I a servant? A rosary kisser
I face holy virgin licking my fingers
Am I a sinner? Smoke for believers
Am I a liar? Faith in my inner lust

My hands started bleeding on the marble stair

Under marian grace I suffer
Her desire in stigma plague
Perversion creeps in tender cares
My pain and wounds so rare
She taught me in naked darkness
To impart the cruel caress
Her mercy 'pon my mortal flesh
Witnessing on earth

Be bound to serve in crimson spill
Her passion in wales on skin pale
My lips slowly move on to pray
For all those who wonder
The miscreant shall believe
The blind will see and the mute will speak

Am I a servant? Am I a sinner?
Stigmatized under marian grace

6. Of Misery And The Final Hope

I’ve travelled so far away from home
Where I left my life denied
With a white spelled dream
Which fades to night
As the past sins into morninglight

I’ve tried so hard every way to call
Myself back to life
In the warmest lust where tight will falls
As grey ash over
Fire-eaten skies

Of misery and the final hope
Now hear me screaming loud

Dyers! Sinners!
Chanting prayers
There waits the crowd
Standing at sunset
A pilgrimage of lepers to the sanctuary vault
An ordinary story
Of misery and the final hope
Now hear them screaming loud

By the bleeding of my feet
Arms and lips I bow myself to thee
Over charity and grace you master here
On a raw stone walk on my knees
To kiss prodigious skin

Now hear them crying out
They offer their soul for misery
And the final hope
Over charity and grace I worship here

7. Greenglow Which Filters Through - Near Abduction Experience

I fall suddenly asleep
As forced to stillness
By impending presence near me
So are these scars maybe a gift from heaven?
Obsessive dreams that recall to seven
My body shakes by delirium tremens

Don’t feel any pain or fear
A greenglow which filters through
A shadow behind the door
Something is coming forth
An extracorporeal sight
Invisible arms to lift
I levitate

As a mystic shaman blessed
By holy spirit I float
Entranced in an altered
State of perception
Believe forever
And never forget
Her gaze upon my skin

Phosphorescence behind
That shadow which hides inside
Grey angels with eyes of shark
Believe forever and ever
And never forget

My naked chest on a cold stone altar pressed
The injected needles into my veins are left
I suffered from a rare hysteria form
My story under regressive hypnosis

8. Altered States Of Perception


9. The Fourth Secret

Sun has set over Saint Peter’s square
'Neath obelisk shadow which grew so vast
The council of ravens in conspiracy of silence
A rest of black feathers at dusk

Last sleep on the earth deformed
Awaiting fulfillment at dawn
Preparing the poison for world
Enfolding the throne
Ascending to Secret, the Fourth

The second upcoming was hidden by popes
The second messiah enslaving you all

Gold shines on purple talars
Undressed forlorn and mould
Strange voices and whispers haunt Vatican rooms
Tormenting dreams of bishops asleep
With visions of falling to misery and ruin
The end of two thousand years under Kingdom of Church

The next one has come, the Devil calls
The wisdom of Christ and Saints burns

“An Archangel will walk among mortals once again
The rebel one who fell down from heaven to abyss
Will rise through the flames from depths to punish
Planting his seed into womb of charity and grace”
This is revelation of Fourth Secret
From letters of Sister Lucy to keepers
The next incarnation by Lucifer semen

10. Propagande

A manifest to architect the fame
Now that cult has become danger
And thousand of mouths filled with her name
Keeping safe the church domain
Institution claims its own
All can’t be erased: to assimilate!

And take back control
Her prodigy has just been approved
Among the stench of upcoming decay
Psychosis gains into strategy
Under drape where misery lays

A tacit order through centuries
With the perfect aim to preserve
Supremacy built on suffering
And respect born from the pain

“And I will descend in white lightning gown
Not crown of thorns but mantle of stars
Over clouds as a carpet to set me down
A proud rose in the burning bush
Seed of glory sown in eternal dust”

From now on you will pray
Her and only her
Once again upon disgrace

Last purification through fire has come
Leading a brave army of cripples devoted
Once again upon disgrace

Among storms as a goddess who rides the night
A Valkyr grown in despotic arms
To rise as queen enthroned to martyrs’ eyes

From now on you will pay
Face to face
Once again upon disgrace

11. Transuding Statue Phenomena

In a graveyard where the shadows roam
And the mist spreads out thick as foam
There’s a white Mary’s statue and a priest alone
Beneath the silent snowfall

And red tears drop on wish to touch
Where lust rises
Rigid among spasms of pleasure and a cilice close
To the penitence of vows as thorns of rose
Ma belle, my hell

I masturbate myself
with the icon 'pon my bed
If could blind walls of cell
Reflect the perverse

I’ve kissed where She bled
Weeping serum red
As relic I collect
Her scent with care I breathe

A menstrual fetish for
My private incest
Rigid among spasms of pleasure
And a cilice close as thorns of rose

On this evening when storm awakes
And her figure stands proud beyond the graves
There’s the last drop of faith and a priest insane
About transuding strange

And blood tears drop on wish
To touch where lust rises

12. The Fourth Daughter

From the sand of a ghost desert
The Sirocco wind blows on
Through the dunes where the time is lost
As a serpent creeps forlorn

Prophet’s progeny has there taken form
By her hands and womb so warm
In the shadowfall her chador was led
To the bloodline of Muhammad

Falling down from the stars to abyss and fade out
As a comet appearance
Fleeting in the cosmos night
And Israel awaits in terror
The return of Sultan’s might
As the nightmare of a new Pharaoh

And now walk where you fear
On a fire-woven tapestry
End is near

Falling down from the stars to abyss and fade out
Burning from a deeper paradise
Razing towns
Welcome to the holocaust

So now walk where you fear
Burning from a deeper paradise
End is here

She’s the Fourth Daughter of the Light
She’s the Lore, Queen of Holy War
She’s the Ancient Mother of Islam
She’s the Shining Fatima

Fabrizio ‒ Bass
Maurizio ‒ Guitars
Giorgio ‒ Keyboards
Federico ‒ Vocals, Guitars
Enrico ‒ Drums

Thanks to davidsonspiderman for sending these lyrics.

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