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1. Rev. 9:01


2. Nebula

So the earth rose again at the end of the days
Regenerated one by her self
Flames from dread consolidated with pain
To capture rest elements chaos

Thou art grasped wisdom of upheaval
Trasmutation state of awareness symbol
As error lies hidden in those three sufferings
Men settled adobe in weakness
In limbo to engulf every dissolute truth

Hordes forth predestination certitude
In epochal collision course
As brides the world forgot
The spores of inner hate
Fell down from the grace
Into substrate to wait
Then founded were weapons in armistice
To forge the martyrs chains

No one indulgence to souls

The mist haunted this place to have the crown
A guest from oblivion
Formed and not created
With same substance of mother made
Hybrid holy in orgiastic ether
To obscure the columns of wrath

When Angels fed the bells
All forces left the flesh
To raise
The abyss grating well
Uncovered was the hell
As canopic urn

Now the storm looms again at the eve of this age
Contaminated by the regress
Shame on men in adulation insane
Architecture of perfect infection

To control the crowd with cross

3. Forgiveness Asleep At The Tyrants Palace

Psycodrama of convenience loosened tourniquet to fold
The will in serpent creeping coils
A stolen alembic as glassheart broke off suspense to the soil
Pouring poison injected in my veins
Intrigues bizarre carnival at the court of my grave
For three coins sold my soul after funeral sale

Sometimes amber drop preserves death
As the bezels of truth birth a vengeance den

Forgiveness for sinners
A witness asleep
In palatial gardens
Infested with weeds

I kissed malevolent vestments of decay
In scarlet chamber sunset shadow lengthened to fade
Bittersweet taste of absinthe
Dried tears in bloom
Sapphirine fires
Danced filthy at council with moon
Gears of patience still rust to dust
Lascivious spit the parables spread
Unleashed in vehement mess
A gilded throne of favour
In the field of miracles left
As pledge to ravens hunger by even
White nemesis on marbled ledge

Sown is disgregation seed
To bud one rose on a ley of misery

Arcana genesis discordiae
Orerit et praesidia
Ornat misericordiae"

I vested desires in mannequin silhouette
Under my pillow gathering thorns for comfort

Bewaring the guess of
Autocracy to flesh
I swore never
To sever
Amor mors et sors
May pardon
A tecnocratic dash?

I have removed protective mesh from the rage
Tyrants imparted austere
Rigid lethargy rule

A perfect beauty and the strategy of silence
Like a feral surge over tray of youth
Definitive deluge in deliquescent solace
As naked whisper to wash white soot

4. Hypostasis Of The Archons

A dirge to the lord far beyond even
Blind faith in the cult of demiurge
The dark took control on the Garden of Eden
In the arms of the sapience to urge
This chapter of men as bridge on a river
Evangelic sin fever to purge
The edge of religion dispersed the shivers
Of being at hypocrisy source

In hissing tongue to reveal
To Eve's ear snake approached
"I have the key of knowledge
and it shall be thy..."

She handed fruit forbidden
To Adam teaching first
Inversion of creation process
Madam rapture of thirst
But jealous "god" by Mother lorn
Unable to govern world
In the name of his grace exiled
All human pursuit trace

"I am God... I am the one!
My rage has to become....

Thy pain is still undone!"

Crude proliferation through
Ramifications in dogma of tomorrow
In sorrow of stigma they wept out
A Sober extinction was laid out

"Our Father living
The vault of the skies
Bless us all together
Thy reign we declaim"

In terror of god all mortals deceiver
Apostolic succession to keep
Inquisitors raked up the desert of chosen
The cure for history sickness
Vicars of Christ as emperor whip
With rape administered forgiveness
Ignorance suggests believers
Legions indifferent driven

In sin at hypocrisy source

"Our brothers screaming
In hate from depth of the abyss
United forever
Aware the denial of the sort"

5. Siege Dawn To The Pillars Of Heaven

Might has turn from slumber
Of this peace disgraceful time
Soldiers march at dusk with
Heaven gates on their sight

The glory of ancient code denied
For great campaign of death
Clouds were moving fast and dark
Near was siege dawn to heaven pillars

War was come to paradise
Hostilities in arrogant clamour
Clockwork foul was compromised
Archangels dressed the armour
To defend the Zion splendour
From the ruin and genocide
Landers free in fugue by night
The slaughter for the skies demise

"For re-establishment of hierarchy fallen
Destroying the stillness with savage behaviour
Mining foundations in Christendom heart
Lords! Advance!"

At the entrance to muster..."

To impart a violent lesson
Under sodomy agonies harvesting seraphim

This was the day of the celestial massacre
Eclipse phagocyted the sun
Raged the artillery and guns

Angelcorpse in battlefield
Manure shed from Sophia hands
How happened end in glory
Of lies emperia for men

This faith utopia developed the hope of the livings
To wall up this prison with view
Original prophecy had emerged again from the sands
Discerning the distance forbidden from dominion
For the downfall of pillars and heaven

6. Legacy In Violation

Impostures in transcription
Rewriting gospels known
Mutations lot the masses yoke
Loosing sense of first golden spawn

The vain essence of eyeless ghosts,
Trespass damnation shade
Regurgitate the host

Ashes will turn into fire
Dust on the guess of the liars
Plague religion called
Institution of the church from
Letters of sf. fk. paul

Proscription impositions
The rape of minds unfold
Mortification lives with you
From the baptism day to enslave
Break on

The legacy in violation
Pontiffs incelebration
Of memory elimination
Wrongful indoctrination

The circle of rectifier

Severed head of baptist
As heritage evokes
Real church of jerusalem
And falsification done

The legacy and violation
Priesthood in fornication

In better desire investing the oath
Observing expectation
In abominations of gnosis unsold
To fetter the fire corroding the truth
Apocryphal annunciation
For next revelation of gospels untold

The seal of apostasy gown

7. Haeretica (18th March 1314)


8. Thy Name Is Legion

Superstition satisfied
The trivial fear and human doubt
Promise on eternal passage
Professing chastity vile
A crusade versus forces of their demons
The reason for extermination

To catapult infected
Corpses over fence
The breviary of evil
And decadence

Deserving disdain and repression

Order of prelacy bent on prie-dieu
In profound worship and wicked despair for
The tarots as rungs of the downstair to hell
The high priestess card and the hanged man

Apollyon Crystal Phalanx
Thy name is legion in fame
Apollyon Crystal Phalanx
To rage on season the flames

In public virtue and private vice they live
The doctors of the canon laws shall die

As a violence consumed in a confessional box
Libertine monks haunting maidens in devotion

The missal for impure in the hands of world
A shepherd to deprive thy wishes beheld

9. Sindon Consecration Sophisticated

A justice court constituted to extirpate

All diverging interpretation ways of scriptures
From the orthodox line

The linen shroud tor second messiah
To impress the crucifixion meaning

On a cold october morning in the year of the lord 1307
Accusations carried damnation to walls of paris temple
The king was plotting with joy the templar order to destroy

Balancing national debt with confiscating act

Prepared were instruments
For every fault confession

So guillaume lmbert
With pleasure of whiplash torn
Naked master skin
And nailed his wrists to a door

As christ before...

So once again upon the passion of lord
According with traditional word
A torture velvet chamber
To dress the sindon gown
The humours of wounds flowed
Coagulating blood
Royal secret and sublime avenge
Ultimate portrait obscene
Of what does mercy teach

Persecution of each sin
An image fixed by hate

The matrix of heretic last icon
His spattered shroud consecrating
As relic of pain

A cross with two "j"

Jesus nazarene and jacques de molay
Missing ring among that days
And six centuries
Of prayers and deceit

The same name of christ brother, james

An inquiry commission instituted to examinate
The case of templar master named:
Jacques de molay

So began the process of canonization in black

The sound of hammer judge
As three bell tolls to light
Even though were set the pyres...

Inquisition condemnation erasing or assimilation
This is consecration of sindon sophisticated
But now mistery of twentysecond rank is disclosed
The attribution to a different identity arid the avenge
Is sevenfold fulfilled

10. Magdalene For Vesper Requiem


11. The Last Supper

Her legs deleyed naked
As moist sunset knot
A core in the Garden of Olives
Her young feet were laved
By the waters of Isis
And pleasure went to her womb
A voyeur hid gaze envy dressed over boughs
John wept when saw Rabbi laid
Not history teach many lies or the Thruth?
This is secret of Sang Reаl tomb

Delighted Synedrium
Was waiting the dawn
And crucifixion torment
Last supper to depose
The concubine chosen
Under sign of the goddess
Horned and everything mother

Two millenniums of royal bloodline dethroned
...For Magdalene...
Carnal bride desecrated
The ruin of modern men

Same night their master
Broke host for fourteen
But John missed last supper to suffer
To the right of sentenced
Sat Mary, sixteen
She carried the seed of disaster
Would been a widow from the first day to third
A vestal for cross on the floor
Peter dark mask to suffocate
Her story and to forget

Of sudarium secrets
Was She guardian enthroned
The beginning of heresy
And next orthodox Rome

Engraved in the vatican dome

The concubine chosen
Under sign of the goddess
Horned and everything mother

"...Tear my hymen Jesus!..."

Let I receive thy semen warm
As eucharistic symbol bread
My body is this offered to thee
In sacrifice for breed..."

Candles light on the table
As shadow swift through Apostles eyes
Of hoisted T-form Saviour
All thirteen Via Crucis surveyed
Hawthorn crown and flower flavour
Silence burnt when Jesus claimed:
"Among thee I'll be betrayed"
And Peter strared her womb with hate

She gravid princess of A.D. thirtythree
In Jetzemani Garden by Peter persuaded
Setting Iscariot jealous forefinger suave
Just Magdalene merried under tree

Forth Judas noose and his love for Her

Fabrizio ‒ Bass
Maurizio ‒ Guitars (lead)
Giorgio ‒ Keyboards
Federico ‒ Vocals, Guitars
Enrico ‒ Drums

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