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1. Moonstone

2. Case Of Truth

There´s a wraith leaving the way of burning gates of dreams, it brings a redemption from the days of the Catholic´s. White torn pieces between temples, Christ´s dead body, it´s lying on the stone table, it´s splattered and bloody. Open the gates, (I wish), of stone temple. Let from the ways of all over the world, let rise the Lord´s power. For the glory of Dark empire, they drink cock´s blood from a goblet. Then with the sword of their ancients they will crush the skull of the time. Case of truth… Open the gates…

3. Delusion

In the smell of blood and sweat, you feel like time is dying. Rotten air of hundred vaults chases out an everyday dream from souls. Parched looks call the primmest power surviving in us, (you) hear the unreal voice of destiny, neverending time. You´ll never feel pain of the cold walls, you accept no transformation. The stack burns with flame of life, you perceive no consciousness. From the unleashed heat from the motionless bodies, in the heat, the day is lost. In diseased visions survives a fear, from the ash smoulders desperate grief. Perfidious crowd satisfied its desire for its avenge, this is your saviour - King of the Jews. This insanity still survives! This is your saviour - King of the Jews.

4. Hate

Look into my exes, there´s a gleaming insanity. I´ve pleasure for the last case to give your soul to eternity. Hell calls for your body, but you have no saviour – your pretty neck your golden hair, thousand pins, you´ve finished. I love your fear, but you hate it. Your innocent face will stain with blood. Wait, time will come, you´ll taste my dagger´s edge, in your heart. There are in my eyes deadly poisons, soon in my arms you will stare for the last time. Implore for me feeble in my embrace, you´ll die with your pain on the altar in the Hell. Your eyes will spread and will flood by blood, grey shadows will cover your dead face… hellish flames will swallow down your body, and then I will share your stony casket… with you.

5. Desire

Scary feeling, immense desire. Rising up of emotions. Scary feelings, immense desire, to the end of the Universe, it gives away – You. Through the perfect way of delight where´s the Astral notion, of unreal dreams will come true in the moonlight. That wonderful flight through the splendid night, to the spaces of emotions filled with desire for the unknown. Maybe it won´t stop this magic of the unsolitude and awaiting (with a night bliss). Immense – feeling, immense – desire. Rising up of emotions, scary feeling, immense desire.

6. In Nomine...

Strange wraith hanged on the cross turned it to upside down. Only hate remains burnt to the ashes. Feeling of pain of his slowly burning body is penetrating with pergamens of his mandatory (written with blood). Behind the shadows of flames is a blinding flare that draws a fateful sign of stones with hellish heat. Cloud of betrayal and lies rises up to heaven. Dust and ash smoulder with cry of many sacrifices. Black shadows are creeping along the wall of sins, we´ll never hear the sound of inquisition bells. Bloody sign on the wall full of sacrifices, words written by destiny of human lives. Burnt past sealed with fire, (we’re) delivered to the God´s miracle. Everywhere is only unchained insane rage, it falls to everything from the dark black cloud. In Nomine dei Nostri Satanas Luciferi Excelsi…

7. Ritual

On the head of the Goat ia tiding sing sign, calling up the power of the obscure candles. Circle of stones stays here for the hundreds, silhouettes of the grey figures, swords in their grips. Wind in branches of the tree, mysterious rocks are illuminated by the Moonlight. Temptation of the Dark night calls up a might full of mystery. Stream of light raving about a rite without witnesses. The wish without order to the highest feeling of emotions – fully, how it´s written in the bequest of ancestors. Ritual… (by the truth), they´re drinking from the goblet impiously free, from a cup filled with a faithful to themselves.

Thanks to janvala for sending these lyrics.

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