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1. Scissorlips

Where are you?
I'm lost upon this boulevard
and I'm afraid this plastic mask made room enough for all of us

now Scissorlips has come to grips while chewing paper fingertips
that boulevards made boulevards of boulevards in endless strips
sing your lullaby
sing, sing, sing

I want hear it from your lips-what's it worth shining for?
nevermind your thirst, nevermind the curses you utter vacantly
I can hear them scream from below, I still hear them screaming below
all we are is all we are, transcendental animals

where are you?
I'm high above this boulevard
I left behind this passive mask to prove to us it's not enough

now Scissorlips throws Scissorfits 'til bleeding's what the kissing gets
to fork the tongues of old and young, forever speaking opposites

...trying to dig up the love-you call this love?

for the love of loss, we find
for the love of joy, we cry
for the love growth, we sever
for the love of now, we never
for the love of peace, we kill
for the love of wealth, we steal
for the love of difference, confine
for the love of unity, divide
for the love of love, we hate

who wouldn't want to disappear?
but I'm still here, I am still here
having come out the other side wearing horrors that climb from our soul
and I am still here, I am still here
falling facedown into the light, wholly naked I cling to these roots
and I am still here, I am still here

2. Turning Sheep Into Goats

And may every seed you sow stretch out your mortal skin
so you dreams can grow to know the web you weave within
the healing process has begun, carving lessons on our arms
I hope you'll always look with love on the early days

reaching, reach through the healing
finding out you found your way home

got just what you wanted, didn't you?
stopped the whole fuckin' world, didn't you?
are you happy now?

tracing pathways in the sand, clutched tight to trembling whims
for the moment whole enough to know the feeling when
curiosity still calls, if only I could have grasped
the notion long enough to truly understand

3. Systematomatic

Hey you, I've seen you here before
in your eyes, prizmatic sight on and on as I defy
denials, back from the broken glass
sapphire visions and favored derisions with spiders on your mind shaking fists full of string as I

tie me up in knots while contradictory impulse lusts
the dreaming loom is twisted and confused
the stories on the spools will weave us back into one

and here we find ourselves again
tightrope decisions and blood-colored medicine a million miles from eye-to-eye
it feels much as it did before biting the tails in self-made betrayals
forever repeating this deceit, so who cares if I...

...while spinning I spun you a web
while spinning I spun you,
stammering words in a daze, seemingly starry-eyed followers mumbling praise
and all of the world is a stage, fleetingly these marionettes dance straight to their graves
with every desire on a string the future hangs perilously
it's the start of the tie that will bind and the last fraying strand

spinning on the dreaming loom a web of lies and tangled truths
with every knot that comes undone, we weave ourselves back into one

4. River Of Glass

I'm sure that I'm fine but I heard there's a bath in a river of glass so I'll take it
I've always known that the smiles that were shown were plastic and hollow lines
and I'll be damned, your metaphor dollar-fed God got into my head

Hey now, plastics gather 'round now you're waitin' with your hands out for the blood flies to come and carry you home

doubt is a crime and I caught me at last running circles in rounded-off places
scanning for hope but these windows of gold play tricks on my eyes...

...why don't we pull apart, look inside the curtains of origins that imitate life
and where you are is where I'll be floating arms of azure seize
who will you inspire?
as I watch this world below, and the world I watch grows smaller and smaller
fear and love all collide and all at once
the piper plays green tearing the sleeves pulled up from the sea and thrown through the ceiling
stepping stones so carefully untouched
you'll only leave this world alone

strange that you think you can fly
strapped to a stone in a blinked needle's eye

I'll be damned, your all-time-low just lowered again
hey now plastics gather round now you're waitin' with your hands out, waitin' for the war flies,
waitin' for the blood flies to come and carry you home

5. Keyhole In The Sky

The high road is always a balance beam chipping away our ankles, and I think it's high time we embraced the visual
on my way home I saw a keyhole in the sky and I tossed around my reasons for the cost

divide and dissolve the seams that weave deep within my head
we're losing light, and in this despair I'm finally aware that I am not one to learn so fast

straining across this great expanse where the weight of the world rests, and the air is thick with crushing emptiness
if only I could lift these feet up from the ground I'd circle 'round the world I know, I know...

...we, like marionettes off our strings fling limbs at our passions and hope to connect with impossible dreams
it's holding on when nothing feels right, it's the final, identical, severed umbilical breath from a tightening chest as we're holding on

6. Downhill

I'm leavin' to walk the road inside my head
with cord in hand and powder breath I stand and wave goodbye

the systematomatic thinks, while buying blood on Broadway street where the old messiahs go
that pulsing through the atmosphere are answers to the questions you should know
don't let it go, or it's all downhill from here

examples of the afterlife responding visions half the time and the other vertigo
spun off the Earth a thousand times and caught the wind that purifies the soul
you should know, it's all downhill from here

lost out here adrift in lights, it's wonderous
weightless in clouds of colors the world will never see
and I am a figment of reality

wrapped in the shroud of endless night I scream aloud
but no one hears, so I tell my stories to satellites
and I am lost inside a memory

the pattern picks the pockets of the palindrome
back to front the loss remains the same
and it beckons to the East to give the West its eyes
while the oscillating rhythm marks its bones
to the young it gives a vision of the dead and gone
while the old recieve a passion to survive
and the pattern picks the pockets of the palindrome
before the oscillating rhythm takes to flight...

7. Feathergun In The Garden Of The Sun

Rubber like your lover's neck you tripped into the garden, you tripped into the garden of the sun
on you tried, unbuttoned eyes, imprelious telusion, tripping past your guard into the sun
these dreamers, so eager, throw their hands in the fight
I spy walrus tooth in the way outside of the shoegaze revolution

I'm seein' bright lights, silhouettes of knife fights and I see it all, I see it all
I'm seein' bright lights in-between the knife fights and I see it all, I see it all
I see it all through the wolves in the walls
who might you be, who should you be
killing with featherguns when they don't understand you're fighting for ground control

stealing glances colorblind encouraging confusion, crossing all the boundaries undrawn...
...I'm hearin' white lies coursing through the disguises, I hear it all, I hear it all
I'm hearin' lost cries chorusing the night sky and I hear it all, I hear it all...

...hands bound behind withered backs, blindfolds laid on hollow eyes too hopeless to hear
change ammunition, don't give a war of attrition tacit permission to minimize genocide...

8. Dreamcatcher


9. Diamond Eyes

We are not machines
we are not machines programmed, encoded
we are so much more, we are so much more

oh the lights
burning like fireflies caught in a web
electricity hums in our heads
we're overwhelmingly fearless

when diamond eyes light up the sky, I promise you that we can change the world
when diamond eyes light up the sky, I promise you that we can change...

we are not your routines
we are not your routines despite what you've told us
we are all one, we are all one...

...when lights like freeways burning mirrors and melting skylines haunt your door
you should swing to connect, swing to connect the cord
color, I see the rhythm in waves and onward still
color, I see the rhythm in waves, the white and red, the red and white, forever we'll know
in and of itself, nothing is whole
here at the end of it all I still see...

10. Katsushika

Hello, I'm the whisper-clap man tuggin' on my sleeves, doin' all that I can do
can you weather the moment whether the fortune comes before the end?
you should be satisfied as well

now we're counting all the hours on the second hand for days
mending ties with broken time in many different ways
if all of us spin 'round 'til every one of us is down

impressing pressure in dialect forms
ride the spiral seas beyond the storm
learn and decide, fall 'til you fly
take a breath and dive

let's go, have you stepped to the edge, stared into the sea from the foot of your bed?
have you woke in a dream to sleep through the meaning and mean everything you said?
you will be satisfied as well...

...just below the waterline I see
just below the waterline I lay
below the surface I believe there is a place of love and wonder where all we are and dare to be is fearlessly discovered
wrapped within the motion of the unrelenting struggle, oh this sinking feeling seeing everything in double
oh, what beautiful monsters
you're all beautiful monsters
you're all beautiful...

11. Weevil Bride

And in the end we caught our weevil bride
she was arraigned in garments' genocide
we took her home to where our mirror stood, like she knew we would so she smiles
she sings oo-oo-oo, I've been here before
many years ago, before the war
and it goes on and on and on until you're gone
and I just need to know that everything is fine and everyone's alright

they take our tongues and give us guns, two coins for the ferryman for when you're gone
the weight of souls drives his boat ashore and he sails no more
staring out across the end he sings oo-oo-oo I've never been here before, even years ago after the war...

...chiseling the granite from our dusty eyelids, harvesting the stones we throw
we caught a virus from the periscope inside us, we caught a virus from the periscope
we caught a virus from the periscope inside us, we caught a virus, we caught a virus
star-struck freeze frame capture that coin-filp fateful harmony-muted feedback
with your cold hands on the foreheads so feverish and frantic while madmen lay your landmines in the ballroom

and I want some, yes please
send us back as amputees with starry rags and shiny things
let me back into the sun
how many times must all this be said?
on and on until we're gone, we're all children of light cut from the same thread

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