Dark Lyrics


1. A Triptych Journey

Facing a withered, splintered line
The empty vessel is born
Fragments dissolve and redefine
Thos parasite breathing life within me

Shadows destroy the light
And knowingly shape themselves
They criticize all of my darkest fears
Of past woes left behind

Illusive words
Ignite the fires of despair
Refuse the truth untold
And remedy fear

The darkness that surrounds us
Cannot hurt us
It is the darkness in your heart
You should fear

Drawing closer to the vivid now
A veil of ruin now ablaze
Broken and weary
Thoughts will deceive you
Time and time again
We’re all still falling through this place
And I can’t find serenity

Lucidity dwells within me
I now sanctify my suffering
Abandon my fear

Ignite the fires of despair
Glory adorned
No longer weaken

2. The Mire

Within the mist, envenomed waters
Beyond her will, in desolate darkness
Crimson lines around her shadow
The final dirge from glass into ashes….

In peril lies porcelain painted in crimson
No soul can hear the cries
That drift through the mire

So take one more shallow breath
For it shall be your last
The abyss awaits in silence

And I will taunt you
Till you bore me
No one can tame the beast within
And I will hurt you
If you let me close enough to crawl my way into your skin.

I am the shadow cast in the moonlight.
I am the shiver that runs down your spine
I am the nightmare that keeps you from sleep but you let me in

3. Disenchanted

Maybe I have come to see the light
Beneath the bludgeoning
Lies a truth I cannot hide
Within this darkness calls
And I wait for one to find
The key that sets me free

The hurt inside you is a rumour
With one caress your walls fall down
There is no fear here only freedom
My voice will guide you if you listen
… If you listen

For years I’ve tried to find a cure here
But still she comes to me at night
Confounded lovers blind intentions
These fading memories haunt me still

As passion devoured by flame
Winter has martyred his heart
Lifeless and cannot be saved
Tearing purity apart
Desolation now remains
Transgressions of once was bound
Her scenery turning to grey
As sorrow is all that is found

Lamenting in mirthless sorrow
As your voice draws me near
This requiem will not relent
In the years since you’ve passed
Echoes of your cries still torture me
And I can still hear your screams

Maybe I have failed to see the plight
As those around me fold
Within this reckoning
Stands a creature from my past
Still waiting to be saved
Disenchanted remain

4. L'Appel du vide


5. Ethereal Blindness

Judgments arise
A mindless callow hatred desecrates all life
A prison of flesh
A paradox of meaning echoes through our minds

And I close my eyes
Instead of witnessing the failures of mankind
We have not learned
A new day brings another promise unfulfilled.

Betrayed by loss
Corruption settles in my conscience like frost
Distorting my sight
There is nothing that can ease my jaded mind….
Hide… as your lies coming crashing down
But I will care no longer now

6. Embrace The Mayhem

Beneath a veil of false smiles and laughter
The pain creeps in
So I put on a mask to conceal the magnitude of losing you
But in every spare moment
My thoughts return to you

So I have no choice but to….

Embrace the mayhem
Vanquish the darkness
Your only enemy is your own mind

I can no longer hear your footsteps
So I must wander this path alone
Still I cling to your cold remains
As the greatest part of me is slipping away

In every spare moment my thoughts return to you
‘cos in my mind you are still alive
Let me keep my sweet delusions

I’ve saved you so many times before
But this time it’s different
Can’t rescue you from the rain that passes through the soil
And as it breaks down your body
Soon you’ll be nothing more
Than brittle bones beneath the ground

In every spare moment my thoughts return to you

7. An Somnium

Fear…. An ominous darkness
Within the still of silence, in virtue paradise beckons
Loss…. Into the heart of all ruin
The unsung awakening, yearning… devoured frailty

Cold… Staring eyes
Formless… The weakening structure
A shadows reflection within my disdain
A myriad of voices are one in the same
Fall into embers, a weakening will
The sorrow and rapture
The inner light has died…

I’ve tried to salvage all the pieces of what you left behind
And now I can’t recognize myself anymore

Severing the strings to life
All the glory and the suffering
The beauty of what is left behind
Lost, the memories wash over my eyes
And I slowly fade….
Into dreams beyond life

8. As Soleness Recedes

Vain glorious, world is your own now
No longer affected..
As you reach for the dream, that is the way of flesh
Promises hallowed

With each passing moment, the breath is more shallow
The outside fades away
Grasping the past, remoted ignorance
The splendor fades away

Now a shell
Seed of demise
A tainted divide
From homage to absence
Into obscurity
Slaves dance on Into the sound of nothing

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