Dark Lyrics


1. Terminus

Within this cell
Horror in the mind divine
Scar the flesh with purifying flames

The mind is a shell today
Trying to get sense of control
Outside the death of life, mine
Witness the sign
the godhead destroyed for you

Failure bleeds you
Welcome to the end of time
Come, reflect
And stare into our vacant eyes

Existence is meaningless....

Ruled by my will
Exit this vessel
Void of incandescence
Destroying all that is me

Wipe the ground
Crush the bone
Into dust lying scattered
Accept the end of my life

2. Ad Infinitum

You soulless treachery
Hide behind the eyes of a man who is fake
Destroying loyalty
A heart of a lamb and the eyes of a snake
Upon your pinnacle
A failure to reach all of that which you seek
Scumfuck degenerate
Convictions are strong but your instincts are weak

You are footprints in the sand
Your hatred is the wave that washes it away

When all that's left is drowning light
(Drowning light)
And you witness the fractured reflections
of what's left behind
You've slipped too far to save
(You've slipped too far to save)
Images dance on the waves
(Upon the waves)
So far above you
They're fading, refracting, like all that you were
Defector, impostor
(Defector, impostor)

Shedding skin
Under the guise of growth
Making way for the distended self
This bloated persona
Its elements
A nightmare brought to life

You invited them inside
Gave access to all that you guard
And wouldn't see the blade
Shearing your edges
Changing your shape


3. Gehenna

Fade to silence
Shallow, sinking, drowned
My emersion
Body at one with dirt

Within this cold earth
I seek the refuge promised to me

I've opened a world
Now forsaken, everything I knew

Once again I see the reason
Empty and afraid
My faith into nothing remains
Feel the anger seething
Guilt and suffering
As my soul is rotting away

What was this faith bestowed upon me?
Questioning this final betray
Beneath the lies, a sordid memory
Begin to tear through the veil

Transcendence, another reality
Flooding of visions
Shattered into entropy

4. Eigenlicht

Smoke swirls between the teeth of these oceans
A cognitive fracturing of the line
Between grey and nothingness
A perception
A projection
To soften the edges of our abilities
To see the whole

A visual static we cling to
An incompleteness
Distortions obscuring our sights
To overcome the void

Although we dwell
So sightless
We see a shade
A ghost of light

An inability to comprehend
Encompassing nothingness
So fearful we are
That we lucidly hallucinate
For even within a place
Where light can't exist
We still seek it
We still long for it

To overcome the void...

5. Tempest

Scatter the flock
Disperse all that serves
To keep the zealots
Bound here
Release and dissolve
The shackles on our will
So rusted
So tarnished
Sever the strings
Which have forced us to mime
This grotesque matinee

So convinced of severance
That we were cut away
Blind to the fingers which pull us
Each and every way
This hold, never relinquished
Choking more each time
The cycle repeats

There's no air left
Reprieve so far away
The strangulation grows with
Every breath we take
In this anoxic tempest
We become the fray
Embodiment of war

The inner pulse distorting
Slipping out of time
To create a constant misconception

This aberrant line
The masses mourning
A prelude to the mass of silence

6. Forged In Eidolon

Into the dawn
A faded memory
A story once told
Of rebirth into slavery

Ages have gone
Manipulation fruitful
Plagues of lies swarm over man
Imminent extinction

One moment, total awry
For once was fascination
is now a light to lead the blind

Wounds open wide
Splintered into a self mangled mind
A nightmare to behold
No solace and nothing to hide

Granted absolution
For sins that have now come to light
Shame, sin and power
Now gaze upon the circle of time

7. Mimicry

Passage of time
The bleakness of unraveling sanity
enticing to my eyes

A static pattern

A duality of awareness
This moment an eternity

Invading my subconscious
This daemon takes control
Swirl to grey

I fall, it wanes
A separation splinters
My soul is stripped
From fragments
To shards into decay...

One inside...
Pieces redirected
One inside...
And spawn into continuum...

8. Into Aetherium

This rope that binds this moment
Coiled, now unwinds...
Retrained, embracing torment
Fractured soul and mind
A grand sense of failure
Awareness fades
A witness, I'm emanating
Into the unknown

Strain, sickness, dismay
reality splinters
Husk, sapless, no longer yield
Pass to the grey...

Begin disintegration
Call to the sky!
Winds echo within this torment
Neotoric rise!

Unseen Into Atherium
Taken away
Resolve into the source of
The beginning of time

Ben vanVollenhoven: vocals, guitars, orchestral arrangements, bass
Andrew Craig: drums and percussion
Mares Refalaeda: vocals, piano, keys

Written and composed by Ben vanVollenhoven at December Void studios.
Lyrics are by vanVollenhoven/Refalaeda.
Guest violin on "Forged in Eidolon" is by Samantha Kempster.
Guest vocals on "Into Aetherium" are by Ryan Huthnance.
Drums are recorded by Ryan Huthnance at Emissary Studios.
All vocals are recorded by Aaron Worboys at Adversary Studios.
Photography is by Kierra Thorn.
All artwork is by Seth Siro Anton Art.
Guitars and bass are mixed by Logan Mader.
Mixed and mastered by Logan Mader at Darth Mader Music.

Thanks to riseofavernus for sending these lyrics.

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