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1. Numb / Blind To Faith

Demons from Hell
Set my soul afire
Angels from Heaven
Bring wood and stoke the pyre
I see myself a newborn fashioned in my dreams, saying
"If you are that which you do, then what does that make me?"
Time to burn, time to sleep
Blind to faith, my soul weeps
I'm pierced by an unholy cross
I'm pierced by the symbol of God
Accept your angel of choice
Disallow, disbelieve
Blasphemate my soul
I feel the grip of reality tighten around my throat
Try to solve the puzzle, cannot slay the beast
In its house, in its land lies my missing piece
Thirsty in the desert and I've run out of wine
Beg with bleeding lips as I await the sign
A leader with no vision is the first to cast
I've withstood my trials and my passion hasn't flown
I'm pierced by an unholy cross
And I'm pierced by the symbol of a God I can't call my own
Salvation's kingdom, take me home

2. Urine

Urine smelling place
I'm coming
Dip for virgin's blood
It's showing
Taste of melted skin and knowing
Take it all and burn your bridges
Cover up your eyes
You can't see that there is no way
Living for tomorrow
But you can't because you fear today
Paranoid time
You're dead
You can't relax
Take your love and stick it in your ass
I've gotta go with what I know
and use my gifts from down below
And what's cold to you is warm to me
And I'll laugh
Disease will only bleed

3. Sideshow

Your brain's a fuckin' thimble with a slow leak
Your thoughts are so fucking shallow
That a mouse couldn't drown
It makes me sick to hear the words you speak
When we both know when you talk
There's nothing underneath
So you look into my face and say
"Why do you act this way?"
You want the truth
It's sad but true
Society screwed me and so did you
Shun me cuz I'm not part of your act
Well you'll never understand what you have done
Time will tell whether you are worthy
I've touched you all in one way or another
I could show you so much more
If you'd open your eyes and your faith
Sideshow in my mind
Twisting and smashing the thorn in my side
Your innocence was lost without a trace
Stolen by a foolish embrace
I'm very good at what I do
Deep inside you know it's true
I can show you so much
Just be a part of my sideshow

4. Flatline

5. The Promise

Pray for the day of forgiving rain
When my heart opens up in refrain
And I sleep with you in your grave
Because I am a slave to the promise
The promise
Grow, grow at a devil's pace
Oh disease of my disgrace
An empty place that slaps my face
And reminds me of the promise
The promise
Ripped apart by my spirit
Do you feel insane or is it only tissue?
The first of so many more
Time flies when it's even score
Slash and burn and find another one
I know you belong to me and that's a promise

6. Death Do Us Part

Earthly pleasures tease
Bring you to your knees you're on
Pray to my God
Beg forgiveness
Demon's con
Drink the plague straight from the cup
Baptized sex with demon slut
Time forgets
But I will not forgive your ignorance
You'll never see, you're blind
Your God has stole your soul
It's bought and sold
Your lord has lied
Lies, a bunch of fucking lies
Till death do us part

7. Likeness Of Vanity

Fingers numb, knuckles raw
Bloated and fattened for the kill
In the heart, in the hands
Cesspool of embyronic scum
Holy hands caress and savour you
But I do the things you wish you could do
The witchhunt is on
A sin of loyalty and love
The witchhunt is on
A moral switch to fuck the dove
Severed season, mass decay
It ushers in a new age
The witchhunt is on
A sin of loyalty and love
The witchhunt is on
And I'll kick and scratch and bite my way towards the sun
Scratch, I'm scratching away
And I'm scratching away at the likeness of vanity

8. Consumed / 13 Knots

I'm consumed, you're consumed
They're consumed, we're all fuckin' consumed
And still with no mercy for you
13 knots bring the fairies
Opposed by the heartless God
Whispered winds say
"Spit in the face of the bastard child"
Deny all the things that you've been taught
And the bitter thoughts that my heart knows far too well
And I've touched the face of God
And it is cold, it is dead
And the face of God is dead
And I'll save you
From the things that you saved me from
I'm gonna take your life in cold blood
And I'll give you a taste of Hell
Are my ways catching up with me?
The things I feel and the things that I see
There's more than one way I can hurt you
Don't think I'm done when I'm not through
Little friends with bent halos
And the bitter thoughts that follow where I go
We are Gods if we are heartless
Drink his blood and piss on that bastard's corpse
When it's tied in 13 knots

9. Necropolis

Dark side of white face sour
Tetanus branded in my mind
Have taste of your disease
I'm granted power over thee and thine
Execute the one who'd be king
The plague bearer shall bear his throne
I'm sickened by society
Ashamed to call this planet home
Living in the witches season
Close your eyes bow your head
Smell the air and feel the breeze
The cleansing of humanity is the chore
The instrument of destruction is the irony of holy war
Witness the end of our world

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