Dark Lyrics


1. Intro

As the body stiffens
muscles contract to a
Grotesque familiarity
An Evil Contortion
of one's expression
resulting in
Rigor Sardonicous...

2. Rigor Sardonicous

Smile of the Dead
Pleasure of life's Decease
Frown unto the world
Ongoing live Disease
Stiffened tissue
Drying eyes
Victor of the Sleepless Life
Scavenged Earth
Crawling Flesh
Enter to Unsleeplessness
Vision's Cold, Death Bell tolls
Raging form of Eternal dormant
Taken from life, given to Death

Risen atop Loamy Depths
The Abysses of Unlife
Eternal Hail for lustful Death
Savior of the Divine
Falling to the Scavenged Plains
Sardonical and Grim
Calculated disarray
Discombobulate the Sign

Withered Death, falling Flesh
Servant of Unsleeplessness
Touch of Cold, Death Bell tolls
Arise atop the Buried hole
Sloughing Sloven, Raging sight
Movement of Pathy life
Stained tissue, mummified eyes
Forward to Eternal plight

Dismemberment of the living race
Sapponified Remains
Mutilated Infanticide
Gross display of game
Fearful sight the loss of life
All of whom shall fall
Decaying Corpses, Fermenting Bodies
Rigored and Cold

Skyful Blaze, Rising Low
In the Depths, Darkness grows
Lighted Shadow, Faded Light
Underworld Rise, Eternal Plight
Lavish the Earth, Rotten Decor
Life Takes, Death Gives...

3. Homophile Necrophilia

Stiffened Flesh, Decrepit Death
Latent subcast of life
Subjective Lust, Orgasmic burst
Love first sight, newfound Partner
Risen member, Stiffened partner
Thy love looks Pale and Tired
Heart now races, Pupils widen
Hail for position-Oral Ecstasy

Onward Thrust, surplus Lust
Atop the beautiful Love
Holding close, Lasting prose
Hail for position-Breack Lust
Writhing Torso, Foreplay game
Tearing as I Ride
Shower of Love, born to Decay
Now I colonize...

4. Jewish Massacre

Amongst the Corpses A Body starts to Writhe
A Jew to the Slaughter, Another left to Die
Fields filled with Bodies Air filled with their Stench
Parasites feast on the Jewish Flesh

Unknown Faces With a Fatal message
Controlled by a will That made them hate
Never to care Only to Kill
It was the Final Solution...

5. Death's Revelation

Death awaits my Soul
Bringing me to my Immortal home
Visions of Life, Fantasy 'til Death
Eternity is washed in Damnation's Blood
Hatred to all who have passed here before
Beckoning Light draws the unsuspecting close
Burned by the fire of the soul stealing host
Controlled by a will that led to Damnation

Darkness fills the void of sight
On going Horror of continuous night
Centuries of Nightmares confined to a dream
Unable to awake from my Eternal Sleep...

Damned is my immortal soul
Destined to lie in the fiery hole
Forever cursed the Nightmare continues
Unending Terror of an Eternity in Ruins
Forgiveness from the lord after I die
Promises of life turn out to be lies
Doomed to Eternity bathed in Flames
Condemned existence of never ending pain

Darkness fills the void of sight
On going Horror of continuous night
Centuries of Nightmares confined to a dream
Unable to awake from my Eternal Sleep...

6. Despair

Living in Torment
Praying for the End
An end to the Agony
Cannot stand the Pain

Time is running out
Life is near the end
Yesterday's beyond my reach
Tomorrow Awaits my Death
Existence without reason
Disdain for all that's alive
Remembering the days of laughter
Realizing it was a Lie

Don't dwell in the past
Look to the Future
For the solution
That has to come

Nothing makes sense anymore
Living in complete confusion
Death is the only Constant
And the only solution
I'm losing faith in all I know
Nothing to ease the suffering
Only hope is Death's forgiveness
To guide me from Despair

Blood on my hands
Flowing from my veins
Death fills my last hours
Awaiting the Final Gift

Eternal Suffering
Crying out in Death
Condemned existence
At the Revelation of Death
Terror from the Grave
Never again to rise
Eternity of Darkness
Forever to fill my eyes

Misery of life
Grows nearer to Death
Never again to feel the Pain
Of life's Hatred...

7. Parasitosis

Atop the Stench of evaporated Death
a Bloodless form of Wasted Life
Parasitic gluttony writhing inside
Internal nerve shatter, sanity writhe

Torn Torn Flesh
Blood Let

Parasitic Scavengery
Leaves thy whole a scant
Feasted Flesh by Larval colonies
Rapes thee dear Bone bare

Lustful glutton, surviving tactic
Crawling in and out
Failure of sanity to dispose
of non-existent Larvae...

8. Season of the Dead

Deception of life's enduring pain
Reception of Cold and stiffened ways
Protection from live and mortal waste
feast of the Putrid
Celebrate the onset of Death
This is the Season of the Dead

Arisen from the vacated abysmal plain
Palpitate erotic, barren waste
Succumb vicarious, enslaving pain
inflict and suffer
Eustress of the live and mortal waste
Thus upon Opening the Gate

Life - Baptism of sorrowful fade
Birth - Confirmation sinful innate
Exist - false angled fallen plain
Death - the Sleepless, infinite Dream

Thy Unholy, Cherished faith
Doth befog intrepid ways
ARISE! from the golden, Flaming Gate
life - Death befall thee
Rise thy Putrid form of waste
This is the solstice of our Fate

Life - thy misery of His Name
Birth - afterborn dismay
Exist - false angled fallen plain
Death - the Sleepless, infinite Dream..

Thanks to Damned for sending these lyrics.

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