Dark Lyrics


1. Praevidere Peregrinus


2. Caelum Inferiorum

I hear the angel's sing
I hear the devil laugh upon me
A light so splendid and fair
A night of wretchedness and despair

As I walk upon the caverns of time
I beseech the day as I lay upon broken wings

I hear the songs that they sing
I hear the merry wails of damnation
They are born of sweet delights
They were born from endless night

I can see the sun
I can feel the night
I have crowned my head
Then they have taken her dead

I have taken her hand
Nigh the grave to be prepared so vile
The songs that they did sing
Were scowled into levity

3. Hilarus Sperablis

The choirs of Heaven unveiled their grace and showed the Divine unto me.

And they sang of life and hope, of darkness shunned, of love and birth, of us as one, a lighted shade, a sacred dove.

And He came to me and spake that I have been blessed in honor's right.

"Do you see the glory before you?
Are you enchanted in your gaze?
Does this miracle call upon you?"
"Yea! I do! I am! I claim!"

And it was.

4. Adventum Ex Flagrere

And They came from flames so far and near
Crusaders estranged of madness and woe
Carnage waged for pastimes stay

A foetid tide that is drunk on blood
Mesmerized by this sight so depraved

And the One came unto me
And He spake that I was not the one
To have this joyful grace

A blackened sun that has come from beyond
Entrenched in fright at this sight so forlorn

"What can you claim? Who can you seek? There can be no glory or honor.
Fire reigns eternal. There can be no birth. No love nor hope nor joy nor life.
Nothing sacred remains, nothing that is dear. Nothing shall save you from this gift of fate."

And they laughed these decrepit wretched ones
A fleeting gaffe of torment I did gaze
And I wept. And I fell. And it was.

5. Nox Noctis Theca Dies

A splendor so fair now is gone
The sun does set away so far

Enchanted honor in flames lies undone
My claim, my cherished is abandoned

I see her gaze upon my face
In vivid prayer alight in haze

A ship upon the shore ablaze
A daemon danse of fallen grace

A desert ray in the midst of May
So weary a shade such morning rays

It creeps upon the sands of grey
A sting to pierce the soul awa

6. Terra De Contemptum

Raging torrents of hate envelope my ghost
My searing eyes do strain this flaming cold
No claw nor sword will claim these ones

I can see the wretched ones stand
I can feel their forsaken hands
I will grant them torments at last

None more will I languish, no more to claim
Desolate madness without a name
A triumph to bestill as ice upon frost
A rapture of death, the path of the lost

I will stand above this plain of flames
I will break their will so insane
I will defy those grotesque and lame
I will deify my immortal grace

7. Deligio Infinitus

Daylight shines the horizon
A glimmering sign of hope
Enchanted molten rising
I relinquish this time alone

A fertile land of grace
Rebounding in my eyes
I will reclaim my lost life

To turn upon this land
I shudder to no unknown
To cast upon the damned
To take from them their own

I seek my salvation
Enliven my own path
I call upon her lapse

A death so estranged
A conscience of dismay
A nightmare while awake
I stand upon her grave

I call upon her name
Before the remembrance gate
A touch upon her face
An angel in this place

I lift her from the earth
A dream unreal and erred
A passioned and tortured world
I embrace her pallid form

In madness from desire
The others from the fire

They danse no more so wild
Their futile wanton guile

I lay her down so near
A noble and gallant scene
I reveal her limpid body
And take from heaven's piety

I lust upon my claim
This immemorial union remains
No god nor daemon shade
Can take this fortune away

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