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1. Of Unworldly Origin

[Music: Davidson]

That fateful moonlight night forever haunts my dreams
The fog hung in the air just like a dead man
Within the woods there stood the witch's house
Unholy hovel of the damned

The lock broke easily enough
That wicked crone was soon to be within my grasp
I should've turned back on that night
Before the witch's spell was cast

Sorcery of the black goat with 1000 young
Uttering incantations of the fallen one
Forsaken rites have conjured accursed gateways
Into foul realms of unworldly origin

I found her praying in the attic
Bowing to that altar of the goat
I froze with fear at what no mortal eyes should see
panic stricken screams escaped my throat

The symbols on the wall, they came alive
Hideous laughter filled the room
Reality crumbled away beneath my feet
By swirling vortexes of chaos now consumed

Nightmares from the beyond
Lost in a dreamscape of madness
Her disembodied eyes follow me through this tenebrous labyrinth

[Solo: Davidson]

Awakening in the cell of the asylum
My tale too maddening to ever be believed
Burned in my palm, the black mark of the horned one
A cursed symbol of unworldly origin

2. That Which Consumes All Things

It fell from the heavens and brought with it blight
Contaminating the soil, feeding on fauna and flora alike
But this glowing meteorite was but a harbinger for something worse
For within was a womb of pure chaos that gave birth to the curse

Withering on the vine
Flourishing with decay

The corruption spreads across the lands
Black roots writhe in the earth below
A graying harvest falls to waste
Unhallowed radiance gleams from sickened oak

Suffocated by maddening vapors
Gestating in underground chambers
Formless, a monstrous constellation
That which consumes all things into it's toothless maw
Amorphous, ghoulish miasma
Devouring all lifeforms within it's vaporous jaws

[Solo: Davidson]

Churning clouds of chaos
A living maelstrom
Not of this world
Born from the backwards beyond

3. Blood Atonement

Heart of darkness, untouched by the light
No god can forgive these sins
Cleansing ritual, purify
Prepare the sacrifice

Absolution denied
Stains only blood can wash away
A forsaken life
Rid the world of this plague, lower the blade

No, the hangman's noose won't do for you
Your reign of torment ends in bloodshed
With a fall of the axe your death comes to pass
Staining the ground below crimson red

1000 daggers drawn to open your throat
And every drop you bleed will poison the earth below

Rotting beneath the spoiled ground
No mourners to visit my desolate grave
And here I remain, buried in hate

[Solo: Davidson]

4. Fathomless Catacombs

The expedition began at midnight
The torch-lit courtyard deathly still
What lies beneath the befouled cathedral?
Secrets only the dead will tell

A blood moon looming above
As they scale the iron gate
In search of opulence
But only madness awaits

Shattering the stained glass window pane
Three thieves make haste inside the halls
Below the altar lies an entrance to the crypts
Downward they proceed, their avarice will doom them all

Eerie clouds cut across the moon
Like razors through an eye
Descending ancient stairways
In search of where accursed treasures lie
Scouring tenebrous rooms
In frantic pursuit of the luminous tomb
The glow of their torches growing dim
Lost in underground chambers deep within

Faced by a maze of unknown pathways
Cryptic corridors on every side
Trapped within this never ending labyrinth
A foul presence lurks where the shadows hide

I see the light up ahead
The radiant vault is in sight
The thieves shamble onward
Through passages blacker than night

As their smoldering torches burn out
The glimmer ahead fades away
The luminous tomb 'twas
but a cursed mirage
Drawing them deeper and deeper
inside of the maze

[Solo: Davidson]

[Solo: Gargiulo]

Trapped forevermore
In fathomless catacombs
Three forsaken souls
Damned to roam in
darkness eternal

5. The Outer Ones

Seeping through cosmic rifts from realms beyond time
A presence malevolent
Arcane entities, lurking behind the veil
Of our meaningless existence

Within the blackest gulfs
At the center of ultimate madness
Lies the infernal dominion in which they dwell

Formless gods
Overlords of the void
Reigning in chaos eternal

Blasphemous tomes have spoken of unlighted chambers
Where maddening rhythms pulsate endlessly
Can you hear them now? The piping of discordant flutes
Forever shrieking in disharmony

Only fouls dare commune with them
Or to merely speak their forbidden names
For the torment they bring is immeasurable
Ageless horrors perverse and profane

[Solo: Davidson]

6. Vanitas

Searching for meaning, grasping at straws
The unanswered question always remains
Is the grave but a doorway to everlasting life?
Or shall we return to dust from whence we came?

Inverted hourglass
The sifting sands of fate
Haunted by morality
Shackled to its weight

Skeletal hands
Forever ticking on coffin shaped clocks
In realms of infinite death

Grave upon grave
Embracing the void as the light fades away
Bring me eternal rest

Ephemeral pleasures of this earthly domain
Futile is the flesh in this cycle of death and decay

Oh the death-knell tolls for thee
Enshrouded by darkness in dreamless sleep
Crossing the threshold into the land of the deceased
Joined together eternally

Consumed by unrelenting visions of the end
Desiring to be one with the beckoning dead

[Solo: Davidson]

Omnia Vanitas

7. Ex Nihilo


8. Luciferous

Born of the dust
Imbued with freewill
Two souls intertwined

Lured by ophidian tongues
Blaspheming the garden of delight

O, serpent
Bringer of light
Guiding us through the darkness
Let your brilliance shine upon thee
From the depths below

Eat of this fruit forbidden
The promise of enlightenment
You can live as a slave or be rid of those chains
By embracing this serpentine covenant

Banished from this utopia
Heavenly father, what have we done?
Cast out in nakedness, ashamed
Heeding the call of this forked tongue
Let Lucifer's torch lead the way
Steering us onward towards a new dawn
Feel the warmth of Satan's flame
Reveling in his empowerment

Enveloped by wings as black as pitch
Enchanted by the serpent's kiss

[Solo: Davidson]

9. A Starless Darkness

Across fathomless gulfs
Where darkness has devoured all light
Lies a comatose universe
Enveloped in everlasting night

When the celestial candle burns out
And the watchers return to their outer planes
All life will expire
And only the void will remain

[Solo: Gargiulo]

A starless darkness reigns
In this realm of aeon's long death
Extinguishing the cosmic flame
In an ocean of emptiness

[Solo: Davidson]

Nothingness devouring infinity
Unmasking the fabric of reality

Vacuous realm
Forsaken dimension
All matter decays and dissolves away

Frozen macrocosm
Devoid of light
A graveyard of galaxies
Where dead suns are never to shine

[Solo: Davidson]

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