Dark Lyrics


1. Butterfly

I've grown tired of this emptiness
So deeper and deeper I dig into the dark
Searching for tools to patch me up
But the more I find the more I'm torn apart
Constrain it, let the subjects meld
Like a mad disease the newborns divide
All the walls have come crashing down
So ball 'em up and shove 'em back inside
Crack the shell and let the truth emerge
Strain the brain, make it comprehend
Breathe new life into breathless lungs
And spread the word- it's time to rise again
Feel it, can you feel it grow?
Now feel it, does it multiply?
Feel it, change is coming soon
Butterfly, you wanna fly?
Open your arms and let me in
I wanna spread new wings,
I wanna shed this skin
Resurrect and reunite the kin
Wanna spread new wings,
I wanna spread new wings
Butterfly- open your mind, open your eyes
Prepare your senses as the sound excels
The next generation of angst unveiled
And spreads like cancer through these jaded cells
Infect me, let me crash and bleed
I can feel the sickness flowing through my veins
Down my system and attack the seed
Now you can have my pleasure if you'll take my pain
Lifeless eyes, can you see through the plastic?
Life fucking myself when my hands are cold
Dedication's never been the problem
But you say the words and I'm hard as stone
Now I see the clock reverse, don't you know-
The pain gets worst the further back you go
Your own regrets gonna shallow you whole
Now brace yourself, come on, brace yourself
Why don't you open you're arms?
Why don't you let me in?
Give up you're past
And lets start this thing
Jesus Christ, rip yourself form the cross
My patience with you has been my life's greatest loss
I'm tired of praying when nobody cares
Can you hear me now? are you even there?
I can see the surface, I can see the light
And I can see it shining through your eyes tonight
Now I can see the silhouette of seraphim
Now I can see myself spreading my own wings
Now tear off my garments and bury my face
Whatever it takes to get out of this place
Whatever it takes to hide what's inside
Hell, I'd sell my own soul for a piece of the pride
Now open your arms and let me in
Tear away my scars, wash away my sins
Spread them like wings, spread them like wings and fly
My little butterfly I'd like to see you try
Now open your arms and let me in
Come and take my hand
And let's start this thing

2. Perfect World

Your money isn't power so forget the green
Its just feeding the fuel
What makes the world go round?
The same thing that lights the flame to burn it down
Its a capitol brainwash you must have avouch
Call it your purse, more like suicide pouch
Paper ain't a mean to pacify
When your wisdom is in your wallet you can kiss your ass good-bye
Rectify, this living policy is shit
And all its lies got you choking on your own spit
The seam has split, so spit or swallow
But your lead I'll never follow
So you can wallow in your own chaotic world
A puzzle pieced by our imperfections
Close your eyes, seal your lips, walk in fear
Now do you see what I can see? can you hear what I hear?
Your fucking trophies, your sexual treasures Just hide the pain beneath your simple pleasures
Desperate measures for desperate times
Searching for answers it won't let you find
It seeks to bind and then steal tomorrow
Your heart is hallow, your mind is fried
Soul is void, flat-lines will never lie
Despite your actions I will persevere
Now do you see what I see? can you hear what I hear?
Hate, rage, greed, sin
Ripples in the water, wrinkles in the skin
Our own little perfect world
A puzzle pieced by our imperfections
We see no evil, we hear no evil
We're all just victims of a perfect world

3. Permanent (Take A Look Around)

Rape me of my innocence
Amidst these cold and rainy days
There's so much hate beneath this sky
My inspirations all washed away
So tie me down and cut me up
And pour my blood upon the earth
No helpful hands to hold me up
And I could give a fuck for all that it's worth
Breath in, breath out, but take a closer look
Because your life is laced and now you're hooked
The hunter's become the hunted, when it rains, it pours
And instinctive push- you better lock your doors
Take a look around-tell me what you see
It's upside down, skewed permanently
Take a look around- tell me what you find
Just an empty search through a foreign kind
I'm sickened by this odious scent
Gently drifting on the breeze
A wave of lust, turning love to dust
And now we all fall to our knees
So cut me down, and turn me loose
And spill my thoughts upon the page
A hopeless attempt to redefine
Between our skyline and the seventh stage
Tell me what you see?
Tell me what you find?
Tell me what you feel?
Take a look around-line 'em up
It's permanent
So better check ya source
You better lock your doors
And take a closer look
Because the choice is yours
So get on or get off, give up or give in
Get on or get off, take a look around

4. The Phoenix

The phoenix, no longer a myth
So strike a match and watch it burn
Our destination's rigor mortis
Cause nobody listens and nobody learns
And your world rejects my kind
And those words have lost their touch
And this place has lost its mind
So now I wanna burn it up
Humility, is based on trust
But ignorance and arrogance rule the grounds
So ashes to ashes and dust to dust
And now I wanna burn this whole-place-down
Leashed, cuffed, locked and hooked
Blow it down, tear it down, burn it down
Blackmail- come take it to a whole new level
Motherfucker, I can't wait 'till I can watch you drown
And you place our trust in you
Reassure us that we're not to blame
But the tables turn and we're the first to burn
Now I could never look at you the same
So take your word and shove it
Come take your deal and shove it
Just take the lie and shove it
I know what you really are
The school in which we learn
is the fire in which we'll burn
The school in which we learn
Is the fire in which we-will-burn

5. Untied

Once again its on, so bring that shit
Now the war is on against the counterfeit
We got the five man clan to keep the mic in check
But now you're steppin' on my heels with disrespect
You wanna roughneck? well that's what you'll get
Shit I'm back in effect, yo I gotta maintain
Cause I don't need your help, I know my motherfuckin' name
Un-tie-me, who's side are you on anyway?
Bring the hours, bring the pressure
It's all about finding my predecessor
I'm a second guesser, I'm a pessimist
Call me extreme- more like humanist
You wanna get with this, try to sell me clothes?
And then capture my image with the perfect pose
So you can stamp on it, sell it, steal my fate
But I'm the one you don't see coming 'till it's too late
Snappin' photos, dealing green
It's all about living in some other man's dream
Can I handle the truth when the moment comes?
Can I stand the heat under the sun?
Because the sun is bright but not pure like rain
And I long for the back when that was in my veins
And it was all so clear what it was all about
Just make a statement and never sell out un-tied

6. Rise And Blind

A wooden cross, an angels bed
Decked with nails and strewn in red
And empty garden, our dooming fate
Which day by day we tolerate
A ruined world, a gaping hole
And a prayer for god to save our souls
Wake up, rise and shine
Wake up, 'bout fuckin' time
A glimmer of hope is lost in time
Now is it mindless list of thoughtless crime?
Mother's fate in a child's eyes
Now the innocent crumble under burning skies
The mind's gone blind, for those who could see
Now gently swing from the gallowstree
Tack me up and crucify me
Take me up, come on, wake me up
Sin, jealousy, lies, anger
Wanna try to vie go ahead n' spin the chamber
Rise up
Rise and blind

7. Judas

Can't understand? guess I'll paraphrase
And allow this spark the set the mic ablaze
Because all my rage just builds up inside
There's no place to run and no place to hide
Now I gotta revive, gotta resurrect
Because we can't survive without and intellect
Check in retrospect and what's ahead looks bleak
So take away my name and send me up the creek
But don't attempt to repent, you had your chance
Now the mask is on, you're in the blind man's dance
You gave me your word you lying hyprocrite- fuck you
Wake up, wake up, it's your wake up call
Now the imperious leaders of our heavens fall
We gotta drop the ball on the gates below
Because what you reap is what you'll sew
We gotta let them know, gotta make them pay
For it's the hate upon which he'll pray
So I'm breaking away because I've figured you out
So now your number's up but don't count me out
You had your chance, you lost your chance
Now that I see you're in the blind man's dance
You gave me your word you lying hypocrite- fuck you
Gotta learn and practice what you preach
You welcome me with warmful hands
You build me up just to break me down
A tear collects and forms deep within
Now trapped inside I gladly drown
A drop of water is turned to ice
Your satisfaction at my expense
Now at my timely sacrifice
With truth upon my dying breath
Beneath your eyes lie the mind of a hyprocrite
Beneath your mind...judas

8. Flesh And Blood

You used to be someone I could trust
But all of that didn't last to long
I don't know what I can believe anymore
God, where the hell did we go wrong?
Your silence shatters my sense of hope
How could this happen? what did I miss?
My whole world's falling down around me
God, how could desert me at a time like this?
I'm not perfect, nobody's perfect
But what the fuck was I supposed to do?
I'm washing my hands, I'm cleansing my soul
Now all I had will die with you
So bury the good and let that shit rot
Cause if your only question's what's in it for me
Well then you might as well gouge out your own fucking eyes
For there are none so blind as those who will not see
Flesh for food and blood for wine
Because some scars don't heal with time
Because my scars won't heal with time
And all my love was left behind
Flesh for food and blood for wine
But flesh and blood- never divine

9. Feel

Everyday people are preyed upon
Some fight, some fold, others play along
But now it's not another story off the evening news
Not just a statistic the warnings use
Seventeen years and a dose of reality
Two years back seems like yesterday
Raped, tortured, robbed of pride
Innocence lost- torn from inside
So I step aside and let life run its course
A handful of predators driven by a darker force
And there's nothing I could do
I thought I knew you
Feel, come into reason
Feel, come into me
Heal, feel, I wanna make you squeal
It's payback time, though it hurts to repeal
Cause I've tried so hard to make it stop
But it lurks in my dream and lingers in my thoughts
I couldn't talk, they wouldn't respect me
So I told myself that it didn't effect me
But it does, it hurts so much
Now the mask is on- I've grown numb to touch
I want you to hurt like I still do
You've taken so much that you can't replace
I want the pain to come rolling through
I want to see it rolling down your face
I want you to hurt...like me
Because time can only heal so much
I want you to feel it you motherfucker
I want you to feel it you fucking pig
I want you to feel what I felt
I want you to- feel

10. Aftertaste

These bare walls hold a familiar theme
In this my home and happy hell
The pain I've seen within this empty dream
Locked and barred inside myself
Caged and leashed and smothered in fear
So round and round the chamber spins
You can sink or swim in a sea of fears
But the walls keep closing in
In the aftertaste
No where to run and no where to hide
Disobey and it's the back of the fist
Raped and tortured from the inside
With my dignity lost in every hit
Had to be something, I just had to be someone
But I'm overcome by my own self-doubt
Now where's my freedom, where's my life
Where's my god, where's my way out?
In the aftertaste
It's so dark inside- I can't breath inside
I can't move inside- now fade away

11. Splitt (Comin' Out Swingin')

[featuring b real]

yo, we about to twist this shit up right here
(as we cross over into a new millennium)
it might be to strong for some
so I suggest you motherfuckers
buckle the fuck up
(see what I`m saying?) - where you gonna hide?
rags to rags, how does stone turn to static?
its tragic, drop em` like a bad force of habit
not dramatic traumatic - got me turning in my sleep
pencil pushin` putos, motherfuck critiques
no defeat, compete, never sleep n` never will
and just like "the real," I`ve entered my time to kill
climbing in the ring, I`m gonna wear away my doubt
cause if I dug my own grave then I can dig myself out
come on, come on
check it - check it - check it
takers, fakers, barrel bottom scrapers
separating family from those phony money makers
papers, stuffed rolled and laced with a lesson
vapors graced so aftertaste is faced with a confession
end of session blessin` first impressions stessin` thinking twice
and blaming my aggressions on some other world`s advice
so slice, split, splice and pay the price that it brings
but I can stand on my own, I don`t need your strings
I`m not fuckin` splitt
I`m comin` out swingin`, so heads be spinning
bring on the soup to keep the ear drums ringing
I`m comin` out swingin`, with ties unstringing
splitting up the frame for a whole new beginning
I`m comin` out swingin`
I`ve told too many lies, built too many walls
broken too many hearts, shed too many tears
burned too many bridges, taken too many falls
buried too many friends, I`ve buried too many fears
shits pumpin`, body`s are jumpin`
waiting for something or somebody
up in the party to get the head bumpin`
split it up, hit it up-but get it up
while I set it up, causing confusion, we wet it up
from the drum tracks, guitars strum and high strung
and fine tuned- the time is soon so let it hum
from the power lung, the hour come to make it happen
over the bother some bitches who wanna jack it up
track it up, pick it up, you better stick it up
dope shit all over the table, you gotta lick it up
I`m comin` out swingin`
I`m comin` out swingin`
I`m comin` out- I`m comin` out.
motherfucker... ha,ha,ha
family feuds and family ties
now you can sew`em shut but I see through your eyes
through the surface and through the lies
and through your ability to hypnotize
now my road has spit and I can see no ends
I`ve got angels wings mixed with plastic friends
I got two paths to choose and I can`t decide
too little, too late, two worlds divide
and our worlds divide
so better choose your side
split - and our worlds divide

12. Dark Horizons

i`ve lost my footing
i`m hanging on by the brink
i`m stranded in a sea of hope
with not a drop to drink
so i stand alone when i think
because conformity can`t be the solution
because some scars never heal
and now my dreams lay in silent ruins
there`s blood on the horizon
and still not a word spoken
i`ve lost my footing
i`m hanging on by a very thin thread
now the shadow falls as the reaper calls
and the dark comes rolling in over head
somthing wicked this way comes
and still not a fucking word spoken
strike me down
release my hand
just let me fall
i`ll never understand
i`m not living up to their expectations
i`m not living up to their dreams of success
they say i`m not living up to a simple standard
they say i`m not living up to the skill i possess
i think i was born without a soul (pray for me)
i think i was born without a voice (cry for me)
i think i was born without a pulse (love for me)
god, why was i born without a choice? (die for me)
and not a word, not a word is spoken
not a word is spoken - that`s why i`m broken
not a word, not a word is spoken
and still not a fucking word...
i`ll never understand
i`ll never understand you

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