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1. Agenda

Lord of you and all
A million miles away
I'm the keeper of waste
To the drought of your past

Here lies the dust of you before
From the ashes of your stand
An illusion of souls now scarred
A place for all to find

Fumes of tellus tomb
Guide my path
Shivering is the presence
Of the smell of eternal grace

My black trophy fields
Home of no spoken words
Here calm and stillness besets
In the resting place for every last ape

A beautiful remembrance
To the cursed given gift
And the grandest of tributes
To life's insignificance

Lord of you and all
A million miles away
I'm the keeper of waste
To the drought of your past

This slop leads there
To what you once were
Sealed to silence now
This is the sight for gods

2. Ashlands

I belong nowhere and to no one but this
Come to me, my cold escape, my everlasting
A work towards a past so near
Where ties are torn and time is the enemy

I've torn off the heads of clinging ailments
I've forced away all signs of illness

I build the ruins of your tomorrow
Icon of stone in the face of agony
Sorrow's source follows a scent of misery
Angst cloud's cut sweeps down and plows my path

At last the tides have come...

Release the mighty floods
Let them all wash over me
See beyond my sins through their eyes
Let them be drawn and undone

Heckled, ridiculed, detested, abused
Cursed, isolated, tormented, possessed

Before's embodied and now is dead
At my side it always stands
The key companion for one vicinity
Truth's vision is always too clear

Chained, sentenced, punished, banished
Released, consumed, enlightened, crowned

Without heart, without soul, we walk
Road of ash is paved for me forever
For forever is mine and mine to travel

3. Blackline Sundown

The brick wall comes thrown at me
As I hit my face already covered in blood
Phosphor sinuses filled now aching

Misty brazen come and goes
When morning is here to mock
Those spots between the trees
Act as temporary shades
To the waves of an irking bye

A needle's eager sting catches up
To carve holes in a perpetual motion

Tar bird's wake greets unexpectedly
I grow wings as tall as towers
My sight elevates and my skin hardens
Fingers morph into giant claws
Breathing burning tires

Misty brazen come and goes
When morning is here to mock
Those spots between the trees
Act as temporary shades
To the waves of an irking bye

I roam retreating streets now red
My flight takes a halt in a wire's bed
And out of the blind she's timed it right - again
Dawn is here at last mark this succulent occasion

4. A Study In Patterns And Habits


5. The Chase

The inherent plague of a place you don't know
A built in dynamic ground that constantly moves
Has evolved through a series of events from far before
Culmination stands as the threshold to see its light

The origin of a once tainted pool
Has cleared the way for another
A cycle pushed to a new natural order
Wisdom now serving its purpose

Time and time again until the passing day
Sands, made separated just to be joined
Spores spreading in the same repetitive manner
Landing the very same purpose

Come knowledge and the faintest of weeds will grow
And the long dead hollow trees begin to bear fruit
Spokes created to fit several needs
Yet there's only a single wheel for many

For one will many others wills shall gather
Its face will always carry the mark of the penitent
Bearing a complexion presented in pale
Conducting the laws of hood

This foundation stands below one throne
So lift your idols high, high for him to see
And prove your worth collective, give birth
To the growing core of cowardice

A passive cause has always served the extinct
Living life is not meant to be a compulsion
Drop your pity and fucking roses for dead
The blaze of wrath will always do the talking

For one will many others wills shall gather
Its face will always carry the mark of the penitent

Innate of the black leech is here
When welcoming the second wave...

In lush darkness he moves before you
Like the pioneers had done before him
He uncovers the piece that was unknown
And carves the final symbol into the stone

6. Serenade

Notes compile into this inside serenade
Enticement's spell is here again
Centered self in a single voice
Deafening false outer harmony

When sway surroundings cave in on you
And the flies rape the pile of dung
Then she will be there and never alone
The corrective constant, she's yours in all

When we're at the altar steps
That's when I'll ask her for her hand
Her kiss forms the venomous horns
As the abyss laws reek in the open

The order made the beast grow
Now worth a mere whisper alone

The locks are there to keep the other melodies away
And her holding one key for a number
Lured before the feat of all feats
What a way for her to challenge fate

As we're standing at the altar steps
That's when I ask her for her cold hand

Gentle force, an affectionate touch, is all it takes
Smiling I see her horrid, surprised face
As she takes the beautiful dance of tumble to fall
Now watching me, staring, silently screaming
She slowly takes her leave, vanishing past the edge

7. Rust Retinal Vein

Quiet lies the soil of dawn's wake
The fields await it still, dead-like, frozen
Gray dim shades slowly flow by hidden
Like a veils umbra they stir beyond notice

The transition has begun
Only a warrior's blessing will do
The ritual's outcome depends on it
Affecting all who strive to see the heavens

From nowhere they appear into the open
Visible at once to the vulture's sight
Force jargon adaption, lined up to oblivion
Tied to one fate and one fate alone

As the air thickens they come alive
Another cane placed in the sand
Sinking as it's eaten to immersion
Wood turned into liquid gold

The polygon of strivers take form in the far distance
Nothing but the turn of squealing wheels is perceived
This one has seen through the worst of hailstorms and fires
Still it keeps forming trails everywhere it turns

The carriage is moving the load of the lost
From the several that have heard it rumble
Sickness has left its soul mark upon those
Who've come too close or crossed its path

Long have they traveled yet they've only covered the harder ground
Numbers have been put to past, and there are many more to forget
Onward the carriage rolls just to see a meaningless journey's end

The rise of the seven suns
Spawn the beams in stale sot
Scraping the remains from the virgin skull
There is nothing emptiness can't fill

8. Coal Mirror

Behold the fog's disgust in the coal mirror's taint
Blood crowned and autonomous...
It naturally blends into the damp interior
Around it the ceiling pans in a crawl of flash
In motion of ember forcing the moist's retreat

Roots are buried deep into a soil well familiar
With the dry vines coming from a far away source
A strength now turned, diverted since time began

Bury me alive! Smoked coal fire lung

Behind the mound a naked shell surrounds the eye
Blood crowned and autonomous...

A virgin undressed, stripped of its stained cloth
Owned by the wind and hauled at first sight
Aimlessly floating on uncharted waters
With one lonely port to reach

Aversion's eye works the mine and cries razor's rust
Swallow the sound! A ripped tar pulse runs inside
The beating cracks even elude the prophets
Nothing will stand this now! The taunts cover the leaking hull!

Blood crowned and autonomous...
Damaged since it first made birth still wishing for a cove
Now going for the waves to tuck her to bed
This whore was built to rot - a lady cut to drown

9. When Your Words Are Obsolete

The dry weed's tumble causes worry
It carries a matter that raises brows
In times like these it'll silence all wonders
All will seek out the hayman's banner

Here they gather from all far corners
The past has placed them there
From dark silhouettes it treads to light
The cattle builds a silent awe

The minion leader speaks
The words touch out to all tongues
Its cords bleed the entire farm
It even feeds the deaf

The message reaches most
Inside the outline a different note is forming
A few years are put to rest
The bigger herd grows weary

The echoes, still present in the fields
The words touched out to all tongues
Leaving a lasting sensation on the walker
They've even fed the deaf

The roaring caught most
Inside the outline a different note has formed
The few years are put to the test
The bigger herd grows in numbers

The hinges break and the lid blows wide open
Before the air catches its breath diffusion
Riders of red are freed to devour
The earth shakes and the barns are lit
Shepherd's ranch is sent to hell

10. Leave Me


Pata ‒ Drums
Talon ‒ Vocals
Nefastus ‒ Guitars

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