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1. Disembodied

In the beginning of time, there was darkness.
While I lay resting in my mothers womb, I soon became apart of the light world.
Young in body, evil at heart. With little of around, I've became aware of death.
I should have been executed early in life for the crimes my mind commits daily.

Minds die
Dreams denied
Religion's disembody
No way out
Your dreams immortalized
Seal your fate with me
Pray for death
It's time to die
My eyes burn in fear
So cold
What am I doing heree
Is this a dream or will insanity try to destroy my mind?
They drain my life
They yearn for my knowledge
Now it's my turn to die
Minds die
Dreams denied
Freaks sirvive
Religion's disembody

2. Rage Within

I rest in my home, eating human waste
and drinking the yearn of my dog.
I feel insane when i do this, but I like it!

I defy indecision
I'll deny your religion
Changing form, incantation
Rage within, mutilation
Return to Hell
Lies in the mind
Crimes of manjind
Denial freed from sin
Rejoice within
Lives pass through time
You lose your mind
Rotting out
Return to Hell

3. Embalmed Existance

I'm only a numbering in that respect, You are no different than I.
Remember: To survive means every man for himself.

You walk alone, lost in the world
My mind's at ease, your's dead in birth
My demons rise, from depths of old
They wait to ride on your defeat
Evangelistic torture,
Sinners reclaiming their faith into you
In time you'll burn in evil,
Your cold heart torment, torn and abused
Your pain becomes my pleasure
As I lie gaining my power and youth
I'll strike you down with vengeance
Darkness will rise and destroy what is true
Call to your father in vain
I will then rise and destroy
God has fgorsaken his son
Demons will rise and devour... embalmed existance
My time has come, please walk with me
I'll head you through eternity
Turn on me and you will die
For I am here, I am alive

4. Smell Of Blood

Some of us become surgeons
and cut flesh to heal the human carcass back to life.

God stands before me
Thorns crown his head
Sinners have witness
Profit will soon to be dead
Crying out god's abandoned son
Stands alone to miss the rising sun
Son of god dies without sins
Reach out, lost call for Hell
Torn flesh see your lord now
Satan yearns the smell of blood
Blood, blood fills the ground
God dies, Satan rules the land
Sinner yearns the smell of blood

5. Torture Chamber

How can I survive!
Evil speaks to me every waking day!
Realising the monster that I've grown.
I summongly promise to leave evil alone!

Torture chamber, test your wil to live
Die by nature, this time you must give
Take my hand, feel my pain
Torchure chamber, kils again
Your empty soul, fate of time
Torture chamber will survive
Your time has come, you wait for the dawn
You've sealed your fate, defied by human face
Torment, the cry of death
You stand alone, there's nothing left
Your world, is torn apart
Your sordid luife reaches out
Sorrow deastroy the mind
Mourn the sins, feel the cries
Denial, immortal sin
Your mortal heart, explodes within

6. Eyes Of Blind

You can swindle on your mother just for a buck.
You can turn into something vile and corrupt.

Eyes, now have awaken
See thre pain the world has taken
Life, cities run rampid
Children born no hope fore existance
You think, your life's everlasting
Pray, you find the truth
This wretched world will kill you to
Eyes, view like blind
No one cares, of lies despair
Mind, closed so tight
Not wawre, of lies despair
Born through hatred, world's in chaos
Show no mercy, global warfare
Take no prisoners, save your life
Run for cover, can you survive
The pain, you feel in your heart
This world, will tear you apart
Blood, that runs through your veins
Will boil, from all of the rage
Your children, running in fear
Killing thre paople, you hold so dear
Close your eyes, close you mind
Show no mercy, or die
paople are the future,
Paople set us free,
P{aople lock the chains on us,
Bring us to our knees
paople are firgiving
King and so dawn pure
Paople are disease in life,
That pray upon your soul
Paople will awake to find,
the weorld left in their hands
Soon they are no paople, understand
Life's in the mind
Close your eyes it will pass you by
Life's in the heart
Feeblre mind get you nowhere
Dark, cold, morbid, life.

7. Test Of Fate

I watch the decaned bodies in minds of the old die slowly.
And i wonder what evil did they inflict on others they once knew.

Black as coal your heart
Dies and rips apart
Kill yourself, your mind
All in vain, mankind
Die, rise, shatter.
Existence denied, test of fate
Take my life, I'd rather die
To live again, free from sin
Stick a knife into my heart
Sacrifice, my new life starts
Burden of evil - lies within the mind
Sorrow, a test of fate

8. Pure Be Damned

Immortal life, internal damnation
Rise and reclain you soul
I am your saviour, worship me or doe
Feel immortality, rise
Born in torment, mortal suicide
life of Hell, pray to die
Total darkness, human terror,
Cry of evil, lies
Violent nature, life shattered,
Body changing, fall of time,
Pressure sorrow, mind is aftered,
Mortal suicide, pure be damned
Torrid life, eternal damnation
Rise and reclaim your soul
Born in torment, mortal suicide
Life of Hell, denied
Totel darkness, human terror
Cry of evil, pure be damned
The world is dead, cities die
Feel the fear, through the hands
Of time
Human terror

9. War Machine

[Originally performed by Kiss]

Some came Satan's prositute.
Raping themselves raping daily by doing his bidding.

Wanna bite the hand that feeds me, wanna turn the tides
Set the demons free and watch 'em fly
Strike down the one who leads me, I'm gonna take his place
Gonna vindicate the human race

Better watch out 'cause I'm a war machine
Better watch out 'cause I'm a war machine

Take the reins of power and seize them, draw the battle lines
Armageddon's just a matter of time
Tear down the voice of reason, let the arrows fly
Your freedom's just a state of mind, yeah

Better watch out 'cause I'm a war machine
You better watch out 'cause I'm a war machine

Kill the children
Save the children
We are all children

What is there to do
Money can buy death for pleasure

What did you want to do?

1993 Nuclear Blast

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