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1. Legion

I smell the fear of death lingering in the air tonight
a world we once called home now infected by parasites
we march forward to our mortality one by one

beware the trumpet sounds
this plague has been unleashed upon this bloodshed town
you face extermination, so we prepare for war
if we don't save ourselves we'll perish in the storm

I, I fight for glory
marching the desolate wastelands of earth
I, I fight for grievance
like wolves we hunger for the flesh of mankind

nowhere to run
your demise has begun
the prophets warned that this day would come
where the sky will fall in flames and the demon grows in lust
all things that breath will turn to dust

I've become an abomination
craving the blood of the mutilated
consumed by greed, and I'm fuelled by hatred
I'll take the fate of an entire nation

so save yourself
the prophets warned that this day would come

I smell the fear of death lingering in the air tonight
the dark, the cold, the hollow souls of the darkest lords are bleeding humanity dry

such a desolate wasteland
where the angels reduced to a fiend
a perfect setting for an apocalyptic scene

and I the tyrant would descend upon the earth
to burn the kingdom and release the truth

2. Pledge Of Aversion

I pledge allegiance to a broken society
we have all been betrayed
there is no justice in this world
fuck democracy
liberty has been slayed

I hold this malice in my heart
like a plague it flows through my veins
we are a living monument to the governments malformation

herded and brainwashed
enslaved and deceived
this is our time for revenge
ascension unto the throne
of remorseful tenement
catacombs filled with shards of those who have fallen
regrets a regiment

constrict the notion of free will
you've regressed past that point
where you accept what fate condemns as sovereign
no choice

I pledge allegiance to defile modern monarchs
denounce the throne
set the establishment in flames
our leaders call upon their
self created global fear
to justify a means for violence
justify a means for war

we share the same blood
we share the same flesh
yet they forsake us for a few fucking cents

3. Extermination

I sent down a curse through the generations
to rid the earth of all creation
descendants of the throne will march unto their own god sent perdition

there us no time to hide
salvation is unanswered
condemned to the afterlife
by the antichrist
this is the extermination

I possess the power to destroy all that you know
the most malignant beasts envy the vehemence that I hold
a ruthless tyrant abomination of god
the blood of humankind is on my hands and I have no remorse

ill drain the life from the scum

come at me with everything that you have
ill be the last one you live to forget
no pity for anything that I've done
you prey for mercy but I will never stop

ill drain the life from the scum
the life from the scum

the darkest hour is upon humankind
for I am the creature that hunts at night
enticed by the stench of flesh
and the fear in your eyes

repent for your soul
cry out for the saviour
bow down to me and face your final hour

I will rid the earth of you

4. Impending Infiltration

spawned from the blackest abyss
a realm that is not of this earth
exist a species consumed with avarice and power
and a motive to enslave mankind

with haste they approach us; earthbound
infinite craving for our souls
a harvest of earth is their objective
impending planetary infiltration is upon us all

we face an ultimatum
unite and fight
or face obliteration
we hold the fate of our species

an Invasion is imminent
the stars have aligned
vicious, vile, hateful beings
starving to drink our blood

we face an ultimatum
Unite and fight
or face obliteration
We hold the fate of our species
And bear the bloodline
Forever doomed to walk the earth alone

5. Resurrect The Reaper

Forever I walk this darkened, wretched path, to create my own false reality,
Consider me gone, banished from society no more than four years ago, and I regret nothing.

For they are the brainwashed succumbed to be self loathing slaves, they're ignorant to ideals
I speak of, I teach of, I preach of, I live by, an eternity of torment could never entice me to trade.

The years I've forsaken them, a miserable, inhuman race
I refuse to be like one of them, like one of you, the comatose, the mass produced, the lost souls marching in unison to their graves.

Fuck the idea of fate, its pathetic,
I'll create my own destiny, I'll never stop until I achieve global domination.

A lost creation

Resurrect the reaper, clear these fucking clones, bare witness to the bloodshed brewing in my bones,
I'll mutilate machines, slit their fucking throats, society is doomed

Eradicate entity, send them all to hell, feel the fucking force that you have let prevail, I am now your prophet, I am now your god

I will ensure the downfall of the world,
Speak these words unspoken,
Such an ugly reality, this existence is false

I hold the key to salvation,
To reality, a lost creation
This false existence crushing down on me

I hold the key to salvation
I speak these words, unspoken
A lost creation, ensuring the downfall of the world.

A lost creation, speak these words unspoken, a lost creation, I will ensure the downfall of the world

6. Sermon Of The Damned

welcome to the sermon of the damned
we bear false witness to the powers at hand
where the vicar spews heresy like venom
its all an illusion- there's no ascent into heaven

we'll lead you in circles
like lamb to the slaughter
molesting your mind with lies
a ruthless ruler
a tyrant of time
who will bring down his wrath
upon all of mankind

the consequence of neglecting our words
neglecting our lies
speaking in tongues
we preach blasphemy
conform or face eternal suffering

inject them with lies
fill them with fear
liberty is not welcome here

the time has come
to abolish free will
corrupting your mind
with the power to instil repugnance

we have the
I have the
we have the
worst intentions

religion can never reform mankind
because religion is slavery

7. Warbound

we are the nation of outcasts
crying out for vengeance
when the clock strikes 12
we strike first; war bound
it's about time that they feel our wrath

we the people possess the power
to dictate the course of our history
the supremacy deemed powerless
as citizens abandon orthodoxy

citizens of humankind unite
together we will prevail
this is not a protest
this is a fucking guarantee
it will end for us with victory

open your eyes
this is not an attempt to reform
when the clock strikes 12
a new chapter is born


this is a metamorphosis
a new age of liberty
we are the rebellion
set to overthrow the dynasty
we are the generation
to bring upon the change
we are the insurrection
this is the dawn of a new supremacy

8. Sovereignty

how long will they reign supreme
unhallowed rulers of society
faceless fiends
leading us blindly into slavery

meticulously manipulating modern man
like drones we march
dehumanised at the wave of a hand

for how long will we be dictated by this monopoly, this hypocrisy?
for how long will we be living in oblivion?
how does it feel to know that we will never know the truth?

a systematic suppression
particularly plotted to ensure that we live in oppression
that we obey
that we conform
malcontent life of default
fuck that I say that we fight

revolt, remove the shackles that keep us in the shadows
this is a counter-revolution
free those consumed in gallows

revolt, remove the shackles that keep us in the shadows
our extinction is inevitable
until we control the factions

how long will they reign
you live a life of a lie
if you conceal all this horror
and just let it go by

distracted by whats portrayed
as normality is in fact
morality defamed

for how long will we be dictated by this monopoly, this hypocrisy?
meticulously manipulating modern man
for how long will we be living in oblivion? for how long will we wait?
like drones we march
dehumanised at the wave of a hand

how does it feel to know that we will never know the truth?
how does it feel to know that we have been betrayed?

9. A Plague Reborn

repugnant presence concealed within our immortal monarch
inherit to the throne built of the loathsome truth that we all harbor

our breed will manifest the means to abort any plans of wealth
destructive minds combine to separate us from our own selves

dispose of those
who are entitled to
any means created by man
masquerader with intent to defile our fate

we will ensure your end is a heinous act
witnessed by the insurrectionists who contend

compassion has no place in this realm
bereavement litters every street
with precedented perception of this world

agonizing sights repel the hope of a new dawn
from the blood of men who've fallen a messianic plague, reborn

undignified promises projected from a past we once called home
reminiscent of a time where the power had a soul

the reality of the un-constituted warfare
spawns from that of hate

how long will it take to conquer
our fear of our own termination?
manipulating everything in our power to overcome
synthetic entities conflict with those who demand freedom

a plague reborn

Mitch Fairall – Bass
Timmy Aaron – Guitars
Rhys Giles – Vocals
Conor Ward – Drums

Thanks to SFLK_Bobby for sending these lyrics.
Thanks to hefbe666 for sending track #5 lyrics.

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