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1. Sharpening The Sword

Sink or swim, abandon is closing in.
The bottom is a lonely place for fatherless children.
Not a day goes by I don't think of you.
Beloved pale horse.
Breathing down my neck, It's inevitable.
Not time for love, no time for pain.
We won't get through this together.
Things are going to get worse before they get better.
Never said "not a day goes by I don't think of you, son."
Trudging forward when everyone else has run.
Dragged through the mud.
This won't be my swan song.
No time for love.
This won't be my swan song.
Suffer, survive.
This won't be my swan song.
This won't be my swan song.

2. Monkey Suit

Punch the clock of my forty hour suicide.
These four walls torment me slowly.
Blinding me insane, sterile white.
Green eyed, white devil.
I'd spit in your face if you'd come to my level.
Unappreciative piece of shit, begging to be the next sucker.
Every day I'm hustling.
A suit dressed with a shit eating grin.
Smiles with a forked tongue, belly exploding.
This monkey suit will never define me.
I'm taking everything.
Nothing is safe in my eyes.
I've been to your house.
I know your secrets.
See you in hell.
Two weeks.
Burn motherfucker.

3. Electroligion

Modern minds.
Modernize methods of life pacified.
So comatose, comforted so bright but barely alive.
Feed it into my veins to keep us all so sedated.
Help me improve me.
Turn my sweat into technology.
Kneel down to your material God's.
Crucified circuitry and the need to concede.
I'm so lost.
Lord, keep my numb.
I'm on my knees begging you for a new fix.
Lord, I'll sell you my soul.
Tie it off, shoot it, tomorrow I'll kick.
Feed it into my veins to keep us all so elated.
Help me improve me.
Turn my blood into technology.
Kneel down to your material God's.
Crucified circuitry and the need to concede.
I'm so lost.
Fuck time, I'll piss it all away.
I'm so lost.
Keep me distracted from the horror.
Help me improve me.
Turn my tears into technology.
Keep me warm.

4. Glass Ceiling Serenade

I refuse to apologize for a lack of sympathy.
Your world is burning but you gladly warm your hands in the flames.
The facts are driven into your eyes.
You've seen first hand how this ends.
The damage done.
On your knees to be prey.
There is no discipline.
There is no self control.
You'll soon know misery and it isn’t dying alone.
Drink yourself stupid just to pacify the rage.
The poison in your glass.
Or the victims slaughtered and served on your dinner plate.
Keep the couch company.
Glued to a screen.
Growing fatter and fatter.
Keep spooning your fat face.
The abandoned children of the red white and blue machine.
They left you stupid and hungry but they keep that glass ceiling clean.
Save yourself from this hell you made.
A regimen with no discipline is destined for failure
Your entitlement is sickening.
Blind eye shuts out reason.
You're a hamster on a wheel.
Bury your face in social distraction.
Sip your coffee.
Nothing is happening.
Your God's set you up just to hit the ground.
Time and time again all you have faith in is proven wrong.

5. All Praise The Victims Of The Middle Passage

This godforsaken wasteland built on the backs of "black gold."
Liberated savages, cannibals, heathens, beasts and bastards.
Another white man's lie.
Moral stain remains burned in blood.
Stolen from their families, beaten to submission.
Tortured at sea.
Life shackled to death.
Strip them all of their culture to assimilize.
Piss on their ancient God's to instill Christian lies.
Forbidding education to dehumanize.
Exploit their technologies to imperialize.
Nefarious truth erased from history.
Blood rooted in the land of prosperity.
Original culture terminated.
Mass hysteria.
Bastardized and raped by white amerika.
Hell hath no fury like greed.
Hell hath no fury like salvation.
Jump, jump, jump Jim Crow.
Kneel to the buzzards and bow to the crow.
Smile, smile and away you go.
Every time you wheel about you jump Jim Crow.
Our God absolved of error.
I object in the name of L'ouverture
Our God absolved of error.
I object in the name of Nat Turner.

6. Shit Slinger

Dead set on indoctrination.
A cancer to morality.
Intelligence waning below the bottom.
A glorified cult.
Lead with open arms to the end of the world.
A false authority.
Stories press on from translation to translation.
Your natural world isn’t so natural.
Your self importance is unnerving.
Pray as you will.
Embarrassed to admit that no one is looking out for you.
Everyone has a God for sale.
Model your morals to remain in check.
With out God's eyes watching.
You’d be wild monkeys slinging each others shit.
Your faith means nothing more.
Than justification for believing the impossible.
The greatest enemy you have is yourself.
Dead set on indoctrination.
A cancer to morality.
How much are you willing to sell yourself for?

7. Chasing Ghosts

From one mouth to the other.
We spit through the smiles on our faces.
A regret for every day break.
A body in It's final resting place.
We stay tied to our last words.
Each other through bitter prideful lips.
Our words carry stones.
Colliding bodies sinking in the undertow.
Our jaws shouted the words we never meant to say.
Spite infects the translation.
Slipping through the noose, shouting obscenities.
Damage done is irreversible once we're lowered in the dirt.
Chasing ghosts to the ends of the earth.
Misery is the river of the world.
Everybody row.

8. Excuses & Denials

The filmstrip slows the pace of every mistake.
I wish I could wash these memories off my skin.
I was still never meant to win.
I was still never meant to win.
Unsatisfied with everything.
Once you get a taste It's not enough to sustain.
I need something that I've never had before.
I don't want anymore.
No serenity.
Loyalty to the dead and dying but I lie to myself.
Midnight phone calls and unslept street lights become habitual.
Out of step with myself and out of love with the world.
Nothing is secure and nothing is safe today.
Chasing down my disgrace, nauseated at my blood and face.
Weeping family tree blooms.
Predetermined in the womb.
There was no love here.
There was no love.
The filmstip slows the pace of every mistake.
I wish I could wash these memories off my skin.
Humiliation becomes primitive law.
Doubt remains my only true God.
Chaos lives between her legs.
But it feels like a cold hotel.
I just want my day in the sun.
But this hell on earth is the only promise.

9. (U.S.S.) United Stockholm Syndrome

From the cradle to enslaved.
Selling false hopes.
We're now numbers, not names.
Terror is waiting right outside your door.
Safety is no longer optional.
Security vanquished.
Trapped on this island of prisoners.
Asylum- patrons smiling.
And waving their flags.
A nation that celebrates lethargic rats.
Breeding dependent vermin.
A parasite devoid of free thinking.
A social disease predetermined.
There are no conspiracies found.
Bombs were to ensure the buildings hit ground.
They sold you a reason for war.
Don't question the terrorist behind the white house door.
There is a reason the KKK turned into cops.
Every president deserves to be shot.
Populate prisons, impoverished choke.
Force our own hands to slit our own throats.
Clutch your keepsakes.
Spit hollow rhetoric.
They won't keep their eyes off of you.
Moving target.
Dead man walking.
Home is not here.
It’s only a matter of time before they come for you.
Demon comes shiny new and smiling.
Saying everything you want to hear.
You will know true fear and suffering.

10. Holiday In Siberia

No love can satisfy this selfishness.
No companion can comfort me.
Attachment I detest.
We would love to think we have our shit together.
But you need people and I need results.
Your hell is solitude.
My hell is other people and their intentions.
Humans are fleeting and faulting at most.
Friends are disposable.
Acquaintances are as good as ghosts.
You are the means to justify the end.
Disassociate- no attachment ever again.
Rely on nothing/no one.
No one will help you get out alive.
Everyone will watch us fall by the wayside.
Love will only anchor your feet.
Compassion and attachment are left for the weak.
Love will only anchor your feet.
Compassion and attachment we’ll leave for the weak.

11. Jesus Envy

The wolves stare us down.
As if they hold precedence.
Their tongues and their teeth hold human prey as their residents.
Selling faith to the brainless.
An institute born of horseshit but weightless.
Denial isn't faceless.
Your victory is tasteless.
Pages plagiarized word for word.
You're not listening.
Every day I wake up I'm at war with God.
The wolves stare us down.
As if they're respectable.
Their tongues will never lead me home.
A lamb to the slaughtering.
Hold your lord.
Fooled by parables.
A feeble flock of parasites.
It's like you're waiting to die.
Pray to no white Jesus up in the sky.
Burn more.

12. Overseer To Officer

A prisoner in your own skin.
Being born was the only ture sin.
Forcefed a bible.
And treated like a second class citizen.
A system instituted to ensure perpetual opperssion.
Equal rights have always been a selective fabrication.
Neutralize any threat to establishment.
Jim Crow may be dead but his Big Brother has never been more apparent.
A warzone they created with corrupt pigs.
Harassment and violence.
Assassination of JFK, Black Panthers and Malcolm X.
Four hundred year old lie.
Forced to accept this plight.
Crowded into poverty stricken conditions of living.
A concrete jungle with no escaping.
A race shut out of options.
No jobs.
No school.
No chance of advancing.
Imminet suicide.
Malt liquor riot.
CIA pushing the crack in.
We're run out of martyrs.
Amerika keeps gunning them down.
A single parent.
A trump charge prison.
No escape from this dead town.
This hell is home.

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