Dark Lyrics


1. To The Girl I Loved For An Hour

so deserving
pieces of you
this is easier than i thought
she looks so good in red
though she bathes in sin
she looks so good in red
to the one that once loved

2. A Clearer Sky

weights bear down pulling me under
i look around
shadows are staring at me laughing at me
letting me know where i stand
air is taken away from my lungs
from emotions that form quite slow
and the pit of darkness consumens my every way
im scared but trembling keeps me sane
where along the path did i take so many wrong turns
how did i end up face down crying letting pillows catch my tears?
how did i even build up a tolderance to deal with this?
depression is something i dont miss
can i keep from falling into deeper parts of this hell on earth
exposing my true colors to the world withering from these wrists
now the air has gone cold and lifeless
someone had put thier hand on my head
the sensation i'm feeling is real
cant explain the new way that i feel
so refreshed i could conqure the world
pack my bags cause i'm through with with this girl
show me heaven im through with this hell
and to think i would die for no reason at all
stressing because of you
now im leaving good-bye
the grey sky has gone blue
this time i'll remain true...to myself
for the longest time i was lost willing to kill the pain at any cost
pushing me relentlessly to the edge of it all
now my feet are touching the ground
the doors have opened wider and i can see you at a distance
you're weeping [x2]
i cant see you
i guess i could care
ask you whats wrong
but i wont
ill let you wither in your place from the look on your face...you seee a clearer sky
cause we're through with all of this
ive had enough , enough of you
ive had enough of this
tearing down these walls that block my progression
this poison we brew called love
broken hearts - broken neck

3. Feathers Made Of Heaven

eyes like an angel
blood runs like a whore
you put your hands on my chest to push yourslef
oh so higher never looking back on the holes you left
no matter how many big words that you use
i have something for you
under my bed and i'm playing our song
its not enough to feel you from the inside
i want to see it
the halo on your head was held on by horns
you'll never see me comming
now you might as well do it yourslef
you've tried before a thousand times
im sure you could try just once for me, will you please?
i know you're scared and you should be
kind of like the words you said
the night you decided you were too good for me
in a world where friends means enemies
and love means murder
your last breath will fog my knife
you told me everything but the truth
but why should you change for me or anyone
they know the likes that come from that gap
what i wouldn't do to taste your blood

4. Big Jim's Mistake

lie awake
things will be better the moment you cant wake up
by the way
when did you realize we're better off without you
you'r lying tongue cant spit filth now
my how the weather changes
hiding your knives behind your back
to strategically place them in mine
when you get home...we are now severed
the glass has been broken for the last time
pulling your tongue til it rips from your face
you've always been ugly but not as nauseating as you look now
i hope you slit your fucking wrists to save me the effort of writing your suicide note
your inspiration world of lies
i see your failure in my eyes
tears burn an open wound
burn away the memories of you
tip toeing to avoid your selfish sob story
after everything we've been through
we've got to crawl...crawl back on our knees
you left with everything you ever wanted
you left us and now you get two thumbs up
you're gettin two thumbs up
you get an F for effort
no more sunday migraines
your eyes will forever sulk with all you've burned down
you think your're so cool now
cause she left you now
and left you crying to yourslef
and i cant help but laugh because you brought this on yourself again
in this clip theres 13 ways to say your're sorry
well there's nothing you can say to repair all the damage you have made
all in all you'll never follow through with it
won't you share your revelations
your're ugly and no one likes you

5. Alison's Song

I'd love to drown you in a sea of your own blood
kisses to me and watch you choke on it
how many songs do you wish to be written about you?
this isn't the first and it wont be the last baby
how well you fake a smile and some tears to match
you wanted everything and more
everything is ruined
when i have you again
your're mouth gets sewn up forever
i'll never let you go
Mrs. hardcore fashion show
kiss your drama queen days good-bye
those days are so long gone and this day so are you
this is the last night your neck is not serrated
this charade is getting older than suicide attempts
say you love me
say you love me and write it in your blood
and you know what
say it again
se how fast your chest collapses
we are all the lucky ones
and i'll decorate myself with your insides
and i can wear your face as a mask
dont cry
you just got what you wanted
how cool you look now
how much better would you look with your heart lodged
inside the brand new cut in your throat
your body is as blue as your hair

6. Meadows

i pictured a place that is and always will be heaven
to the eyes ears nose and mouth
but most of all my dying heart can soothe and regain its love and affection for all
but especially you
there's a special place knowing no end
to me myslef and whatever i become
this thing inside that ticks away
ticks slower with each comming day
but this place reminds me i am loved but not wanted here
eyes sulk with the burden of never-ending tears
i am loved but not wanted here
pain is only the beggining which binds us all together
the meadows somewhere will appear and everything will be all right
will be all right
i am loved but not wanted here
eyes sulk with the burden of never-ending tears
this place reminds me
it reminds me there's a special place knowing no end
to me myslef and whatever i become
this thing inside that ticks away
ticks away slower with each comming day
this place reminds i am loved but not wanted here
eyes sulk with the burden of never-ending tears
i am loved but not wanted here
you are not loved or wanted here

7. Blue

bat your eyes 1000 times
ive dreamed of touching your face
i never thought it could be this good
ill never forget you
not in a million years
something about how good you look underwater
like the dream ive had
since you looked the other way
but now you can only look up cant you?
my angel
you look so scared
a few more bubbles
a little more effort
and you'll be home
its only water i promise
so you think they'll miss you
say how they once touched your hair
besides to brush the mud out
how beautiful you are
atleaste till they find you
you'll always remember my wavy face
and ill always remember that lovely shade of blue you wore that night
that tag on your toe says " I love you "
I loved you
something about how good you look
under the water

8. The Moment You've Realized You Are Nothing To Everyone

and i can still smell you on my sheet
and now i know what it feels like to be crushed
and now i know what it feels like to be a novelty
and now i know what it feels like to be drowned
by someone you love
its all over but im still choking on the lies [x2]
how can we go on living line after line
i can only stich myself up so many times
how can all this have happened in less than a day
then again it wouldnt have been the first time you threw us all away
i've waited so long for someone like you
to fill my days with ruin
every smile is a painful reminder
of how i let you continue
all the tears in the world could never stop
all the heartbreaking wreckage
you did that
i love that i cant get enough but i'd be lying if i said that i didn't expect it
you've past me twice but our eyes haven't met again
you turned my world into remnants of blood in my sink
will you pick up the pieces again?
or let them fall to ashes in yor pretty hands again
you walk all over me
it's all over but im still choking on the lies
you walk all over me
the pain ensues
knives can only go so deep
you have penetrated the hardest heart
and now i cant help but to return the favor

9. Heartless

to swallow my pridewould be too easy
but i need your magnifying glass heart to find the ounce of respect i once had for myself
after turning my days and nights to ruin
i should cut your throat like the rope that tied my hands
well whose hands are tied up now
whose hands
knowing your breathing
everyting we had then
the very thought of you
makes me want to cut my fucking throat
die forever
ill never step out of this room til the sun goes down for the last time
i cant look into your beautiful eyes again
i thik i'll stay where the movies are bad and the endings are long and drown you out
your face cuts so easily
too late to take back the heartless words you said to me
things that brought us together now tearing us apart
i'm removing the life from you which you so call a heart
i wait anticipating the moment you choke on every word

10. Rape Killing Jesus

I will never sleep again until i rest in pieces
i place the blame solely on your hands
for no reason or a purpose
i'm plagued with endless callousness
just one sacrifice can't justify the raping of my life
you've cut my wrists
you've done the dirty work for me
you've taken it all
you've taken everything
my tears have burned cleen
dry and sear holes in my flesh
i want to leave this place
i have nothing left
cut my throat one thousand times
to be with her once more
when all was said and done
you killed two birds with one stone
no omore perfect memories
no more fucking tears
no more memories
my own tears will be thoughts of you and your perfection
the sound of her voice is comfort to my ears
i've got one bullet and the barrel aimed at your heart
i'm killing you like you've killed me
cut my throat one thousand times
empty salt through your hands
to make you feel like me
my last wish
to see your dead fucking body

11. Late Night Alone

you got me up all night hating myself
and everything is not going to be ok
you got me up all night hating you much more
and i cant help but throw us away
these are the last words i scribble down
my last chance to hurt you once more
when i turn to you
you couldnt recall my name
you got me up all night cutting away myself
and its getting better
your words have become my poison to help me through every step of the way

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