Dark Lyrics


1. Distant Horizon

I've opened the gate to a new world beyond the horizon
Where we'll go tomorrow
We travel through time and galaxies
Imagine the stars
One simple melody will open up the gate

Follow me into a world beyond the stars
Beyond your dreams where oceans lies before your eyes
Hope for mankind never dies

Imaginationland have called for our dreams
Where fantasy is real

One mission: To stop the darkness
From further beyond our dreams and imagination
With power much stronger than a thousand truths
I know we'll prevail

The night is clear, the moon is shining when it's time to go
Follow me...

Just follow the stars and home is not far away
Beyond the horizon we'll find our way
Through darkness and fear
The purest of heart will lead us the way

So follow me to the distant, the distant horizon
No more fear of darkness
Only the light will prevail here and now
The shining star from paradise has shown us the gate
To a world where eternity waits
Where our dreams will be eternally

Follow me...
Stars, I can bring you stars, I can bring you fantasy
Only with the light...

2. Into The Darkness

Listen the bell how it rings in the night
The hour of midnight strikes once again
Close all your doors, all your windows
'Cause soon they'll be here
I feel them march all around us with nowhere to go
Someday they will find the peace they search
Enter the gate to their heaven and peace will be found
They know that we still belong here on earth
Our time soon will come
They will guide us the way...

If you feel like there's someone there beside you
They won't be shown in darkness after all
Fly away
On the other side we'll meet again tomorrow
Fly away, into darkness you will go

Fly away

"Into the Darkness!"

Into the darkness the spirit's alive
They try to deceive our destiny, things to be done right
Before they can cross to the other side
This is their final chance just to do things right
For bad things they've done in their life
Mystical nightmares have tortured these spirits
But now they're free

Now they are free
They're so alone out there, no one to give a helping hand
What they need, is a light in the dark

If you feel...

3. The Journey Home

I open up my eyes in a new world
The ocean guides my way back to you
I've been away for years, found my call
Now the sound of tomorrow, a light that I've borrow
Will hopefully guide my way home

In our hearts we carry on!
We follow the stars down the stream
When we sail the ocean and cross the sea
We've come to the start of our journey home

Now I'm coming home
This has been a journey to feel free and alive
But wind flies and calls my name, I here them now:
Now there's no more tomorrow, the light that you borrowed
Will guide you and lead you back home

In our hearts we carry on...

We have always carried on!
We followed the stars down the stream when
We sailed the ocean and crossed the sea
Ending our journey back home
We sailed the ocean and we crossed the sea
Now ends our journey home

So many years gone by but finally
I found my way back home to you

4. The Star

He came over the hills from an empty room
his days in paradise were dark but then he realized
That when dark times appear to you
Keep rocking every night
But in the wishing well he's crying in the shadows
Wild frontiers bring the shadows of the past to our future
We are all victims of the night

Take a little time and run for cover
Reach up for the sky, you'll find no other
Far away up high the melodies of your life
In the distance I hear
Like a teenage idol you're a star
One day you're so far away, will I see you again?

Far above the ocean sky you can see a light
A light, away so far
The melodies of a shining star
When the time has come for us to go to paradise
We will all see that the messiah will come again

Back on the streets we know, the fighting has begun
Is this the end of the world?

Take a little time...

A hymn for the star
High up in the sky your melodies goes
On and on and on and on...

5. Final Destination

When you're on your own facing the world alone
You can never be sure
But I do know that you and I includes in the plan
I was your knight that was holding you tight forever
Now when those days are over, I know you will prevail

Final destination, we have heard it's call
And we will never stop the fight
I hear you calling for me

People dream all night, all day and all morning
But all won't come true!
You're the one I'm searching for
So where can you be now?

Open your eyes, there's a world outside that's hiding
Even the strongest man is weak, but you know I will prevail

Final destination...

6. Northern Allstars

Champions united, our reign has begun!
Nordic alliance, together as one!
Our goal is the victory, we will never surrender
Cheer out and reach for the stars when we sing:
This is where we stand!

Ain't gonna stop 'til we reach for the top
We're the northern allstars!
From mountain and trees, through the hills and the sea
Hear the northern allstars!

United we stand, we're the "Nordic Land!"

In it to win it is all we believe
In the south where we stand up and fight
There's no truth, there's no glory
But sometimes we all make it through hand in hand
This is where I stand!

Ain't gonna stop...

United we stand, what a glorious feeling
For all and everyone

7. Chalice Of Time

There's a cold in his eyes as he's waiting to fall
When the hope fora new world is gone
He stands on the edge, his vision is clear
But has he the courage for one last step?
Now the time has come for one more decision
Will it be wrong or right?
The end of the tunnel will show you the light
But also a path far away from paradise

"Follow the stars and don't look back"
Have always been said through hard times
"Always sunshine will come after rain"
But sometimes the comfort in words have to end!

Riches and gold, for what you have sold
Falling towards the end, not so cold
No more your prime fills the chalice of time
More than one way to go, more than one way to find
How the story of your fate will end...

Taking the strongest belief in your deeds
Knowing that down this will lead
Feeling no pleasure in selling your soul
Hardly the finest of ways to reach your goals

For the woman he cared so much for he could die
But not even the Devil can find such control
To deceive a heart, to deceive a life
So for nothing you traded your soul

"Follow the stars and don't look back"
Have always been said through hard times
"Always sunshine will come after rain"
But sometimes the comfort in words have to end!

Riches and gold...

Turning his head to the sky in need for help
"Save my soul from fire!"
Turning away, stares the beast in the eye
"You have no power, my soul belongs to the sky..."

8. Curse And Damnation

An old Egypt treasure was found long ago
Belonged the tyranny of an old king
Curse and damnation was carved in stone
Only if they could have taken it serious
With the treasure found they were going
Down the river of Nile
He slipped with his gun and he fired a shot to his friend

Hear the night is calling! It's calling for you for
Curse and damnation on board this ship
Can you see the sign, the sign of the stars that tells me
Of a curse and damnation tonight?

Anyone who touches the treasure by hand
Brought on themself a curse until they die
Came to England to be a part of their lives to
Show the world what they have found, but did they know?

Once you have touched it you're knocking on heaven's door
The only way to be free is to send it away, far away!

Hear the night is calling...
The sign of the stars that tells me no chance for salvation
The curse and damnation is here

Only one thing left to do; sail it across the world
Ship from Southampton they're passing the
Curse and damnation on board

Hear the night is calling...

This is no vacation; no chance for salvation
The curse and damnation is here

9. Guitar Hero

Faster, "Faster" you must go, to realize your fate
It's a destiny of loneliness 'cause for you it is to late
You're hiding in your chamber and you think you are a star
You're such a fool believing that someday you will go far

Floating away into a dream when
Green, red, yellow soon appear
Notes flying fast on the screen before you
But there is one thing I can't get, please don't tell me!

Why won't you take control of your life?
I'm asking you don't tell me why 'cause I don't understand
And I don't wanna know why you play the game
All right, so you think you're a hero
For playing your guitar with no string?
But you're just a zero who doesn't know a thing

You take me to your dark and secret chamber, your domain
Behind these walls you say that you're a king

Now that's insane!
You score a million for a crowd that don't exist
If your carrier would end today, well you will not be missed

Do you think you're the truest of the true?
You're hiding away from your reality
Stand up and shot 'cause no one will hear you!

Why don't you take control of your life...

10. A New World

Listen to the story of a man with dream
And a need to act like a God
"No one in this world should never have to die!"
A poor mans words with a mad mans mind
His brother he was born the day his mother passed away
A tragedy that made him see there's more to life
For everyone who wish to live their lives eternally
His passion for science will be their victory
When the lightning strikes he knows...

"Far away, beyond our dreams the knowledge to create a life, or so it seems, is not so distant for me"

He travelled across black oceans and seas for death
and a reason why
Why we only receive one chance in this life
Forgotten his world, his sister and wife
A chance to make a man come back to life, oh what a deed
The finest brain, a dead mans hand is all he need
And when the lightning strikes he will have
To make a stand, revive a murdered soul is for
The demons and the damned

Run away, run away! The madness in your eyes they say:
"From this day I have no longer a soul"
Fading out from this place inside your head you're
Full of rot and disgrace because tonight you will try
"Tonight I will try..."

Pull up, dragging him up, high into the sky
Voices telling you it's time to stop this madness now
Before it's too late!
Creatures come to life again, a walking abomination
He ran for his life when the creature
Appeared right before him
Now he could see what a horrible terror
He brought to this world
Trying to forget it all, now he's heading home
Across the oceans to his love and family
But danger lies behind the shadows
When he comes to shore
A creature with vengeance in mind like never before

Melodies in the night reminds the creature of
His life in the past when he took many lives
The need to kill, the need for pain from others
Coming back again to his mind
Now his master will pay
First when his brother was gone his father went down
Then they found him with no life at all
The sorrow and pain, the question remain:
Who took his brother away?

"I've created a life!
I've created a monster of death! Oh, no!"

1000 miles he will walk, he stands before the hands of God
Now the ice will break and down, down he'll fall
Far away beyond our dreams the knowledge
To create a life, or so it seems, were not so distant for him
Melodies in the night reminds him of his life in the past
Now the tears made him see
Don't run away, don't run away!
The madness in his eyes will fade on this day
For he have created a soul
Fading out from this place without have given him a name
But for one he have created a new world
He showed him a new world...

Tommy ReinXeed ‒ Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards, Orchestration
Alex Oriz ‒ Guitars, Vocals (backing)
Alfred Fridhagen ‒ Drums
Chris David ‒ Bass, Vocals (backing)

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