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1. Devastation In Mind Of Psychopathic Killer

Gunk leaking through the cracks between the stitches
Dripping on the atrophied body and ashes of his tissue

Amputation is a madly exciting fact for you
And every little detail influences the order of your cut
You suffer from simplicity overtaking
Other's lives, other's lives

Your jealousy is much stronger and requires more victims

Each your movement was well thought out

The more victims, the longer you think what you really do

Too much blood
Too many dishes filled with human entrails

Your desire to be better came to extremes
The number of bodies is increasing

Next victims
Fear and increasing number of their bodies
Cause devastation in your mind

2. An Insitute Of Bloody Anatomy

In a dark, noisome corridor of blood
Bathtubs full of swollen limbs
Crushed skull bones
Dishes full of brains that are food
For rats and a hungry surgeon
I feel like in a dream
Why don't my feelings cause nausea or vomiting

This institute is a refinery of entrails
That flow through corridors
Dry, stinking bodies
Slimy bugs and insects
Blood stained surgeon's apron in the background
And his dwarf laughing assistant
In his mouth minced eyes of one of the victims

In the next room boilers with boiling water
Where the fat torn off the skin is boiling
There are penises and vaginas hanging on the wall
Cut out inattentively from the bodies
Masturbating surgeon gets excited
By touching cold breast
In his second hand cold penis
He's putting it into his mouth and licks it
Her dry, hard vagina stimulates his penis
This one is better than alive

I get off and start eating her body

3. They Die For Nothing

It wasn't important what they felt
Absolutely lost, unconscious, helpless
They were to die to satisfy the hunger
And emptiness in a butcher's mind

Slaughtered one by one
Feeling horrible pain
They know the sorrow and despair was their destiny
But the truth is like broken hope
They die for nothing
Being cut, gutted, destroyed
Their rotting feelings-with no hope
Nothing matters now
When being cut like weeds
They fall down into their predecessor's blood

And then others paralyzed by fear
They perish like a weak race that was killed
To stop inducing parasitic hazard
But the truth.........

4. The Pedophile's Odour

Gloomy parts of the day
Overtakes your confused mind
And terrifying you causes silent panic and fear
Of disgusting pain caused by lustful man's organs
With blood-stained parts of pulled out vagina
With visible semen of evil

Gaze of a person excited by scent of a young
Helpless and not yet scored pussy
Pierces you in every moment in which you think
What he can do to you
You innocent and yet unformed body
Releases euphoria in him

Unwanted by your mind experience
Is closer cause his slimy tongue
Causes that you feel something unknown
That can't e compared even to a wonder
Sides of your vagina are being jostled
By his shoved in penis
Stop crying and panicking

Can you hear pedophile's laughter [4 times]
Can you feel him inside [4 times]

5. I Feel Smell Of My Victim

I heard steps and beating of her heart
She escaped between trees screaming of fear
Avid for warmth and smell of dead woman
I strangled, exposed and admired her

Nudity of her dead body caused
That I couldn't prevent myself from
Leaving me semen inside her
Aware that nothing will grow of it

Smelling her moist pussy
I satisfied myself with her fresh smell
Kissing her cold lips
I was pulling entrails out

Taking away a part of her womb
I buried all her remains
Aware from the very beginning
That no one would feel her smell

She's dead [4 times]

...and no one can find her

6. Abrupt Decease

Exhausted and injured I was lying
In the puddle of my own blood
That flew down even from the walls
Terrible scream of slaughtered children
Who, helpless, were smashed with an axe
They were hanging down like puppets
With their entrails ripped

Distorted, gloomy seen
By my panic eyes
And mocked by my mind reality
Seemed to disappear as the life
Of my corpse-like body
Was disappearing

Screaming and crying didn't stop
But declined in the strangest way
Indescribable moment lasted

When a knife stabbed my body again

I feel asleep

7. Skin Torn Off Genitals

Feeling fear that excited him
And encouraged him to do this
He took out a coffin from unfinished grave

And opening it he saw
Fresh corpse of damp meat, sunken orbits
And green, half-rotted skin

This slow decay was so advanced
That is was difficult to distinguish
Whether it was male or female
Momentary desire to be in corpse's arms
Caused that nothing mattered for him
Saturated with morgue scent
He took out his knife and started to cut
The wholly retted skin of genitals
He tore it off to end everything
He closed the nailed it of the coffin
and then disappears like cemetery fog
Soaking into the soil during the rain

8. The Limit Of A Virginal Weakness

not aware of seriousness of this act
He strangled her spitting on his face
He grabbed a knife, excited
And cut her face to lick her blood

She lost her strength,
tears stopped dripping from her eyes
She fell down with trails of strangling
On her neck and lay with terror on her face
Her eyes turned towards him
Caused confusion and hear in his mind
He started to laugh
but his laughter changed to a panic cry
So ruthless but so weak
With virgin fear
he started to stab her body with a knife, Aimlessly
He felt he lost and she was free
He lay down besides her
Embrace her trembling and crying

9. A Morgue Filled With Rotting Corpses

Odor and scent exciting the senses of lascivious women

Blood leaking straight from genitals
Tempts to rape a dead man
Lying on a cold table
In their visions a perverted,
revolting imperious intercourse
Satisfaction of power
Over a decaying, dissolving corpse
This rape causes schizophrenia in their minds
And forces to reach an orgasm by masturbation
Day by day they prefer dead
To the teeming with life
And the only reason
is the morgue full of rotting corpses
Where do these coarse penchants and unfulfilled wild desires come from?
Maybe they are filled with rotting bugs that eat their insides up cruelly

Day by day....

10. Take This Knife And Cut My Neck

Terrified, so alone and me
Completely blood stained and tied up
My desire was to inflict pain on her
Pain that would remain in her mind till the end

A whore doesn't understand the message of my work
She says "fuck me" but I cut her with a knife

Feeling the smell of a burning rot
She begged "take but don't hurt me"
The art is more important than this little pleasure
Cutting her face I deprived her of beauty

She suffered, cried, saturated with fear
She groaned when my knife was cutting her vagina
Blood gushed even more from her eyes
And I damaged her left breast
Putting away my knife I tortured her with my hands
She temporarily faint but still alive
And her bloodless corpse said
"take this knife and cut my throat"

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