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1. Ad Extremum

Can't decide, for who am I?
Don't penetrate my thinking
All has changed, I've broke the chains
The ship of fools is sinking

And I inside this tortured mind?
A new life is emerging
Seems so unreal, I'll never feel
Normality returning

Time just slips away

Melt away, an unbalanced state
Goodbye to moral living
Frozen time, I walk the line
To reach a new beginning

Land of dreams or so it seems
I love this brain pollution
Just to know I've no control
Amid this much confusion

Open mind sensation
feel it kicking in
Open mind sensation
Feel the madness begin

Beyond the bounds of memory

Se things all my way
Feelings torn away
See things all my way
Nothing stays the same
See things all my way
Feelings torn away
See things all my way
Time to face the change

Take me, alone, these things
I've never known
Take me, alone, through
Doors of fear
Take me, away, new place
Where I can stay
Take me, away, where
Everything is clear
Take me, alone, these things
I've never known
Take me, alone, through
Doors of fear

2. Forlorn Existence

Anger, fills this world of bitterness
Despair is just a factor of life
Remorse, for a world devoid of feeling
Cry, for a way of change

No conformity
Sick society
No conformity
Forlorn existence

Despondency arising from
Hopelessness is just a
Symptom of decay

Harmony arising from anarchy
The seeds of evil must be stopped
Before they can be reaped

3. Wings Of Sorrow

I look, and wonder why
This world of ours
Has come so far into the
Clutches of this "progress"
As disease is cured, our race finds another
Through methods known as
Foolish through the years and years
Of past
As criminals are freed to kill

Another individual who then
Becomes statistics on a
Bureacratic file
As justice cries, it folds
We feel society turn
To ways barbaric from the
Ancient ways of old

We ride upon the wings of sorrow
We sail the stormy sea
We ride upon the wings of sorrow
Into our destiny

See me, I'm a different kind
Outcast of society
Infirm of mind

As I gaze upon society
It fills me with despair
Our leaders worship guns and missiles
Messengers of death
And citizens but pawns in
Politicians' foolish acts
The ones to blame are hidden
Too scared to face the ones
Who gave their life
Who cares? It's time to take a stand
Through peace and love
The world can reach Eden again
it's time to stop the foolish wars
And pray for lasting peace
Pray the world will never
Ride the sullen wings again

4. Erosion

Intentional devotion brings
Me to unconsciousness
A love of fear inspires me
Into permanent distress
Dialectics point the finger
Each to choose their cause
A diablerie of influence
And logic is no more

I grasp the tangling threads
That fall before me
I fade away
Striving for what can never be
I fade away

To edify that which lies far ahead
As foolish men believe
But destiny lies deep within ourselves
Confusion is a burden that
We carry to the grave
Effacement of my personality

5. A Sombre Tale

This man a putrid wretch of knots
Whom limps among his fellow trees
He is a lonely of woes and yet
Forgotten, he's trampled: as he pleas

This thing a storm expressed by doubt
He hurts, used by moralities cause
It is a wicked way to learn, and yet
Excused, he's punished: for his flaws

6. Obscured

This is our reality, or sarcastic state
We learn new religion, a religion of hate
Because of the shadows in which we depend
Our tormented lives never end


Born out of ignorance still here we lie
Death growing closer as time slips by
Cold black stone, with blood at our feet
Should we accept that we are weak?

You rip away our independence
We can cope without you
Alone are we in our death sentence
in dependence we will do

Silence of the masses

Ignorance teaches to admit inferior
To follow an icon, a construct superior
Listen to use, freedom is the right
A vision beyond this barren sight

7. Infinity Within

No questions why, I live a lie
Within this web of false belief
Am I a fool, by my own rules
Upon a trail of cold deceit?

What words define this state of mind
Where nothing can suppress what's real
A world insane, can't hide my pain
Too weak to say just what I feel

Extraction from reality
Turn to face insanity
Extraction from reality
My longest hour

Where am I now?
My longest hour
Don't know just what's eating me
It hurts to show, I can't let go
The hardest part is breaking free
And for those who care, I'm never there

A fight with time, this war of minds
Am I the enemy within?

8. Never Forever

Descending a pathway, light into deep
I feel emotion rise
Consciousness, a concept entwining
In the abyss, a moment forever

Seeing, hearing, feeling, fearing
Derange my mind
Subconsciousness, I am it's slave
I wonder, is there any way?
Why am I here?
Dream in your dream
Pleasure is pain
Condescending emotions
Perspective in decay
Close my eyes, lay to rest
Abstract takes control
Fantasizing premonitions
A message to my soul

Blinded by sleep, second sight
Joyous land awaits
No control over circumstance
A chance to love your hate
The things we dream, interpretation
A fortune but surreal
Awaken from this
To what we believe real

9. Lacuna


10. Colour Circus

Sucking in obscurity
So real the touch of sound
Fill my lungs with purity
Inhibition breaking down

I control the nevermore
I'm immune, I am free
I control forever more
No matter what they say

I am the drug that's been
Twisting your brain
Sucking the feelings, feeding the flame
Locked inside where the truth is lies
Locked inside I control your mind
Searing fear through it

And on the edge of infinity
Can't make the final choice
Old faces born clean into me
Just names without a voice

Look, changes taking over me
Numbed in the quiet you
Just a face in a dream
Laughing voices cutting
Through the silence
Time, has no meaning for me
Peeling back the colors
Doors, open up my world of sound
Transport me from one life to another

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