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1. From Hate To Domination

[Lyric by Deathscythe, Music by Deathscythe]

From hate to domination...
Treading on face of who by weakness did fall
Lacerating the wound that never will heal...
I shall raise my flag covered by blood
Turn worthy the losts and conquers
In the path of glorification!!!
Retake control by brutal strength.
Broking the laws created by inferiors ( beings?! )
Marching with the holy land’s destruction.
The unmask illusion
In the beginning of battle.
Chaotics days of blood and fury
By a ideal.
Shall reveal the true face of Satan!!!
Extreme aggressivity destroying the universal fantasy
Dissolving the scoria that infect our battle
To elevate the purity of spirit... the temple!!!
From hate to domination...
Immortalizing the pain
Searching re-raise who today is look like bizarre
And in the deepness of time and warlike soul is noble.
The only strength of the past... of flesh... of temple.
When the honor was bigger than greed!!!

2. Sadist Claws Of Existence

[Lyric by Morte, Music by Deathscythe]

Without to comprehend the reason that precede the unreal dreams
Insupportable pain zephyr of life!
Incredible is to walk in the obscures nights and
To feel in the dawn his singular crispness.
Dip in the despair and dream with me everything who would like to be...
Living intensely a void, no words neither gestures!
In the silence of doubt and in the certainty of truth
(We) will be the flesh and the bones deceased!
The likeness of empty... Unusual existence!
Like everything will can to be if we want...
Nothing will be equal, to who thinks to be truth!
And the empty god cry the tears that sprout of the dry tree
Whose endless of greed the same planted...
Dipped in my desires to live.
In times like these we born in the silence and in the doubt!
A unique human figure profane odyssey of flesh!
The life is just a dream where want to be real and
The death a slumber that never awaken.
Without end like indeed the desires of to be free from the sadists claws of god.

3. Between Eternity And The Nothing

[Lyric by Morte and Deathscythe, Music by Deathscythe]

So many times forsake to think with the reason
Believing dim and blindly in the esteem of someone else
Great changes are realized and all seem like before
A future’s sight induce by forged discoveries
or feelings so frustrating like a cold touch of reality.
To live is a reality inebriated by the illusion of to exist
To exist an absolute desire... the infamous immortality
To live ins’t to exist...
Alone between everything concerning of this vast universe
Dying slowly with the time and everything significant.
The being is an unit between dreams and reality, desires and madness
Unlike in ideas that fade away with the time.
The life is taciturn and soon way ephemeral in excess
Like the truth that isn’t eternal, in absolute!
Or the unbridled ideology into the nothing
Maybe the mistake be wait that the time all reveal
Being the Master of the own existence the changes are choices
Thus the Master are between the eternity and the nothing.

4. The Shadow And The Serpent

[Lyric by Deathscythe, Music by Deathscythe]

The wisdom’s flame reveal
The shadow of a being wrapped in the silence of the soul
In a far-away and stare in the metamorphosis
That precede the matter and the moral.
Where the spiritual cold consume the remembrance of the
Past and the nightfall winds blows strongs
The time transcend the pain and the madness
Lifting his existential cause to reason’s center.
From the mountain where no-other man returns of uncertainty’s dip
behold appear from among mist the
serpent that reveal in a deep to look
a immense infernal valley to ecclesiastic’s eyes.
While the quest for something "beautiful" the torment confort
and burn the anguish... the times embed in despair
on sick and ancient soul with the emptiness heritage
and the illusion of a objective long time forgotten.
And the serpent disappear in the somber projection of a being
Without hopes or pretensions
There is nothing in your around just the absolute silence
Without doubts, without emotions... just he.

5. Nizeisch

[Lyric by Deathscythe, Music by Deathscythe]

The hate driving claws in the crimson eyes by the pain
Travelling like fire the edge of sanity
Attack with precision the reason and the mind
Transforming the wrath eruptions in war.
Numb bewitching succubu’s poison burning
Lucidity making to roam demented by a
Hallucinated maze until the sense’s decadence by the
Insatiable and filthy pleasure of insane lust of this world.
Reflected on mirror with his sarcastic duality in conflict
In the space and time to vanish with the last breath
of purity became profane and indecent infecting
the essence and the soul of dying soil cloaks of imposture.
And the madness seize of overflower heart in hate
in a wink the silence bomb the thinks like war
I am blind while every behold the world in flames!
...Dead flesh, ashes... bitter taste... the harsh reality.
Began the sunset common of his glorious time...
the existence being purified through of extermination.

6. The Arcane Of The Misanthrope

[Lyric by Deathscythe, Music by Deathscythe]

One with many on soul only in the carnal world
Learning with the silence the forgotten wisdom
Living the night and see the creation
The intimate reflex in the moon eyes only in the universe
The lake in the solitude valley reveal
In my eyes the legion that I am...
Supreme destruction’s forces
In the shadow throne of serenity
Explosions of hate run in my veins
Thus like I search the perfection in war
Join the secrets that inhabit in my soul
I unveil the mystery of my journey.

7. Unforetelling Philosophism

[Lyric by Deathscythe, Music by Deathscythe]

Appear behind of yours empty words
hards until to your supreme empty mind
hidden by worshipers of incomprehensible to enlighten.
Blows to wind hearten words and dip in the courage that never was yours.
See the sickness to prosper in the heart of the truth
See it!!!
Relevants words said to impertinents are
Weapon on the hands of serfs of the uncertainty
Borned in the rotten womb of doubt.
The voice to that one who do not bow and
who wander by the world before your existence
Not is philosophal... is free!
Appear behind of yours empty words
I’m the one! And who are you with all these words?
Who makes you supreme?
My transcendental existence conquering don’t care
With the extirpation of eyes of a race that unknown
who see and in his mind create illusions to forget others.

8. Like A Wolf

[Lyric by Hellish and Deathscythe, Music by Deathscythe]

Exterminating the weakness with the wrath of the strongs
The katharsis will reborn in times of war
Into bloodies battlefields and
Don’t in shame remembers of past mistakes.
One Unforetelling them
Those consumed by yours own words.
One in knowledge
Dethrone kings, fools idols of adoration.
Eclipse of reason... manipulators of lies
Into the emptiness of centuries like a hollow shell
Beholding through of insanes teachings
The precious points becoming power
The reality of that never bow it
The strong one... whose the hell proud it.

9. Satanized Inner Power

[Lyric by Deathscythe, Music by Deathscythe]

In my world the forces of madness and of the serenity
Ride running together of me
Constantly tempt me to fall in the slavery abyss
With yours pleasures and pains...
So I use it like arms to my conquests
Canalizing who run insane
In me in quest of domain.
In my journey I learn with the time that reveal
Like the warriors are defeats by the exhaustion
And fall in front his cause and surrender to destiny.
They don’t know who did conquest across the battles
And unknown the reason of his pride.
The ill privilege of rest absorb his quintessence
And your defeat soul by yourself to fade away with your decadence.
The inner force imprudently used turn it weakness
And back to yourself like his worst enemy
Is like to feel the infernals cuts of thousand scythes on flesh
Punishing your ignorance.
Looking the empty on the eyes of the cowards I see
A great union’s circle among greats hypocrites
Fighting among yourself to be lords of the emptiness world
In my world in conflict with the your I see
The end of your sick journey and your despair to know
That all time lost searching who was inside yourself.
The quest of the key to unveil the mysteries
Is useless if you unknown where to quest.
The keys are spreads by the macrocosm and many are false.
However, the oracle of power and of wisdom are inside of us
And this is the power’s essence!!!
The freedom slave who unknown to be free
And hide the fetters of imprudence.
Those who really are free don’t needs to show that are!
In my destiny I am the blaster havoc on the scoria
And bloody tears of the angel’s yoke fall by me
in the abyss of envy!
'Cause I feel in my essence the satanized inner power!!!

Thanks to scythemeister for sending these lyrics.

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