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1. Intro: Satanaemperium Reverence

2. In Offering To Wrath

[lyric by Deathscythe]

I am the wrath and I am the sword,
That in blood raise it in the infernal war.
By the glory of his name, by repulsion of kindness
by the wrath of demons, by the glory of Lucifer!

I am the darkness song that deafen the Christians souls
And I am the lance that form a sea of empalation.
By the force that guide me, by the pleasure of see you dying
by the pleasure of kill, by the light of Lucifer.

I am the destruction of the last hope,
I am the rape of the holy ingenuous.
I am the death...
That is carried to that march in submission.
I am the hammer that broke your truth,
And I am the truth that is hidden of you.
I am the justice that is impose to your hypocrisy,
I am the hypocrisy that slave you in your ignorance.

I am the journey that never will end,
and I am the end of your mediocre life.

When you see that you march to abyss
the betray only will be in the begin!
When you stay alone against legions
the fear don�t will save you!
When you feel repent of stay live
you will see that I am the key to your eternal torment!!!

The wrath domain the pain,
The war satisfy the hate
When you fall
I shall be the ax that broke you raise!

3. Illu Adversu Deus

[lyric by Deathscythe]

Wandering to meet the reason and of true
Through of steps left to the followed
He teach us the path of liberty
To that we know of the essence of life.

He give us the wine to celebrate the lust
To that we learn to dominate the pleasure,
and don�t turn us slaves of the human fragily.
He give us the immortality... cause he is the immortality.

To atm� Lucifer... hail!

His fire is in ours hearts,
His flames is in ours hands.
His �fall� was the begin
Thou is the Adversu Deus!
And we are the hammer that will broke the face of god!

Fiat Tenebras!

Lord of many names... horned god,
in ancient times his presence established the equilibrium,
on this lands was created the empire,
that in yours nine circles separating the strongs of weaks
to that with the Arcanu of his warriors
we�ll be the key of the macrocosm.

4. Lord Of Horizons

[lyric by Morte and Deathscythe]

Oh! Those times that evanesced so fast
but I can see when outside did rain blood,
that turn us always lives always strongs,
and the leafs fall.. I see it falling... like we fallen.

Where to have the love sick my heart throb in hate,
and of the belly of a prostitute will born my son,
that will honor my hate always live... always strong,
and one more time my black blood will blasphemate
against the contradictions words of god.

God that capture my more sincere feelings,
I don�t believe in your false love and senseless,
That turn me so unreal like your truth.
I will live forever without the peace of god...
I am the torment!

Despair in envy by my victories,
always fighting against yours bastards sons,
they prayer against me,
but in the end of times I drunk in chalice,
the blood of your blood,
of a crucified... in the flames of inferno!
Under of the strength of the hell�s flames!

I dip in the mysteries of full moon that follow my steps
I believe, and I am, the defeat of your son,
crucified... that bleed like a bastard filthy.
I believe en the only god that move the infinities dimensions,
and to do shine the horizons more distants of the life.

5. The Cult To The Night Of The Times

[lyric by Deathscythe]

When I can see the blood spurt of the betrayer
I smile because the revenge is a virtue of the strongs,
strongs and sovereign like the night,
that in his greatness and in his mysteries envolve us.
I walk free in my reign, across of nights, across of centuries,
The night show me who I am for inside, is the reflection of the �I�.
The culu to the night did born when she create us,
and when the first shadow did triumph!

I worship my dark thoughts in my silence,
the past is my sacred book, my knowledge.
The way of the wisdom only is followed with desire and daring,
the fear is the ignorance and the enemy of victory.

In the past was supreme gods... gods of ourselves,
our reality, and glories gone hidden by the fear,
during centuries the false doctrine gone reverenced,
and with promises and lies, did try destroy our knowledge.

In the underword worships our inner true
our pride is always with us and burn within of the breast.
Celebrate our past, knowledges and glories,
celebrate the conquests is the great lords of the past!

The power come of the elements that I can feel,
Blood, nature, and the divinities that throwing me
Luna... nocte... umbra... ignis.
From birth until continue evolution of the soul,
come the inner power,
guide us nocturnally to the victories
by the battles of the destiny!

My soul is forever in war in search of the absolute equilibrium,
between moments is extreme hate and utopic peace.
The hordes of demons advance destroying the sanctities shiny by the divine light,
rules by the instinct of fight, the hate and the revenge.

The cult to the night that the black age is invoked,
the age of darkness come to the supremacy,
the cult to the night of the times,
ancient rites to salute the lords of my lands.
Celebrate with blood the retake of the power,
Raise us affront the ruin of ecclesiastic palace,
Oh! Sir all is ready to your reign,
the time don�t is more important cause have the eternity.
The night of the times is come back!

All musics by Deathscythe.

Line up:
Deathscythe - Guitar
Morte - Vocal and Bass
Atheist - Drums

Thanks to schurig666 for sending these lyrics.

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