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1. On The Ecclesiastics Ruins

I shall fight!
With the hordes of the inferno that march to war
Against the true enemies that impose it to our will
Our victory always was conquered with blood
The power is with us… we are the supremacy!
Conquering the world that stole were us
With the weapons enshrined by the eternal fire
Advancing against those that sustain the lie
Spilling by the earth all the hypocrisy… of your dirty blood!
Hail… hail to our pride!
The prides burn the submissive paradise
The strong are those that are under the sign of Satan!
Lords of those lands and guardians of darkness
Destroy the souls that profane with lies
Our honored reign of elevated pagan faith
And the supreme circle will be close with the union
Of the four vast immensities
With the winds of the south and winds of the north!
Recorded with the nine forces of equilibrium
The victory of the soldiers that fight by the triumph
The grand war that carry us to total dominion
By all the dimensions of the macrocosm
Will celebrate the fall of the enemies front our force
On the ecclesiastics ruins of the palace of false light.
Hail… hail to our power
The power that run by ours veins
Anguishing by the superiority of darkness reign!

2. Satanstorms Manifestation

The evil hails the hordes of hate
With storms of blood and power
The shadows and satanic fire
The manifestation of the supreme evil
That burn inside us.

The Satan´s eyes across of times saw
The sick evolution of this sphere
And Thy presence enthroned the death and chaos
Carried to the weak by Thy mighty legions
Across slaughters and bloody battles.

The night is coming and with it
We celebrate the violent face of evil
The night is coming and with it
We celebrate with blood, lust and hate.

Satanstorms manifestations!
The unholy sign of the strong.
Satanstorms manifestations!
The proliferation of the evil.

The wisdom… the occult and immortal flame
The way… the only one for the strong being
The power… to look turned to yourself
The vengeance… the hate in his real form
The personification… spirituality deepness without gods!

3. Awakening Spirit

Like a bleeding comet that carry strength and fire
Cut off the cosmos and revealing the true verb
Ransoming the liberty´s essence
The purity lost in time.

Ssawia whispers words that awake the spirit
And open the gates to total liberty
Where the supreme light reign… the imperial light
The slavery chains are broken to the worthy regal lords
And to the shapeds with the slavery… are eternal
The awake of spirit cause rebellion
In the macro and in the microcosm
And this is the essence of the strength and the war
With the enshrined arms by Lucifer
I shall spill the ignorance blood´s eternal
And shall meet Thy arcane kingdom
I am the son from your existence
And warrior that fight by Thee
Through of Thy light we can see
Where are hidden the fear and the madness of ours enemies.
The imprudence always shall be the fall of the weak
They are on the cowardice pillars
And I am front of the strong altar´s
Father! I summon thee
My spirit is awake to the truth
And I walk proud in the way of the strong!

4. The Moonfog Realm´s

Moon… mirror of the human desires
Inspired of the majestics wins
Under yours cold view you contemplated
Immemorials battles of the time´s begin
Moon… eternally following the knight errant
(by the cursed lands)
Always searching yours black mysteries
That the ancients lords and warriors carried in themselves.

The fog that came from triumphant night
Bring to my realms the dark dawn
That spread by all horizon until the rocky mountains
By where stretch the battlefields
The damned daylight traverse and burning the welkin
Reflecting in my face the ultimate trail of conquisted battle
But that light don´t consume the ice where live my being
And don´t seduce my soul steeped by glorious warlike blood.

In the ceremonial circle all look the beauty of burning scoria
The invaders of our land supplicate by your dead lord
The night is contemplated with a beauty vision… heat incandescent…
Of symbol raised of ecclesiastic weakness
Falling under ours looks and our power!
The offering gave to the lord of fire and shadows
Is the prove of our loyalty in this moment
To fallen angel that teach us to search the true
We march under the moonfog realm´s!

All musics and Lyrics by Deathscythe.

Line up:
Deathscythe - Guitar and back vocals
Morte - Vocal and bass
Hellish - Drums

Thanks to schurig666 for sending these lyrics.

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