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1. Building My Weakness

The Demons are enclosing
Washing away your dreams
Time becoming still
Everything you thought you’d be
Confusing shades beliefs 
All that’s left is grief
A part of the earth you adopt
The emptiness must be stopped

Big surprise you’re leaving me behind
Now I’ll falling behind time

Strengthen my weakness
Craftsman of deceit
Weaken my strength
Sweetheart of betrayal
Weakness my strength 
Narrator of nightmares
Building my Weakness
Labourer of grievance

A world urbanised by guilt
Enjoying the failed state and destroying what makes us live
Enjoying what makes us die the ultimatums are rejected
Offerings without peace and a declaration without war

Trial and error your paths
New mistakes will cost
Hands upon your face 
A past you can’t retrace
Looking at this picture
Knowing this moon won’t shine 
As midnight comes calling 
Your might is now fading

Big surprise you’re leaving me behind
Now I’ll falling behind time
Yesterdays verse will be sung today 
With a dark deserted soul I will fade away

2. Century

Forgive, forget the weak
If my ideas are too absurd
Just watch me rule the land

Out with the old and in with your soul
A picture inside a border that cries
Strong were the words and weak were the lies
that were practised and mastered through time.

The centuries of wasted lives 
Worthless, since the dawn of time
Programmed in rhymes they taught themselves
eternal grief with a selfish moral

I blame you ..

Destroy, dissect the filth.
The grey that splatters the sky
and the millions that questioned why  
Steady the tortured hand began to work
Slicing before stabbing cultures and colours
Ripping to pieces a trial and new start
Leaving lost hope to pick up the past
Senseless battles with unworthy kings
Bloodied baths and a severed limb
Ripping to pieces a trial and new start
Leaving lost hope to pick up the past

3. The Grand Memory

Spending his days forever deep in thought
Of better times far away from horrid cries
They promised a life which had light in every sight
But never again will he see his child’s eyes

And now, the grand memory
Watch it light the fire

He fled this land, three long years it’s been since then
Performing tasks with his bare worn hands 
And now his mind is set on leaving this cold land
To mend the aching bleeding heart in the sand

And now, the grand memory 
Watch it light the fire
…And burn in the night!

Weakened by the chances that the madness may return
he turns back to the darkness and all of which he’s learned

To find his path and belief is all it’ll take
Shed the weakness and build a new memory
From now on crucial success is here to stay
Watch him live a life of beauty in each day 

I will search the distant waters
I will leave no stone unturned
To complete a chosen destiny 
Or this face will forever burn

4. Slaughter Falls

As the bird of prey watches (slowly)
Gazing down upon the hordes (scrutiny)
Desperate Lives scattered to the fringe
But not before the slaughter falls

A thousand years
A thousand choices
Where’s it gone and what’s become of it all
Slow beginnings, ending too fast 
Here we wait… Slaughter falls

Raining down upon the masses
Falling spheres unknown to man
Society’s lost, crumbling to pieces.
Evil force together with plans

Hidden beneath the surface secrets alight
Crying for salvation
Trails of spoken words
Never believed, war is conceived in the madness

I'm waiting till I've seen the one for me
The one that will cure the case for agony
I'm waiting till I change my views on life
In memory this world will be rid of the misery
I’ll be there waiting for scattered dreams
To unfold in this world

If we wait 'till the final hour
Than its all too late
All will be lost
We've got to wake

Democracy’s shot to pieces 
Leaders leading a world of their own 
Workers engaged in the labor of living
Masses rendered impotent

5. Descend

Cast him down to the dungeons 
Similarities will overwhelm him there
Between reality and despair 
And the cage within his eyes

Descend my friend
Cascade with unfeathered wings
The passage you took
Is frozen in time

Descend my friend
Cascade with unfeathered wings
The passage you took
Is red in the sky

Try and save his mourning face
Lift his chin and save his grace
A task was given against his will
This is why his feet stand still

Speak his tale of adventure 
Whisper his tale of despair 
For this lost cause once had a chance
A chance which was built on trust 

Shades of white lifting him now 
Waiting for death, free his captured soul
Shades of white, lifting him now
Its time to leave its time to die
When he closes his eyes
Waiting for death

Falling down
A silloette of angels 
Lifting him now
A new sensation
Falling down

6. Fragile Nation

Its fair to say that we have failed
blame stops here but leaves a trail
A euphoric vision so maliciously twisted 
He was fighting for the cause 
now he’s fallen by the sword 
beyond your understanding time stands still

Look now your hands are weak 
Pathetic creature you created this
A self-destructive existence without logic
So expected this ending is sick
You are standing on those close to you
As you try to compute the sum of all fears

Our kind has flaws in every way
Time has given us nothing today
And now we suffer to balance the equation
What happened inside those eyes
A perfect world collapsed and died
A stranger to reality no defences

What just happened? Why did you destroy the day?
What went wrong? Was silence the only way?  
Was this the only way?

Genocide, starvation
And another soldier falls today
Holocaust? a terrorist?
Still mindless violence 
Due to human nature

Take their freedom, and take their will 
Then you gain control right at your fingers
Lose the power and you cannot kill but the next one standing takes control
With death the only way

7. Deceived Again

He’s been cheated again
For this boy’s done nothing wrong
Deceived again
For he has been trying so long

This time its fate you has made a man
His world starting to decay

He’s feeling the fever of been told its no more
The small boy disappears before his eyes
He’s trying not to look back 
But I can’t imagine a future without me
He’s trying not to look back 
Living life as an eternity
He’s feeling the fever of been told its no more

You tried me so many times
You failed me so many times
Surprised me so many times
You killed me so many times

This young boy's done nothing wrong
He's been cheated again
Deceived again he's nothing to blame

The fight is no more and his vision is grey
Against the odds, an opening mind
before your eyes thrown back in time
he's been trying for so long
this time it's fate that has made a man

8. Departure

Light fades
And the mind begins to change
Eyes sink
The void to begin a new day

Dreaming of the heavens 
Your body takes your mind
To unimaginable places
Skipping forward in time

Your lifelong ambition
Your constant thought patterns end
The reason you lived 
(And the reason you died)
The reason why you were sent:

Is the image you see
So perfectly real
So perfectly flawed

Is the face you see so young? twisted visions inside 
Is the face you see a complete utter fantasy?

Breathe deep
For this is your last breath
Now sleep
This dream will help you mend

A moment of closure 
Your lips form a smile
Living in vein
Now a forgotten cry

Are the eyes you’ve seen;  are they crying?
Been in misery? are they dead?
Can you ever say they were yours?
In the life you lived

Just hold onto the beauty 
Hold onto the thought
The beauty which you felt
Was the desire you lost
Your happiness for a moment
Is all that you did ask
You received it leaving this world
Departure worth the Earth

Is the image you see
So perfectly real?
Or is it perfectly flawed?

Is the image you see?
So perfectly real?
Or is it just a dream? complete fantasy

9. Valhalla


10. Landscape

Stalking! out of the shadows
No face yet I sense the power
A city in which my feet feel cold
Where dreams come to die
Walking through this landscape
It seems disturbingly familiar
But still I feel lost
This path I can no longer trust

Precious wind and calming rain
Will you sooth my mind again?
Take those thoughts that swell my eyes
And throw them back at those dam lies

Leaves fall in a vicious rage
Stirs up dust which blinds my eyes
Losing count of my age
Given up on trying

A bridge into the forest
That tunnels into the ground
Dissolves into a liquid state 
And sinks into my mind 

To look at the stars
When lightning strikes
Pierce my eyes
God it burns!

To look at the stars
At the edge of time
When lightning strikes
God it burns!

Moonlight flickers
I hear my name 
But it’s just a mirror 
Driving me insane
Years roll on
What is this purpose?
The destiny of this landscape
Will be shrouded in darkness

Back in the fold
Welcome home
I’m alive

Rebecca Brennan - Vocals

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