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1. Intro


2. Burned To Death

Alone in her room she is hiding from the pain overcome with grief and peril
A cold wind blows through the gaps in the floor but her icy hands feel nothing
Crying in the comer and screaming for escape but no one comes near
Now she receives a life of poverty an outcast she's become

And so on the day when the Devil danced on her grave
She now wished that instead they had just taken her head

Her lips dry and cracked there is no looking back to see her family rotting
House burning down with panic all around its time to feel the hatred
Distant cries from burning goodbyes shout "No! No! No!"
The smell in the air breathes nothing but despair how can life continue now?

And now to see all that spells the word agony
Must be hell or a dream to bring this much misery

Daylight strikes will dominate until her last breath's echo
The night will come, shadows will run until first light tomorrow
And some will help but some will watch then turn away in terror
Ready or not the pain will come and turn the skies to sorrow

We fear, we fear
You hear us?
Hear us calling?
Why not?
Why aren't you coming?

Fear us? Fear our calling?
Reach out! To help our suffering
Last chance to save us!
See us fall don't help our calling

Burned to death
You couldn't wait to see it
Slaughter instead
Your flag descending

3. Inferno

Suffering will lead us to the end
What I've seen so far
The true conflict of man

Eastern kings have given up on us
It's fair enough, we drove them to the edge

And will peace ever see the light?
Or will arrogance kill our sight
To escape the inferno

Crying son run for your life
For this time you cannot fight
We have reached the point of no return

Culture gave you so much hope
But now it seems so dead to most

Legends of ancestors' brave crusade
Heroic battles and the fearless men who fell

Now we struggle for an antidote
Shown in black and white
Which sees us lose our mind

Why? Crush their destiny?

Agony, tyranny
To cut you from your prime and bring you to your knees
Misery indefinitely
The dragon holds you down as you struggle to breathe

Master please rid this disease
Remove me from your torment and the chamber of deceit

4. Kings Of Torture

The night is ours
Time has passed
We bleed the same
Bleed the same!

The dark night is ours
Night has come
We are returning
Before the moon

We have turned
To the grave
We punish ourselves
To the brink of destiny

To save our souls
To save our sons
Before we burn in hell

We are the Kings of Torture
We are the Kings of Pain
We are the Kings of Torture
We are the ones to blame

The night has challenged me
And through the act of
ealousy I will live for eternity
And keep fighting the black disease

The more I stay awake
The more I feel I have to take
Was freedom such a big mistake?
Feel it leave without a trace

And though the water's still
We carry on
We find our will

With violence all around us
The thought is never ending
Never ending
With violence all around us

The violence, the power
The dark night is all around us
Dark night is all around us
The thought is never ending

5. Reprieve

Until our time runs out and we all have died
Until your mind is gone and your mouth is dry
There will be resistance in your life again
To show you what was once your master plan

And though the journe's long
We know we must be strong
And rise above the setting sun
Through pain, grief and disease

Before the night is gone
We count the fallen ones
And sing to our forefathers' sond
Believe in this reprieve!

The breathing wind, has forgotten why
The beating sun, it no longer shines
The crushing clouds of yesterday's tries
Dry earth, rotting flowers, hear their cries!

Light the pathway until the sea grows
After tomorrow our march continues
My life is full now, I've seen the new crown
A great memento, wait till they see us!

6. Infected Misery

Tormented thoughts climb into the sky
Where they have room to grow
The smallest seed can become the greatest tree
And so your burden thrives on you

Helplessly the clouds they darken constantly
Until they fall down upon you
With tnem come the leaves to flatten the belief
That somehow you can make it through

Erase your freedom and accept suffering
There's no way you're breathing you'll weep until I say

Erase your freedom and accept suffering
The punishment is for your crimes that killed innocence

Now you'll see for eternity into the depths of cruelty

Seeds have been sown, to crush your crown to burn your throne!

Justice grows in strength until it crushes you, in the end
The shocking truth, dismay and fear engulfs every plan
Escape is not an option, no one knows you're here
This is where pain is born: Infected Misery

Wait for the needle to infiltrate your skin
The sooner that we start, the sooner pain begins
Time for retribution it's time for reparation
For years we've hunted and we've tracked you down

How does it feel on the other side of the blows?
Revenge is cold but it heals the most
Sing this tale loud, from up upon the hills
To be a warning to future foes

Killer, Liar, Satan's Messiah, Torture Denier, King of Slaves
Now you're caught and chained to the ground it’s payback time for you
Feel the iron into your back the smell of flesh burns through
Keep on fighting all you want your lips are turning blue

Die slow...

7. Through Unknown

Lead us all, towards an early grave
Tear us apart and murder in god's name
Forget our face, the slave to your own death campaign
Forget ourselves, we're silenced in dismay'

Rise up! We have to take charge
They'll lead us to torment, nail us to the ground!
Feed their ego then cut them unaware
They've raped us and burned us destroyed us in our hordes
Told us we're nothing, nothlng but damn fools
Destroyed us in our name and fed us to the wolves

Lead us all, into a burning lethal refuge
Tear us apart and bury us in shallow graves
Forget our names, today it seems our blood is stained
Forget our pain, and wash away our war with rain

Feed their ego then cut them unaware. Down!
We're off to find solitude as hope's almost gone... Insane!

Hör hur folket kallar oss, finn oss var styrka

Lead us to the sea
The ships give us power to reach victory
Lead us to the sea
After thousands of years we wait eagerly

They deconstruct the enemy
And construct walls of cities
The undead of history
Will live forever in memories

Och när de är borta komhier vi att sakna dem
Vi kommer att hitta ett annat sätt att känna lycksalighet
bortorn mörkret som vaktar oss
Om jag ändrar färg sä förblir jag fridfull

To feel strong unleash the beast
The race of mercenaries
Now at rest they will be missed
They found glory riding through the mist
Heart and soul, and through unknown
A loyal servant rides his Pegasus

8. This Endless War

Here I drown as seasons change
Tried to cope with anxiety
I can't see what is slowly killing me
The force of evil penetrates my dreams

Now I turn into insanity
The fire is alive and burns inside of me
Hope dead and buried of a life with any sleep
A mind-controlled disease will be my legacy

Violent raging thoughts save me from this endless war
Violent misplaced trust, stop me from misguided lust

Tear apart rationality
To find the key that lifts me off my knees
consequence that I'm fighting my beliefs
To understand this mind kills stability

I have not seen through this war
I've reached up to the sky but crashed and almost died
The journey's almost over I can see it in my eyes
Ten thousand needles piercing at my skin

This sickness over time has shattered my last fuse
Rage and brutality beckons my next move

Before I am dormant I will take you1 into my next world. Bastard!
And sleep will no longer be my downfall. Anymore!

As I watch this brain decay
As I run through obscured rain
Into darkness I feel the shame
And it crushes me again

And the reaper has seen my face
Seen it wither and waste away
Time forgotten, these endless days
This fading mind a cold embrace

9. The Wilderness

Through fire and ice I struggle through a new day
When it's hot I'll burn when it's cold I'll freeze
And see the freedom, keep fighting till I say
We are tough we are strong we are not the slaves

And as the earth continues to change
The story moves on but we're the same
And through the sickness we beat all the odds
We climbed so high now we're our own gods

I've done all I can to respect the prophecy
Worshipped the sun who said to me what to see
Now we've come to realize our fate
Its up to us to find the truth

Before we find the liar we must cut back our desires
Burn it ail, pull it down, pave our way
How's mankind been so blind?
In time we'll find a single mind

Here's the day we repent our sorrow
Far away from the roar of the crows
Today is the day when we scream for freedom
Can you feel that this time it's not the same

The fallen ones have left us
With our axe in hand
And when destruction cursed us
We built from sand

The fallen ones have left us
On these barren lands
And when destruction cursed us
We took our stand

One day you all will see
What I foretold
I'm here to live forever
In this wild world

Lie awake in the wilderness,
See serpents in the sky
Lie awake in the wilderness
As time passes you by

I lie awake in the wilderness,
See serpents in the sky
I lie awake in the wilderness
As time passes me by

10. Kingdoms

Long ago, before the cold
We built our roads and weren't alone
We sung with pride, into the night
By candle-light, we were alive

Until the world, started to cry
Flowers they shone, into the sky
And life it seemed, so serene
The end of days, was not foreseen

To rise and fall, into the snow
We were so young, but felt so old
We saw the signs, but were so blind
And thought our lives, would never die

To climb so high in space, but fall so far from grace
We're the chosen ones!
And build from sand, with narrow minds
We thought this day would never come

Broken homes and crumbling walls
Watch them collapse and hit the floor
Years of neglect and endless wars
Took its toll, this broken world

If all the choices made were thrown into the lake
It would turn pitch black!
And though some were wise
Mix them with heinous crimes
Another kingdom destroyed in vain

I've had enough, I'll close my eyes
Take my mind, far from sight
My body's gone, filled with disease
Let me decay with the earth and the trees

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