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1. Irminsul

Where the eye of the hanging one sees far
And the wise in Irminsul observe the stars
Here the holy groves whisper Wodan's name
Here our ancient Gods reside in all their fame

Angria, Eastphalia, Albingia, Westphalia
The four Saxon regions united we are

The Thing gathers all so that wisdom may rule
Here at the feet of our tall Irminsul
So come all my people no fighting you fool
Under the peace of the tall Irminsul

Here we assemble to speak peace and to speak law
And to decide who shall lead us into war
All the people come from near and from far
There's no king here free men we are

2. God Of Mercy

Father: "Thank you wise woman, you herbs and potions have healed the boy"
Healer: It is nothing, thank Nerthus, just give the Goddess a small sacrifice
Priest: Vade retro Malefica. Seize her
Boy screams: "No, leave her!"
Father: "Hold it ... please, I beg you, she did no harm"
Priest: "She is in league with the devil, stand back and keep still or you will share her fate"

On the air I can smell the stench of evil
It is the devil's work you exercise
Vade retro evil demon
I can clearly see through your disguise

Heathen you shall burn
God's mercy you shall learn

The holy cross will purge your power
To the blessed water you must yield
Arrest her now, put her in irons
And in time the truth win be revealed

Heathen you shall burn
God's mercy you shall learn

He's a god full of mercy so your demon he'll defy
As the flames burn your flesh your soul to purify
So we sing all his glory while the witch burns at the stake
We rejoice in his mercy and a peaceful world we'll make

Look at her now bound to the pole
The most blasphemous sins she confessed
But god is great and his mercy endless
Her rotten soul in fire shall be blessed

See the flames reaching for the sky
God has mercy she is purified
A miracle, kneel and pray
God has mercy on those astray

Boy: "Father, why do the Franks hate us so much"
Father: "Because we are Saxons my son, be proud of what you are!"
Boy: "Then tell me our history father, so that I may know who I am."

3. Sahsnotas

I have lived a warrior
I've earned my gold
To do the bloodwork of Rome
And to Sahsnot
I send my prayers
For I am a Saxon now
The warriors' tribe my home

We descent from Alexander the Great
Landed on these shores and
Dirt and dust with gold we paid
We are warriors born to kill and to fight
Stand in our way
And you will die

Brothers of the sword
A Germanic Horde
Oh Sahsnotas Saxons we are

Warriors out to kill
Yes and kill we will
Oh Sahsnotas swordbrothers we are

I and all the warriors
Of the Reudignians
The Angles, Aviones
No more Nerthus
No priest to rule us
For we are Saxon now
And free to choose our own

4. Take To The Sea

A small band of warriors all clad for war
We water the boat and we pull on the oars
We cross to Britannia to find easy prey
Where Roman rule falls to a state of decay

The Saxons come
Fight, steal and run
Making Wodan smile
When we rape all the isle

Take to the sea to find fortune and plunder
Take to the sea, pull the oars hold on tight
Britannia she lies like a virgin so tempting
Take to the sea and we'll play her just right

Salt on our lips and wind in our hair
We are the Saxon, we conquer, we dare
Lites Saxonicum they call these shores
We steal all their gold take their women for whores

5. Hengist

As I lay dying
I hold my sax in my hand
Not to pass without it
A warrior for Wodan must fend
Oh Wodan it won't be long

When I was young we came here
We took this land for our home
Hengist our hero and chieftain
Gone was the power of Rome
White horses float the sky

Hengist Hengist fly white horses
Win the power in all Angelland
Hengist Hengist Saxon forces
For you we all did stand

Vortigern he called us
As we slayed his enemy
We saw the land was fertile
And we took it as a legacy
White horses float the sky

Rowena the daughter of Hengist
Beautiful but treacherous
Vortigern he took her
Blinded by love and lecherous
O Wodan I won't be long

Rowena they are fools and they trust in us
You open the door and we'll use the Sax

Just kill them all stab them dead
Let this lonely hall become their deathbed

The night of the long knifes let them feel
We take all their land and we pay it in steel

6. Runes Of Victory

I carve a rune of victory in my Saxe's steel
The downfall of the Bructeri their fate now sealed
Suitbert the Christian fool we sent away in shame
The Siegesburg stands where he lived to prove our claim

No more rule of the crucified
No more Christian fool
And we all follow Hathagat
Let the heathen rule

Runes of victory
Encarved in thy steel
Blessed by Sahsnotas
We will never yield

Runes of Victory
No we will never kneel
Blessed by Sahsnotas
The power is for real

The Angrivari beaten and the Suerland in our hand
Thuringia it tastes the Sax and adds to our land
Büraburg, Amöneburg, the Franks hide behind walls
Afraid to meet the Sax in field afraid of their own fall

7. Slave Religion

They arrived in the rain
Worn and ragged they came
Just two beggars asking for food
We took them in as a good host should

We took them in for the news they had
But their stories were weird and mad
About a god to whom men must kneel
We put them with the slaves, we are men of steel

Slave religion, a slave religion

And the slaves they listened
For in the end the weak shall stand
One just must kneel and regret
But exactly what I still don't understand

How can you help me
Nailed to the cross hung high
Free men never kneel and your weakness I defy

I'll grind your crucifix to dust
And I shall feed it to my swine
A slave religion you do preach
And your god shall not be mine
Slave religion

I would have slayed them
But hospitality's law forbade
They left with a blessing
But I prefer to trust in my blade

I don't want you to love me
For your love is really hate
I'll go to Valhall and I'll spit your heaven's gate

8. The Fall Of Irminsul

Hundreds of years, skirmishes and war
Many Frankish kings have tried
To conquer us before
This time w were beaten
Their numbers were too large
The Eresburg has fallen
Towards Irminsul they march

Destruction, Violation, Genocide
Without a rule
Desecrate, annihilate
The fall of Irminsul
The knowledge of the ancient
Brought down by a greedy fool
Exterminate a people
The fall of Irminsul

Charles declared a total war
Extinction of a people no less he swore
Children, women, ancient
All are given to the sword
Murder, blood and slaughter
Just to please his Christian Lord

And she looked peaceful
As she stood so tall balancing
The world and the void
So peaceful
Every second she stood
Before she was destroyed

Shock, despair, anger
Scream for revenge

9. Hail Donar

To the Christian god alone we must pray
Execution if we fail to obey
New laws by the Frankish king to bind us
Free men we have been and we will stay thus

...or we will die
...or you will die

Hail Donar take revenge
The rivers run in red
Hail Donar we'll avenge
Defilation and the dead

Hail Donar scream with rage
As we bring the hammer down
The hammer rules where justice reigns
Where free men stand to take the pain
Hail Donar

Wittekind has called to all those who are true
To assemble at the grove of Sünte-Loh
Hold the Althing, sacrifice our Gods of old
Choose a warleader to follow as he told

And then the Franks attack...

Stand strong, hold your Sax tight
The boggy ground will break their line
Fall on them. Kill them
Make them bleed for all their crime

Victory, Victory, Victory Hail Donar
The Franks lie in their blood

10. Blood Court

The sun it rises to a day filled with hope
For Charles offered to confer terms of peace
So to Verden our warriors came unarmed
Trusting his words so the killing may cease

In came the heroes of Sünthe-Lo
Only Wittekind was missing
He did not trust the promise of peace
Granted by a Frankish King


Unarmed they were butchered
While priests chant their tunes
The best of a people lie murdered and ruined
Such is the love of the priests and their lord
But history books will remember Blood Court

There lie the fallen for justice we cry
The priests say a prayer and shrug with a sigh
The king calls it justice, his word is the law
But it was just a slaughter for all that we saw

Wittekind, the only hope left for freedom
Wittekind, the last one to avenge the treason
All the power of the Saxons unite
Wittekind, you must fight

11. The Killing Goes On

As free men under Wittekind
We storm the land
Rage against all Franks we find
Blood on their hand

Scara Franzisca Charle's elite
Run, escape to Paderborn
Their life is all that some could safe
Ragged and torn

On and on the killing goes
The Reaper feeds on souls
Warriors doomed to die
Sacrifice their lives

On and on the killing goes
I'm haunted by the souls
Those who once stood strong
The killing goes on

Fresh soldiers come to reinforce
The Frankish might
So by the Hase river see
Death or victory

Even our women fight along
Raging bare breasted and strong
For three days we kill and bleed
But in the end there is defeat

12. Wyrd Bið Ful Aræd

Let's embrace our enemies
Frankish troops are passing us by
They burnt our past and heritage
You will greet them you will die

Let's deny our Gods and rites
May the past be black and burnt
For there is a future for us all
When the tides have turned

Washed away by holy water
The sins of our enemies
No higher price to stop the slaughter
Drenched in blood we bow to thee

You can't choose your fate. Whatever there will be
You can't turn away. Wherever you will go
There is no escape, oh no you can't escape
From the twists of fate. Wyrd bið ful aræd

When leaders have to kneel and pray
And kings have to obey
Oh brothers, sisters raise your heads
For there is no brighter day

Oh Wittekind accept your fare
How could you dare to doubt
Bow your head and be baptised
Or your people'll be wiped out

By death and destruction
Through murder and hate
We will always be led
Blindfold by fate

Tomi Göttlich — Bass
Michael Seifert — Vocals
Oliver Geibig — Guitars
Stephan Karut — Guitars
Timo Schneider — Drums

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