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1. Vi Seglar Mot Miklagard

De foro manligen
Fjärran efter guld
Och österut
Gävo örnen föda
De dogo söderut
I särkland

Jag gav mig iväg
Med väastan I rygg
Med manskap och fä
Jag kände mig trygg

Längväg vi kommit
Pä vatten, pä land
När fjärran nu nalkas
Jag saknar min strand

Genom dal över hed
Vi seglar I österled
I stormar sä härd
Vi närmar oss Miklagard

Blott den vet
som vida reser
och fjärran farit har
vad lynnesart
Leder envar
Han vet, vad vett är

Genom dal över hed
Vi seglar I österled
I stormar sä härd
Vi närmar oss Miklagard

2. Sweden

Father, I've found a ship
to take me away
Pack my box and get me ready
No time to waste astray
Father, in a week I will be gone
To Miklagard on dragon's wings
There's riches to be won

To Uppsala
Odin and Thor
May they guard my way
Where I've never walked before

Sweden, oh Sweden
My fatherland my home
I pray to see your shores again
Tomorrow I'll be gone

Sweden, oh Sweden
Heathen stronghold in the black
Odin walks amidst your trees
May he guide me back

I saw an old man passing by
Under his cloak the flicker of an eye
As I turned
to ask his name
He was gone just as he came
I know I'm not alone
He will watch me far from home
And his wisdom be the light
And his courage in the fight

Odin, to Uppsala I shall come
To honour you with sacrifice
as it must be done
Oh Odin, I raise my hands to thee and pray
Give me strength and wisdom
There'll be danger in my way

3. Free

As the dragon cuts the waves
Strong winds take us east
Like the wings of a beast

Salt on my lips again
I put my face in the wind
Oh, let the the saga begin
Let the saga begin

Heading where brave have traveled
What eyes have never seen
Miklagard we're on our way
Where few have ever been

Danger, toil and trouble
Death may lie ahead
But I'd rather die in glory
Than fade away in bed

Free, so free
The waves of the see
The taste of the wind
Urging us on and the saga begins

Free, so free
In the storm you will see
Holding on with a grin
Odin with us let the saga begin

From Dorestadt in franconia
The best swords that are made
In gold they be weighted

Amber from Haithabu
The gold of our shore
We got plenty in store

We'll sell on eastern markets
And silken cloth we'll buy
Spices, glass and jewellery
A pleasure to the eye

There is a fortune waiting
For Those who choose this way
A saga to be written
To be told on future days

4. On The Edge Of Life

The raging storms lead us north
Along the icy Neva's shores
Sailing ever north

A strange white light floats on the clouds
The silence screams at us so loud
Faces in the clouds

Through this world of ice and snow
In the dawn strange creatures glow
Frozen giants passing by
Standing on the edge of the life
Sailing on and never stop
Hold the sails don't let them drop
Here the stranded have to die
Sailing on the edge of life

An icy lake before us lies
Frozen smiles in weary eyes
Cold and empty eyes

Following the northern star
As we head for Ladoga
The northern star


The land where ancient giants dwell
What is real who can tell
Eager eyes they seem to stare
Ghastly sigths in the air

Who claims my soul who knows the deal
Claws of ice I can feel
Stone cold fingers touch my heart
Hold it tight tear it apart


5. Ulfberth

Across the rivers and the sea
Here is what you want and need
Swords from Franconia
Their blades shining like a star

We search the furs that you hold
We'll pay fairly as I told
Coming peaceful for the trade
So come close don't be afraid

But you did not come for trade
Faces grim you draw your blades
You might have picked your victims wrong
Northern warriors bold and strong

[Pre chorus:]
Cause norsemen we are
From the land of ice so far
If you choose to pick a fight
The price might well be your life

Ulfberth Ulfberth – sword of a master
Whistling death as I swing thee faster
Ulfberth Ulfberth – spin like a wheel
Dealing death – steel you feel

So my Ulfberth he starts
To come alive like a beating heart
Moving vivid in my hand
A dance of death certain end
Springing lightly from throat to throat
A kiss of steel where once was hope
Digging deep a smile in red
Shattered words on lips of death

Have I told you not before
The price is high you know the score
On the ground your comrades lie
And like fools you run away

[Pre chorus]


6. The Rus

From the lands of Sweden they came
862 was the year
Sailing under the flag
Of Rurik spreading fear

Novgorod was their stronghold called
The lands around they subdue
Blonde warriors cunning
Mighty and true

The rivers they rule
Warriors to the core
The Rus they are called
Standing proud and tall
Here their word is the law
The Rus they are called

Swjatoslav their present king
His names's like thunder on the plain
He conquered the bulgars
And chasars by sword and flame


They rule the rivers to Miklagard
And to pass we must pay
A mighty kingdom
to last for many a day

7. Kiew

As Rurik fought in Novgorod
Askod and Dyr they went on
To build a town on Dnepr's banks
To rise mighty and strong

Look out friends there she lies
In the days fading light
The mighty city of the Rus
In all her beauty and pride

Rising mighty and tall
The castle guarding your walls
On Dnepr's shores you stand
The river's rule you defend
Oh Kiew Kiew
Never to fall
Kiew Kiew

[Repeat chorus]

There's taverns plenty mugs of beer
Ladies give inviting smiles
Just what we need
After weeks on the sea
And we enjoy it all for a while

Many stories we hear
About the rapids ahead
Treacherous and mean like Loki's child
Taking the lives of many man
As Ymir angry and wild

[Repeat chorus x2]

8. Aifur

Towards the rapids
Down the Dnepr did we glide
To cross Esuppi was a wild water ride
And past Holmfors and Geladri did we steer
Her voice like thousand demons
Ringing in our ear

Aifur now before us lies
And we stare with open eyes
Upon the rapid waters racing down

She is dangerous and strong
Slow the ship as we go on
And the currents pull
The dragon down oh down

Aifur the wild
Raging waters over rocks
Sharp as a sword for attack

Aifur the wild
May Thor guide the ship
Past your demons so black
Violent forever more

I stand amidst the boiling waters
Towering high
The rocks are sharp
And slippery watch out or die
Against the currents
40 Viking warriors fight
For many hours now
Until the break of night

Watch your feet never slip
Hold the boat don't lose the grip
All the power worn the strength is gone

Just one more hour and we're through
Aifur now we've challenged you
Come on brothers tug the dragon on

9. Taste Of Steel

Snake eyed warriors spot the prey
Wild horses race where dragons lay
Arrows dense and deadly fall
Valkyrias ride as death will call

We turn the boat for shelter now
Arrows knocking on her bough
Wave after wave shot after shot
Stay in shelter save your blood

Save your blood
to grant a taste of steel
My Petschenegan friends

Are you hungry for blood
Well I shall feed you steel
Ground your face in the mud
A taste of taste of steel

Do you move for the kill
Well I shall feed you steel
Feel the battle's thrill
A taste of taste of steel

Dismounted now with battle cry
Petschenegans time to die
Face to face and steel to steel
How does the Norsemen's anger feel

Cut and slice for blood and gore
You want my life what is the score
Here I stand you cowards come
Or trust your heels the living run

Trust your heels
to fight another day
My Petschenegan friends

[Chorus x3]

10. God Of Thunder

We've made the way
To Kiew and the rapids we survived
The Dnepr now runs
Peaceful as the dragon swiftly glides
An island in the waters
With ancient oaks appears
A place to hail the thunder god Thor
I fell you near

[Pre chorus:]
7 goats we brought
As a sacrifice
So Thor may smile
We offer blood for life

And gold we have
To bury here
Make strong our arm
So we shall never fear (never fear)

Oh god of thunder
Thy power rise
Raise the swords
Accept our sacrifice

Oh god of thunder
We call to thee
Thy hammer rules
Now and for eternity

The pole amidst the oaken circle
Holds an ancient spell
Runes carved in the blackened wood
Where mighty spirits dwell
Seven times we walk the circle
Leading our goats
Offering their blood
As we open up their throats

[Pre chorus]

[Chorus x3]

11. Our Backs To The Wind

Many a month on the rivers
Of these foreign lands
All the dangers we've mastered
Under Odin's hand

But as the Dnepr widens
I can feel the breeze from the sea
And the seagull's laughter
Sounds like home to me

A song of home. And to be free

Oh put our backs
To the wind once more
Set the sails for a distant shore
On the waves of the black sea ride
Brothers in arms side by side

Put our dragons on the open sea
Where a Norseman may feel free
Wake the spirit in every man
Put our backs to the wind again

And we are sailing southbound
Towards the city of stone
Many tales we have heard
Of it's wonders unknown

After weeks of sailing
Its towers
in the sun dusk appear
And we glaze at its wonders
Up to the city we steer

In awe we watch
Its walls draw near

[Chorus x2]

12. Miklagard

I saw you in my fever dreams
Mighty walls of shining grace
From a different world it seems
A golden glimmer on my face

Across the lands, across the sea
I've traveled far I will succeed
And now I am passing through your gate
Within these walls there lies my fate

The golden roofs of Miklagard
I see you shining in the sun
My destiny lies within these walls
Oh Miklagard

Palaces of gold and stone
The riches of the world for trade
A harbour larger than the fjords at home
A city that the gods have made

From the lands of ice I came
To Miklagard for honour and fame
One of the emperor's guard to be
Varangian truth for all to see

[Chorus X3]

13. The Uprising

I've been to Sicily to fight the Arabs back
In Odin's name I raised my axe for the attack
Serving in Haralds ranks, for honour and for fame
And now we're back in the grand town
to raise our claim

[Pre chorus:]
Storm and fire
we'll provoke to those
Standing in our way, a sanguine river flows

Call on the warriors
Varangians unite
Dethrone the emperor
The gods want us to fight

Remember the good times
When we were young and full of pride
The uprising begins, the palace burns
Head for the storm with us or die

Open the dungeon gates for Harald to break free
Let's follow him in union and for victory
Down To the chapel where the emperor tries to hide
Michael the 5th you're dead and gone, by Odin's might

[Pre chorus]

[Chorus x3]

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