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1. Born A Rebel

Ride ride
Let the power take you way into the night
We were born to die
Ride ride
We were raised to lead the ordinary life
What a kind of life

Bad to the bone we ride a nightmare through your dreams
Can't you feel the surge for freedom forget eternity
The good die young we'll burn but never fade away
There is a lust for destruction don't dream your life away

Hear the voices on the wind
Start the engines the ride begins

Evil ride on
Thundering down the highway
Born a rebel till the end
Born a rebel till the end

Spewn outa hell we'll dance around your open grave
No more broekn promises nothing left to save
We all die young with demons riding on our back
There is no golden paradise eternity is black

And when the end will come my friend
There is nothing to complain
I choose this life I took it all
I'll be the only one to blame

But I shall still ride on the wind forevermore
Within the storm you'll hear my voice
I'll be the dust along road that you ride
It was my life it was my choice

Born a rebel let the spirit never die
Don't take their answers raise your hand
Born a free man don't believe in all their lies
Born a rebel till the end
Born a rebel till the end

2. Adrenalin

Are you looking for the ultimate kick
For the drug to gain some speed
Forget cocaine its Adrenaline
And heavy meral that's what you need

Burning like a fire like a demon in the night
Feeding on your energy you know we've got the right
Eating up the miles we're heading down the motorway
And we never stop you know it well we're here to stay

Got the power to take it to the top
Filled with energy never to drop
I am agression I run through the walls that you keep
Adrenalin the ultimate speed

Playing hard and playing fast we never turn it down
Welcome to our metal blast we'll turn your worlds around
Raging through your hometown through the streets you know so well
Tonight we rule we'll take the streets we'll take you down to hell

3. One For All

Built of metal
Of gleaming steel
Mighty and invincible
And fear I never feel

Screaming warcries
Like an iron bird of prey
Hungry for the power
Choosing our way

I was brought up by the wolves no way I'm turning back
There's a world against us ready for attack
I've been a fighter all my life no way I'm giving in
Call me a devil's child then I'll live in sin

And still we march and never fall
We're standing proud we're standing fall
We're holding on
One for all

And there are few I can recall
Who rise above the crowd so tall
We're holding on
One for all

Angry and wild
Hearts burning deep within
Never turn the back on you
You'll stab the knife right in

Raging through the town
Forever free
Born to be a rebel
Born to be your enemy

The harder that you come the harder I shall be
I'll never trust in you I am your enemy
There's no way to stop me I'm just like a stallion
This is what I live this is my own rebellion

And the world is never with us
So we must hold on alone
But heroes never falter
And the lonely one is strong

And we got our friends to count on
Through the hard times and the rain
So we'll never play your rules
It is our life it is our game

4. Word Is War

I dwell up high
I send my armies off to die
I smile with glee
I hold the lead you won't be free

And as your children march to fight
To hail the glory of my name
They're taking lives they're spilling blood
This is the nature of my game

Kneel down and pray
For paradise
You will rise

My word is war
Writ' in blood to roam your mind forevermore
Word is war
My word is war

My word is war
Born in hell to seek you out to eat you raw
Word is war
My word is war
Word is war

Your skull white bone
They fill my hall and on my thorne
I sit I rule
All the warriors all the fools

I hear the voices from the grave
They sing the glory of my name
I bath in blood I drink your life
This is the nature of my game

5. Dragons Fly

We'll sail across the seas for glory and for gold
Raid the Saxon shores tales are to be told
One thousand northern warriors axes made of steel
Our banners drenched in blood the nightmare it is real

On the wing of the storn
We let the dragons fly
Dragons fly
Like the raven through the air
Come and let the dragons fly
Drgons fly

We ride the northern winds icy and stone cold
Born for battle heroes don't grow old
Burn your churches to the ground and hang your priests up high
Feed the ravens in the sky

Into battle like a berserk now we storm for the attack
Cut and kill we take your life as your world fades into black
Northern gods their battle song is what you hear before you die
Singing hail in Odin's name as his thunder cracks the sky

6. Queen Of Spades

There's a beating of wings
On the cold night air
And the wind seems to moan in despair

It's a summoning spell
And it's calling thy name
You follow to from where it came

Listen to the voices there's evil in disguise
You fall in the blackness of her eyes

Follow the evil
A spell has been cast
In the vaults of the Queen of Spades

Fall for seduction
Her beauty will last
In the vaults of the Queen of Spades

Queen of Spades
Princess of the dark
Queen of Spades
Evil eyes under blood red skies

Become a devil's child
As you step in your dream
She waits with a smile
There is nothing obscene

There's a light in the dark
And beauty in hate
So you fell for the Queen of Spades

There's no way to return
She rules a world of her own
In her vaults you are never alone

7. Iron Flames

Fading hope, as the hours pass by
Minutes running through your hands
All the tears stained, no need to cry
Is this life or just a reason to pretend

You face your fate
The dungeons await
Before you burn
There is agony to learn
You've never been the one to blame

How can you stand as
Pain closes in
I'm locked in fire
The Iron Flames burning

The grip of death
Tell us where was your sin
I'm locked in fire
The Iron Flames burning

There is coldness in the prayers of love
Or is it just a surge for power
Never meant this way or did Jesus pray
To lock innocence in the tower

You give your life
To satisfy
All christian men to stern
For you there's agony to learn

Is there any true belief?

Let the brush-wood burn
See the faces turn
Sending your message through history

8. Through The Fire

Welcome friend, you are invited to join us till the end
Come on in and close the door behind you, take my hand
Leave all your sins and troubles out of there blessed walls
I'm your show master now, judgement day it's called

Hear the wolves outsdide
They want us dead, no mercy in their eyes
But god gave me a sign
We can be saved, say god bye now, see you the other side

Follow me right through the fire
It will purify your sins
Keep belief, I'm the messiah
And judgement now begins

Is it a flicker of doubt, is it fear within your eyes
Now there is no return trust and you shall rise
No, I never let you go, a sheep belongs to it's flock
Look around and realize that all the dorrs are locked

Hear the wolves outside
No one of us will leave this house alive
The die is cast my friend
You'll have to follow me walk through the fire to your end

9. Devils Child

You call my kind of music devil's work
You say I live in sit but I want it all
O am of Babylon
The pleasures of the flesh
I rule the thunderstorm
I'm oreaching rock'n'roll

You call our women the fallen angels
Like sirens they would lure our souls
We are of Babylon hard to satisfy
The seed of evil
Burning out before I die

Don't need your faith your religion
I was born a devil's child
I'm gonna stay the way I am
Free and wild

Don't wanna bow my head
I was born a devil's child
I never kneel I'm standing strong
Free and wild

What is right what is wrong
I don't care what you say
Too much blood has been spiled
In the name of the god that you pray
The word is war that you pray

Ruthless liars
Like rats you lead the dumb who can not see
Into your heaven
Then hell is where I'll choose to be
I'm a devil's child
A devil's child

10. Meet Your Demon

Deep down in your mind where there's evil to find
I dwell in the shade of the sun
You know me I rise when the smiler have all gone

I rule all the pain and madness will rain
From dark clouds hiding the day
No way out there;s black in a world of decay

Meet your demon take a dip in the night
These doors are open there is evil in sight

Meet your demon take a sip of his breath
You look at your own face you look at your death

Come on meet your demon
Shake his hand say hi
Come on meet your demon
Be a nice boy don't say good bye

Meet your demon
Meet your demon

Depression it brings as I open my wings
A touch on the shores deep within
All is mine the fear and the deed and the sin

Just come with me take a look and you'll see
All the emptiness deep in your soul
Here I rule there's a universe you've never known

Meet your demon come on take your pill
You stare at the ceiling he will find you still

Meet your demon you can not run away
He's a faithful companion and he's here to stay

11. Power Of Evil

Shadows hide the battlefield as daylight fades away
The ghosts of fallen angels are picking up the prey
The spirit of the heroes that once fought for the light
Is crushed down on the blood soaked earth now where is all their pride

You - you are the last man standing tall
Fighting for the sacred grale but knowing you will fall
Now - that there is nowhere you can hide
Standing strong until the end your fate it will decide

Stand alone
You fight alone
You die alone
You will die

The power of evil
Power of evil
Ancient and old

The gods of destruction
Gods of all evil
Blood turns to stone

You're waiting on a barren hill to watch the enemy
Closing up upon the last man standing free
Armies of the darkness so numerous and cruel
You know your time is over and the devils take the rule

You - the anger rising in your mind
Agony's forgotten as you march against their lines
No - you will never bow your head
Sacrifice your life you know that eve will see you dead

There was a mighty clash as his sword spoke in thunder
Dividing the waves of his enemies,
Their bodies falling in thousands from his strokes.
With every cut his anger grows as he stands on piles of the slain
Hell itself seems to rise spewing out countless creatures that seem to mock
life itself so
But the last man is still standing strong on the edge time clad
In his in his fierce anger and the battle seems to rage on forevermore

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