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album: "Arise: From Ginnungagap To Ragnarök - History Of The Vikings, Vol. III" (2009)

1. War
2. Arise
3. Asgard
4. Odin
5. Runes
6. Bolverk
7. Thor
8. Evil
9. Loki
10. Prelude
11. Ragnarök
12. Einherjar

1. War

Odin I am the son of Bor
The Norns sung my fare
Ravens beside me evermore
In a world to be made

But you who are you
The Giants of Ice
Ymir you think you rule
Ten thousands won't suffice

It's a war of thousand years
Between courage and your fears
It's a war an endless fight
Between darkness and light

It's a war of thousand years
There is life and endless tears
It's war where giants fall
Gods shall stand tall

Odin I am standing strong
Amidst bloodshed's agony
Vili and Ve hold our long
Oh my brothers next to me

Where is Ymir he must die
Then his breed will be gone
Fall upon him hear his cry
This battle is won

2. Arise

From Ymir's flesh the earth was made
And from his blood the seas
Crags from his bones, trees from his hair
His skull made the sky so free

From his eyebrows the blessed gods
Made Midgard for the sons of men
And from his brains
Storm-threatening clouds

Midgard arise
From the ashes of a thousand years of war
The spark of life
Touch the elm and the ash tree
Deep within their core

Mankind arise
Take possesion of the land, sea and shore
The Spark of Life
The spark of life darkness is no more

From Muspelsheim fire was taken
To shine over Midgard
Put in a chariot to be drawn
Across the sky

Sol the driver hunted day for day
By Skoll the wolf
So finally on Ragnarök
The sun will die

3. Asgard

Ash tree of life
Keep in balance
The worlds as apart they strife

Rooted deep in Jotunheim
In Nilfheim near Hyergelmir
And in Gladsheim in Asgard

Oh Asgard where Gods dwell
As the ancient Sagas tell
Bifrost cross may those who die
Where Valkyries fly

Oh Asgard and Gladsheim
Hope to see it in my time
Passing Heimdall as I die
Where Valkyries fly

Heroes who are gone
Fight and drink each day anew
Till Ragnarök may come

The Einherjars' home
Reliving battle's glory
The armies of Asgard

4. Odin

Fly fly Hugin and Munin
Thoughts and memories you have seen
Ravens sit on my shoulders
I must know what has been

Gunghir made of Yggdrasil's own wood
Show the world who I am
Odin the father of gods
Berserks die screaming my name

Father of all the Gods
Odin I am
Slayer of giants of ice
Odin I am

Reaper of battlefields
Odin I am
Master of runes and war
Odin I am

I sit in my halla on Hlidskialf
I can see the future and the end
Ragnarök death of the Gods
Where I'll make my final stand

I strove to find future and knowledge
When I drank from wisdom's spring
One eye I gave to Mimir the guardian
Sadness id the song left to sing

5. Runes

I know myself hanging there
For nice icy nights
Facing the endless darkness around me

Wounded by my own spear
On the wind cold tree
I am Odin - Hallowed by my own rite

A tree unknown the roots be sprouts
Lets my life slowly fade
From a bough of Yggdrasil I hung
Committed to my fate

Delivered to the fright
Of endless ice and night
I had to gaze into the misty world
Of Niflheim - the dire northern frost empire
In my self chosen solitude

Runes you will reveal
In the dust of ancient times
Remember my sacrifice
When I hung for these nine nights

Runes they were concealed
In the dust of ancient times
I died to be reborn
When I suffered these nine nights

When I begun to grow
Evanescent by pain
I sunk from the tree with a sigh

The knowledge of the dead I learnt
Cause only cruelty can forge
And then word just followed word

6. Bolverk

Kvasir was killed
And his blood turned into
A mead giving wisdom to thee

Sutton the giant
He locked it away
In Hnitbjork, he won't set it free

Odin, for wisdom's sake
Empty Odrornir to spit it all out
Over Midgard as to make
The song come alive, sung out loud

Bolverk Bolverk
Odin's trickery
To lie with a giantess
Three days in a row
Bolverk Bolverk

Giant snake and eagle
To soar in the sky
As wisdom you will glow

In the middle of the mountain
The mead guarded by
Gunlod a giantess fair

Odin she saw
Disguised in a lie
His manhood eager to dare

Three days he did last
And the mead he did drink
Into an eagle he turned to fly
The mead he did spit
As to make Midgard think
And the giantess he left to cry

7. Thor

The son of Odin the Godfather
And Jord the Earthmother
Was an unruly child
Furious and wild
Too strong to be tamed
And yet too young to be sane

Oh my son spoke Odin until you grow of age
To control your temper and your rage
You must live with the keepers of the lightning
Who are used to power so frightening

Oh father look at me what I've become
My feet are lightning I am your son
My voice thunder under brooding skies
My hammer cracks skulls as giants die

Oh Odin it's been long but I've come home
My feet never touch Bifrost for I tread too strong
I've come to claim my seat now in Gladsheim
Bilskirnir shall be my palace the home of mine

Mjölnir my hammer I hold it strong
Defender of Asgard where I belong
On my chariot the wildest storms I'll ride
As thunder speaks and lightning strikes and
Mjölnir hits I'll rule the night

Thor - Giants hide the fear
When they feel thy hammer near
Falling from the sky
Skulls cracked die

Thor - Keep chaos hard at bay
As with broken skulls they lay
Their life at your feet
Death doth greet

Father I'm not afraid to meet my fate
On Ragnarök the final stand dues to be paid
Father by your side I'll proudly die
On Ragnarök chaos prevails gods shall die

Father Magni and Modi shall overlive
My pride my sons live to give
After death father there's life to come
For in our sons father we will live on

8. Evil

These evil creatures must
According to the Nornes
Be dealt with now and quick handed

So under Odin's guide
Angrboda seek at night
And leave her bound and undefended

Hel become the queen
In Nilfheim receive esteem
By those who die
Without honour in their lives

Rotten as you are
Away with you away so far
Hel you nourish on
Those dead and gone

Extinguish the Evil, to save our lives
The world will come down if
Loki's breed survives
Extinguish the Evil
And Angraboda his wife
The world will come down if
Loki's breed survives

Jormungard we throw
Into the deepest sea
Sinking down to live or die

May the waters hide
Her till Ragnarök
And keep her out of our eye

Fenris look at me
A wolf like I've never seen
I've always liked your kind
Looks like you are first in line

Can't send you away
In Asgard's forest hunt for prey
So I Odin speak
May my word be received

9. Loki

Well you may call me evil
Cause I stole Sif's hair
But I went to Svartalfheim
To settle the fate
And you may claim
Balder's death upon my soul
But you know his light hurt my eyes
And so his life I stole

What would Odin be
Without Gunghir I gave
And to Thor I presented
Mjölnir as a fave
What would Asgard be
Without the wall I had you build
And Sleipnir born of my guilt

Lord of Chaos
Brother of wisdom
The other side of good
Lurking in your mind
Lord of Chaos
By evil kissed and
Your other side
The evil I will find

Thor, when Mjölnir was stolen by Thrym
Was it not me who took you to him
And I saw you in disguise as a wife as a thief
Until mighty Mjölnir you could retrieve

And with Angraboda all right
It was a hot and drunken night
Never knew what she would bear
But for my children I must care
But how dare you bind me
And not let death find me
I swear I'll get you back on Ragnarök

10. Prelude

When Skoll and Hati are on their prowl
To devour the sun and the moon
When all the stars will fall from the sky
To let the earth shake in its doom

Judgement day has come
For all the life that walks the sun

When Fenris is breaking
Away from his chains
Spitting his fire upon the ground
The Midgard snake ashore
Is flooding the earth
With poison emblazing
Sea and clime

Made from the nails of finger and toe
Of the dead, Naglfar sets afloat
Summoned by the turmoil and riot around
The sons of Muspell come crossing now

11. Ragnarök

I see them marching
On the quaking battleground
Pale-faced fallen braves
Arriving in with mighty sound
In line with the Asir battled
And prepared to fight
The one and final battle
To be fought on Odin's side

After years of struggle
Fimbulwinter had arrived
To herald the downfall
And the end of all times
On the lands of Wigrid
Hel's entourage to defy
The Einherjars from Valhall
All predestined here to die

Heimdall blows his mighty horn
A warning for the Gods
Odin rides to Mimir's well
To seek advice, at once

All the Asir and the fallen
Are storming against Hel's force
Led by Odin in his armor
With a helm of gold and horse

And when Freyr falls
By the blow of the flaming sword

Ragnarök - Fire's hurling round the earth
Ragnarök - Swallowing the whole wide world
Ragnarök - The prediction is fulfilled
Ragnarök - Many Gods have been killed

The hellhound Garm and Tyr
They both die in their raging fight
Thor, he beats the Midgard snake
Just to perish close aside

Vidar lost his father Odin
Now he seeks out for revenge
Devourer Fenris has to yield
Torn apart by Vidar's hands

Heimdall - Loki, both lie slain
Evil prevails in the end

12. Einherjar

Peace descending slowly
On the fields of blood
Eyes staring empty
Life runs in the mud
Skogul clad in mist
To choose amidst the gore
Those fallen heroes
Whom Hel shall have nevermore

To drink forever
Valkyries serving Heidrun's mead
To feast on Saehmnir's meat
Daily risen from the dead

To live a warrior's life
Reckless and hard
To walk, to live, to breathe, to die
The honour of Asgard

Come all you heroes
The slain of battlefields
Einherjars warriors
Your fate long revealed

Come sons of Odin
Welcome in Valhall
Einherjars heroes
On Wigrid thou shalt fall

To sit with Odin
His guest and adopted son
To live in Valhall
Until Ragnarök may come

To fight aside the Gods
On Wigrid's fields of blood
To die a second time
Within the final flood

On Wigrid thou shalt fall

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