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1. Hyperthension

Seried by stress hateful energy
blood is boiling, trying to break free
temper flames, destruction takes its place
killing power uncontrolled disgrace

Draining the strength from your tired soul
robbed of your life to relax
tightening vices taking their toll
inflicting these deadly attacks

Hot blood runs cold

Death sentence from the day you're burn
pressure curse, your skin is ripped and torn
veins bulge, your body's glowing red
hyperthension is leaving you for death

Nervous wreck, hell bent of self destruction
can't break apart this arterial obstruction
cardiac, rate of pulse increase
strained heart, you're soon to be deceased

2. The Marshall Arts


3. Taste The Floor

All the pool hall, hustling dough
I'll beat the panzies and then I'll go
out to the bar, to pick a fight
main some redneck then hit the night
why am I always in a mood like this
I don't know, ain't no psychiatrist
this nagging feeling, that I've got won't quit
I feel no pain and I don't give a shit

Left, right, fight-taste the floor
two, four, move-out the door

Music magazines with fags on the front
they dress like women, their message is blunt
they make their money, but they're doing it wrong
kissing ass and writing radio songs
bying their records and seeing their shows
the general public likes their panty hose
I'm not as younged as I used to be
but I'll still be thrashing at a hundred and three
(you'll see)
but they think I'm psycho, they think I'm deranged
I wear my leather, but I'm not that strange
I walk the streets but I hate what I see
like a book by it's cover, they're judging me
(fuck off!)

4. Below The Belt

They called me a liar, a cheat and a thief
they called me a sleaze and a creep
they said I was stupid, they said I was wrong
they told me my brain was asleep
they new all along that I'd take revenge
get even for all of their lies
the truth doesn't hurt as much as this dirt
so now I must plot their demise

Don't: don't critisize or try to be wise
or I'll kick you in the teeth
don't: don't make me fight, at least not tonight
or they'll be laying your wreath

Don't know who they are but they can't be far
so I'll hurt them down and make 'em pay
I've heard it before, I've heard it too much
I heard it only yesterday
they think they are smart, thy think they're tough
well let 'em say it to my face
cause when I am through, I'll promise you
below the belt, my fist I'll place

5. Behind Bars

You never thought I'd do it, you never say it coming
but it happened and they caught you in the act
I used you for a set-up I used you for a decay
and you fool: you went and fell into the trap
you took me for an ally but I knew you were an enemy
you got what you deserved because I'm shrewd
you knew I was an expert in the art of pulling rip-offs
but you never dreamed I'd put the heat on you

I took the cash: you took the fall
you get arrested: I had a ball
you went to jail: I stole your car
I'm having fun while you're behind the bars

You tried to tell the cops but they laugh right in your face
but now they're gonna throw the book at you
tough lesson for a rookie but they caught you with the cookie
and now your brief carreer as thief is through
I'm the master scammer while they threw you in the slammer
I was in your car and made my getaway
I'm counting tens and twenties, yeah, I'm counting all our money
and you know I'm gonna spend it all today

So if you wanna pull a heist you'd better get some good advice
before you meet another creep like me
don't really think you like your cell, I think you'd rather be in hell
but now I know the art of running free
I know you really hate me and I know you wanna waste me
but I also know you're smarter than you look
so when they do parole you and you think you're on a roll
you'd better think before I bait another hook
(for you)

6. I'll Only Say It Once

I'll only say it once, don't ask me to repeat it
like I said before, I don't like you
just once you met me, and you don't wanna bet me
you'd better like what I'm about to do
so where'd you stach the money, no don't make me look
you want to live another day my friend
lay it on the line 'cause you know what's yours in mine
the word we chose to use that day was lend

You only live once, better run fast
I don't need excuses, I like it to last
you only live once, better run fast

I'll only say it once, that was my old lady
hey, don't let me see you talk or touch
I'm not too good with pity so be telling the whole city
be telling them that I'm too fucking much
cause there was another man that crossed the line just once
just ask, if only he could talk
his face has soft of changed this guy I rearranged
he ran now if only he could walk

I'll only say it once, this here is my bottle
just n case I need to drink
if you run out of wine, remember that it's mine
that should be enough to make you think
I've worked for what I own, nobody's gonna take it
so shake it off before you dare
I'll just like ice, I'll never say it twice
I'm just like the electric chair

7. Enforcer

I'm outside every night
I prowl around with hate
revenge is mine, I will kill
enforce your bloody fate
I take my time, what's the rush
I've already won
waiting for a moment
damage will be done

Looking outside while you're sleeping
certain death is slowly creeping
this is real, you're not dreaming
no one hears your morbid screaming
Enforcer: force ya

God has called your number out
your dying lets me live
murder is my only thought
the gift that I must give
you've crossed my path too often
you thought that you had won
I've sentenced you to die in hell
the sentence has begun

Enforcer: your life means so little to me
enforcer: I'll waste you and then I'll be free
enforcer: regretting that we ever met
enforcer: you struggle but you're last the bet

8. Violent Restitution

Backstabbit turncoat
I caught you in the act
lowdown lying scumbag
I'm gonna break your back
you thought that you could pull it off
but I saw through your game
now my hands are on your throat
you've got yourself to blame
Violent restitution: you ain't seen nothing yet
violent restitution: I'm playing back the clebt

First I choke you 'til you puke
then I'll gouge your eyes
then it's time to break your spine
my promices aren't lies
and when you think it's over
and my debt in paid
I'll smash your face to pieces
with my trusty spade

Here I come
now you're dead
get your woman
in my bed
now I laugh
while you cry
it's been fun
but now you die... DIE!

9. Out Of The Game

I should've kept my big mouth shut
I should've known my place
this always happens every time
I'm leaving in disgrace
my self-control is facing
my anger's on the rise
a temper tantrum on the lose
I'm hatred and despised

#: Out of the game: this time I'm really gone
out of the game: but I won't be for long

Patience is a virtue
at least that's what they say
but I don't have a time to waste
to try a different way
hatred is my weapon
violemce is my friend
and that's the way it's gonna be
until the very end (my friend) #

Out of the game: believe me when I say
out of the game: there'll be a price to pay

10. Edge Of Razor

The feel of blade in my hand
Violence! Violence!
the power to kill many men
picking my victims and taking revenge
the voices are inside my head
slicing your jugular, skaling your strength
won't let up, until you are dead

Save your life, hide your wife form my knife
stand and fight for it
blood to spill, before I kill, test your will
stand and fight for it

Possessed by the feeling that's strange
Murder! Murder!
I've gone through a psychotic change
I used to be normal, I used to feel love
but now all I feel is remorse
a victim of lower society
now nature has taken its course
all my friends were beaten to death
so now I've gotta even the score
killing everything I can find
then I'm gonna kill some more
I know there's a price on my head
they'll hand me for the things that I do
the edge of my razor is sharp
and now I'm gonna use it to you

I'm gonna spread the pain again
Torture! Torture!
Killing's the best thing I've found

11. Eve Of The Storm

Searching to find presence of mind
cranking the volume for kicks
inflicting true pain, awaiting the rain
looking for my metal fix
poetic hate, unmerciful fate
bringing my music to life
grinding machine, decibel stream
feeling the point of knife
artform of butchers, eve of the storm
the power is yours for the night
chaos and power true to the form
we're partying through to the light
taking for fools, ignoring the rules
doing what's right in our hearts
searching for truth, preserving our youth
intensity right from the start
hyping our cause, writing our laws
they told me the good times were gone
laugh in their face, such a disgrace
I guess it was the time to move on
fiery eyes the sign of the wise
something I'm doing for fun
can't explain why I've got to try
there's no way that I'm gonna run
playing it fast, just like the past
it's all just a part of my style
you'll never know what makes us go
I guess I'll be hanging a while

12. Discipline

Take out your whip and give me the pressure I crave
put on your leather and beat me until I behave
woman, you know that I love to be punished by you
how take off your clothes because know it's my turn to be cruel

Dominate, dominate
welts all over my chest
discipline, discipline
baby, your pain is the best

Inflict me with bruises and watch as I scream with delight
humiliate me, I last for your violence tonight
kiss me, then hit me, then tease me, then boss me around
my body is aching with lust so we'd better get down

Hurts good.

Back at your apartment you turn out your lights
light a few red candles, I'm gonna spend the night
you tie me to your bed with rope, you've got some heavy chains
I'm getting ready for some love that's painfully insane
my clothers are gone, the candle wax is dripping on my chest
your fingernails into my flesh, you put me to the test
I love the fire in your eyes, I wanna be your slave
tomorrow I'll be feeling all the pressure that you gave

13. Fed Up

Hang your head in shame
don't wanna hear your name
say sorry than you do it all again
your expressions tells the tale
self-sympathy prevails
an asshole I could never call a friend

Fed up with your attitude and fed up with your style
fed up with your butthead friends and hat your smart-ass smile
fed up with the goofs I see all throughout downtown Guelph
fed up with small city life, it makes me wanna Ralph

I say things in anger
you take 'em all to heart
you've got no fucking brains
you've got too fuckin' smart
you're just a little suck
so now go home and cry
to mommy and to daddy
'cause you've got no spine

Let me outta here today
no longer wanna live this way
gotta leave, I'm getting ill
can't take much more, I'm gonna kill
stupid city, like a jail
fans of thrash will post my bail
gotta hit the road and rage
let me out, unlock this cage
had enough, had enough
enough to make me sick
had enough, had enough
of people who are sick

14. Soldier Of Fortune

Give me the weapons, I'll finish the job
I do what I have to, to win
killing the weak if they're not on my side
I don't know the meaning of sin
under command if you're paying my price
I'm paying your back with my skill
a hit man who deeds out the violence with ease
emotionless, customized kill

Take aim: open fire
I've still got drive and I've still got the fucking desire

Survivor of torture disturber of peace
fightning for reasons unknown
really don't care if I'm good or I'm bad
you pay me and I set the tone
like a cancerous cell infesting your blood
they still haven't found me a cure
victim circumstance, driven by greed
believe me, my hatred is pure

S.O.F., lives to be claimed
living in trenches and barrens untamed
S.O.F., treasonous crimes
motives uncertain a sign of the times
killing machine, evil regime, sinister dream, listen for screams,
paying my price, rolling the dice, should've thought twice
your neck I will slice

Take aim: open fire
I've still got the drive and I've still got the fucking desire
take aim: you'll pay
I've still got the will and i've still got the power to stay

1988 Steamhammer

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