Dark Lyrics


1. Miami

I remember years ago a place I loved to go
Palm trees, sunshine beaches and never any snow
Then bastards came in numbers to infiltrate the place
Crime and murder rates have soared in Florida's disgrace
Now they've ruined Miami, they've let it go to piss
Now they've ruined Miami, there's nothing left to miss
Now they've ruined Miami, and my vacation plans
Guess I'II have to stay at home until they fix it. man!
Now they've got new gun laws, and everybody's armed
They say it's their protection, no need to be alarmed
I hate to be sarcastic but I wear the shoe that fits
Miami is a city that has all but gone to shit
I really wish I didn't have to write sarcastic songs
But modern day society has got to right these wrongs
Old men and women now have guns and they can't even drive
They can't aim, and they can't shoot and we cannot survive
Cemeteries filling up, they'll have to make some room
People wasting people, I sense impending doom
So if you love Miami, you'll get what you deserve
Better pack a bullet proof vest, and pills to soothe your nerves

2. United By Hatred

Energy, you're hit by the train
A casualty of the social war
Artillery, the weapons I sling
Send you crashing and bleeding on the floor
Arteries, implode under skin
I'm filling all the weaklings full of lead
Anarchy all the war mongers free
United by our total hatred
Try with all your might, we never can be bound
Synchronize your beating, with our hateful sound
On your wounded knees we deny you all your rights
One more neck to squeeze we put you in the vice
Congregate, the loyal stand strong
A hatred that defies all written laws
Incriminate, accusations cast out
We sentence you to die by the saw
Abominate, our powerless foe
We are the black cloud over your head
Annihilate, with unstoppable force
United by our social hatred

Society our enemy, the rules which we must fight
The only way to bring out change is challenging their might
We will not lose this crucial clash and we will never give
Instead we hate don't hesitate, don't let the bastards live
Die hard, the attitude lives
The attitude will breed among the strong
Destroy, all attempts by the law
To make you live a life that is wrong
Aggravate, society's pawns
And let them know that you will repay
Enforce, the beliefs that you hold
And you'll live to fight another day

3. Violence Condoned

We only had forty-five minutes
Before we were to start our show
Our roadies had set up our gear
And we were (more than) ready to go
Then the owner of the bar came to see us
And he told us that we would't get paid
The thrashers in the bar had to wonder why the show was delayed
Violence condoned
Cough up the dough
We packed our guitars, we got in our cars
We drove off and we never looked back
Six fucking albums, still dealing with welchers
I think I'm about to attack
I love all our fans but I'm sick of this, man
If you book us then we'd better get paid
The thrashers in the bar all showed him a mistake had been made
Fans irate, the time was late, they knew the band was gone
Tempers smoked, a riot broke, the violent clash was on
Chairs were thrown, damage sown, they paid to see the band
Bottles flying, underlying vengeance for the fans
Take a stand and never change your plans
Demand respect or be a useless fool
Never let the big shots get away
With thinking that they're making all the rules
If they think that you're a weakling
You'd better fight and show them it ain't true
Teach them all a violent lesson
And show them just what you can do
Revenge, revenge, support it each and every day
Revenge, revenge, violence blows the weasels away

4. Electric Torture

With brutal hatred, I take control
The sound of devastation raw
Don't interrupt me, don't irritate me
Or I will break your fucking jaw
I'm too impatient, I'm volatile
I'm getting ready to Ignite
I carry weapons, I'm always ready
I never back out from a fight
Knock down drag out
Dealing out the decibels and pain
Electric Torture melts you
Electric Torture decimates your brain
I hold my grudges, I don't forget
Uprising chaos on my mind
I tried forgiveness, I tried condolence
But now I've left those thoughts behind
Now I try anger, Now I try strength
Now I try anything that's wrong
I'm a survivor, I never give up
That's why I wrote this violent song
Fight for pleasure, fight for fun
Fight for freedom of the press and always carry a gun
Be impatient and be real rude
Don't listen to your parents, they're a couple of prudes
Be sarcastic and be a Jerk
Quit your job and tell your boss what he can do with his work
Live your own life, you get one chance
It's time to take control and never give a second glance
Be a danger, be a threat
Intimidate! Retribute! Collect on your debts
Be a menace and then be glad
Or on your dying day you're gonna wish that you had
Want for nothing, just take it all
Your life is just a waste If you don't answer the call
One more lesson that you should learn
Don't show respect to anyone when it isn't earned

5. Meaning Of Pain

I wake in fear, what I thought was a dream
I thought it could't be true That's not my bed, these are not my clothes
And this ain't my room
My arms are shackled and my legs are asleep
Why am I tied to these chains?
Who is responsible and where do they live?
And what are their names?
Step in, into their world
Where problems and peace are the same
Step in, but tell me no lies
My mind is too fucked from their games
Deed to the world, I lay in seclusion
A fission of freedom or fear?
Reach out and weigh in the evil
I feel that the wicked are near
They pump my veins and they've withered my brain
And ask me 'how do you feel'
Break out and over the walls
This time there won't be no deals
Step in, into their world
They're trying to drive me insane
Step in, but they won't succeed
My adrenalin's pumping again
I'm feeling wicked and I'm tracking you down
Brother, I'm coming for you
You had your day now the night she is mine
You can't stop what I'm gonna do
Won't see me coming but you'll know I am there
Your soul will be shaking with fear
Don't see you laughing, now the tables have turned
This message is so fucking clear
Step in, into their world
They were sucking the blood from my veins
Step in, into their world
I was lying there dying in vain
Step in, into my crypt
Where my life was taken away
Step in, into my world
And I'll show you the meaning or pain

6. Stabbed In The Back

The metal scene has gone to piss
Boneheads lead the way
Playing fast because It's in
And then they go away
Instead of kicking major butt
They start to slow it down
Bringing back the 70's
I hate these fucking clowns
You sold us out without a doubt
You changed your future plans
You played the game, you've got your fame
And your phony fans
The pinhead movement loves their songs
These bands can do no wrong
And then they come to me and say
Why can't you write good songs?
I hate to be so arrogant
Don't like to call them names
But money is their only goal
My songs remain me some
All the bands I used to like are going down the drain
What the hell has happened here, have they gone insane?
I used to think that heavy bands ignored the current trends
But once you've been in rolling stone you learn about your friends
They never sound the some again, they claim that they progress
But I just think it's writer's slump that wins them their success
The majors spend big money the audience is blind
While RAZOR plays it heavier and leaves the scum behind
We've all been stabbed in the back

7. Shotgun Justice

You took it for granted, you thought I would leave
Your friends were in the bar, you picked a fight
You never expected that I was protected
You never saw the danger in your sight
In shock, your friends all around you
See you lying in a pool of red
It's quiet, the bar becomes silent
They can't accept the fact that you're dead
Rednecks, your friends all started crying
Too bad they never realized
Justice, my shotgun justice left you paralyzed
You thought I had left but I went to my car
I came back with my shotgun too
Returned in a minute, I fired my rounds
And now there's nothing left of you
I never look for trouble, but if trouble comes around
I've got the shortest fuse of any psychopath in town
You should't talk to strangers, there might be a price to pay
Too late to change your attitude you just got blown away
Itchy trigger, finger I reacted instantly
No one else will have to deal with your mentality
A cancer on society, you'll pick no fights again
You're just a mess of rotting flesh whose time has come my friend
Life is just a memory, you got what you deserved
You thought you were a tough guy, thought you'd get on someone's nerves
Everybody left the bar, you called those traitors friends
No one came to help you, no one came to your defense
Your friends all learned a lesson, too bad it come too late
Now they know the consequence of those of us who hate
You stare blank at the ceilling, you forgot to close your eyes
This is how a scumbag dies!

8. Parricide

Late at night you open the door
Your old man's drunk and madder then hell
Another violent conflict, you never asked for this
The place that you call home is now a cell
He's punching out your mother, and now he turns on you
This always seems to happen every night
You're heading for the kitchen, you grab a butcher knife
This time you know you're gonna have to fight
You warn him that you've had enough
This time he's gonna get what he deserves
He charges. you knife him
You wasted him before you lost your nerve
You stabbed him twenty times. It only seemed like once
Your family's in a state of shock
The bastard lies there lifeless, your mother starts to scream
You know you're gonna have to call the cops
You warned him, that you'd had enough
This time he had to get whet he deserved
He charged you, you knifed him
You wasted him before you lost your nerve
The cops are knocking on your door. the neighbours crowd outside
An ambulance is wailing In the night
They put the cuffs on, read your rights and lock you in their car
They question you about the violent fight
Neighbours start to glare at you, the ambulance arrives
They bring the bloody carcass out in sheets
You had to kill In self-defense you didn't have a choice
You had to carve him like a piece of meat
Seventeen days later, you're sitting in the court
They set you free they knew they should acquit
In spite of how you killed him, your self-defense was just
The punishment you dealt him seemed to fit
Parricide Justified

9. American Luck

Started out with nothing except the urge to play
Just me and my big ego gonna make it big one day
I never had the money. I didn't have a car
I had to bust my ass at work to save for my guitars
Born a Canadian
Didn't come from the USA
The odds are all against me. nobody will defend me
From bogus bands with cash who just can't play
American luck
Too bad we're Canucks
People think I'm famous but the thought is just absurd
I've made a lot of albums but I don't think that you've heard
If I was American I guess I'd be a star
A victim of the Great White North, completely battlescarred
I've never been a big shot but the fact is that I've tried
We've seen our name in lights but we're never satisfied
Don't live a life of luxury but hold on to your hopes
Each time you buy my albums I can buy a pack of smokes

10. Brass Knuckles

Pressure is building inside
Strengthening desire to kill
Tension rips through my veins
increasing hardcore hatred my will
Angered. I reach in my coat
My fingers find my weapon of brass
Planting. my fist in your face
A violence fix, I'm kicking your ass
Punch out your lights
Fist fighting every night
Fractured. your face
Left you a total disgrace
No one knows the life I've been living
No one really fucking cares
I used to try and mind my own business
Until I saw society stare
I took a look around at the world we both see
And all I saw were losers and scum
People living lives with no meaning
Alcoholics sucking down rum
Businessmen in suits with no purpose
Politicians milking the crowd
Family men just working their balls off
Old folks with their tv's too loud
My parents wish that I was a doctor
At least a person they could respect
My parents want to know why I turned out wrong
They wont to know why I'm not correct
All I can say Is that I live my way
And if that doesn't satisfy you
I'II wear my pair of solid brass knuckles
And I'II use 'em 'til my time is through

11. Burning Bridges

Downtown Toronto a Saturday night
I'm looking to party 'til dawn
Just quit my job 'cause I can't take that bullshit
I never look back once I'm gone
I fought for my freedom, I'm nobody's slave
I'm just gonna answer to me
If that doesn't suit you then outta my way
'Cause a goof doesn't want to be free
They warned me to never burn bridges behind me
They told me that I was a fool
I told them if living means working forever
Then life is the stupidest rule
Wake up at seven, you're working at nine
What sadist invented this scheme,
Five out of seven each week of your life
'Cause you're working as part of a team
Your boss is an asshole controlling your life
Your paycheck your only concern
What a disaster you're wasting your life
Retiring once you've been burned
I know, you need money in order to live well
But why should you work 'til you're dead?
Burn up the bridges and find a way out
That's the smartest thing I've ever said

12. Concussion

I tell you that I'm brilliant, 'cause I know more than you
I tell you I'm not arrogant, because I know it's true
I tell you I'm a sadist, because I love to kill
I tell you I'm an asshole but I've got an iron will
I tell you I'm a genius, and I control your life
I tell you you're not listening and stab you with my knife
I tell You you're a dying man, I tell you that you're dead
I tell you I'm a liar, don't believe a word I said
Accidental damage when I was just a tyke
Head injury I suffered when I wiped out on my bike
Concussion changed my attitude and now I live to hate
Demented and disturbed, I try to tree me from my fate
I tell you I'm a preacher, and I will save your soul
A born again evangelist, I've got a TV show
I tell you 'send your money': redemption will be yours
I say you haven't sent enough, you'd better send some more
I've made a giant fortune by conning all these fools
The bible belters send the cash 'cause they believe my rules
No sympathy for morons, they really want to pay
I told them I'm a liar but they listened anyway
Evangelists and murderers are ruthless
They seem different but they're really the same
In different ways they prey on all the weaklings
In different ways they think it's just a game
Swaggert told the world that he was sorry
Bakker asked us all to forgive
knuckleheads still send in their money
Cause it's the only way they know how to live

13. Cranial Stomp

Yes, you loser, I caught up with you
You didn't think I knew where you lived
You tried to hide but you couldn't avoid
The violent gift that I have to give
You talk so tough when I'm not around
Why can't you look me straight In the eyes?
Crush your skull with my boots of steel
'cause lying is a thing I despise
I stomp your head
I want you dead
Dancing all over your face
It never tasted better than this
Kicking your head in, all over the place
Your death is something I wouldn't miss
Force you, with hatred to swallow my fist
The taste is something you won't forget
Deserter, you sold out my trust
Now you'll wish that we hadn't met

14. The Pugilist

You said I was mad, you said I'm insane
You said It couldn't be done
You want me to lose, you want me to die
Don't wont me to ruin your fun
I'm making a stand, I'm taking a chance
I'm living the dreams I had
I've got my own rules, and I'll decide
If they're good or if they're bad
Live fast, die young
If you stand in my way, if you get in my face
You'll meet the real me
If you're bringing me down, if you're pissing me off
You'll be shocked at what you see
I'II write it in blood, I'II pull out my blade
I'II carve it into your chest
And it will appear, the message clear
I am the Pugilist
Emotional stress, you've put me through
You put me to the test
No sleep at night, awake for days
You robbed me of my rest
What kind of a fool, did you take me for?
You thought I wouldn't mind!
Get out of my life, get out of my world
I don't need your fucking kind!
I will pay you back in spades
I will sharpen all my blades
I'II haunt you at night, I'll terrorize
I'II phone but I won't talk
I'II find you at work, I'll find you at home
I'II find you around the block
I will destroy, I'll devastate
You'll live in misery
I'II rob your fun, I'II steel your smile
I'II never let you be

Adam Carlo - Bass
Dave Carlo - Guitars
Rob Mills - Drums
Bob Reid - Vocals

Recorded at Phase One Studios, Toronto, Canada, July thru Oct. 1989
A Diabolic Force Production by Brian Taylor

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