Dark Lyrics


1. Decibels

Addicted to the feeling that makes your skin crawl
Feel your head ringing, nailed to the wall
I turn it up louder, feels good inside
You're crusin' 120 on a decibel ride
I push the volume, watch you scream from the pain
You feel the current headin' straight through your veins
I love to see it when it touches the brain
And you cry
I deal experiments in decibel death
I pump the power with the flick of the switch
You feel the horror when your eyes start to twitch
And you fry
Infected by the healing that makes your skin crawl
You feel your head screamin', nailed to the wall
I turn it up louder, right through your spine
You're pushin' 140 on a decibel ride

2. Jimi The Fly

Jimi the fly, he couldn't decide, was crossing a deadly line
Feelin' the heat, the word on the street was a contract for his life
He knew all along, if he sung the song, he'd scratch doing time
Stepped up to bat, squealed like a rat, now he's running for his life
He thought it was sealed, he was making the deal
When the feds brought down the sting
Under the knife, he was looking at life unless he turned the family in
He made up the play with the crooked d.a., never had to serve no time
Jimi the fly, organized crime
Nowhere to hide, scared deep inside and the walls were closing in
He made the mistake, now it's up to fate, and the fear was setting in
Feeling the strain, he then changed his name with a hand from Johnny Law
They moved him out west, with a bullet proof vest, but you can't Escape the mob
Jimi the fly was living a lie on the corner of 8th and 3rd
The life of a fink as he swallowed his drink, now his vision was slightly blurred
As he left the bar, drivin' up in a car were the suits that covered thugs
They fired their rounds, now dead on the ground lies a bloody soaked Jimi the bug

3. Life Sentence

The smith and wesson tried to tell him "put me down"
His mind was just as loaded, wired up for sound
His heart was torn away, and burning deep inside
He knew just what he'd do when he found that guy
Love led to violence as he busted down the door
There was his woman, fucking on the floor
In blinding madness he was struck with raging pain
A round of bullets now the walls bleed a stain
Wife vengeance
Life sentence
His life was flashing, soon the gavel's coming down
His plea, insanity, but they ruled his mind was sound
His soul was cold and blackened, channelled through his eyes
He can't forget, the killing's tangled in his mind
All rise, this court's in session, judgement day is here
Cold sweat just pouring, now he's facing his worst fear
White knuckle fisted like a knife through the heart
We find the defendant guilty as charged

4. Liar

You think I don't see you standing there
You think I don't hear you, I don't care
You think you are my friend, that's not the case
'cause nothing bugs me more, than your face
Liar: a turncoat, a welcher, a thief
Liar: you're gutless and empty in between
Liar: no backbone, no trust 'cause you breach
Liar: revenge as I smash in your teeth
You think I've got the time, talk to you
You think I give a shit what you do
You think that I don't mind sharing my space
But nothing bugs me more, than your face
You think that you can hang out with the band
You think you'll squeeze right in, can't be a fan
You think you are my friend, that's not the case
'cause nothing bugs me more, than your face

5. The Game

"Good evening sports fans and welcome to what should
prove to be the best game of the year.
Hello everyone, I'm johnny bigmouth, welcoming you to
the final game of the world championship.
We're expecting to see one helluva game tonight,
There's no love lost between these two teams.
Each drawing endless amounts of penalties:
We've had fights, cheap shots, name calling - everything we could ask for...
So now, we take you live and play... the game".
You gave it your all, you gave all you've got
You reached for the limit, you pushed till you dropped
You scratched and you clawed, you spilled out your guts
You gave them your oath and you signed it in blood
Bent over backwards, your body is sore
You gave them your life but they still wanted more
You carry the load, you dig deep inside
Blood, sweat and tears till the day that you die
The game... betrayed
This is how you get repaid
They're playing with your mind, they're playing with your head
How do you like your meal when you're being force fed
This is how you get repaid... the game
You crash and you burn, you've stood at the top
You faced all the pressure and took the cheap shots
Your body keeps dying, wealth is the gain
You fought all the battles and played through the pain
You scratch at the scabs, you swear when you bleed
You laughed at the stitches and lost your front teeth
Go through the therapy, break all your bones
Then comes the trade, you buy/sell your home
"Oh my... what a hit! did you see that? unbelievable...
That's gotta hurt. The abuse this boy takes night after night,
and he's still putting on quite a show for the fans.
This guy is worth every penny he makes... I tell ya... that's gotta hurt..."
You talk of the glories and memories gone past
A brilliant career though it could never last
You're down and you're bitter, your rings are in hock
There's pins in your knees and you limp when you walk
You take all the pills, make the pain go away
You've lost all your wealth but your agent's ok
Your children have left you, your wife did the same
Look what it got you, but man he could sure play the game

6. Great White Lie

You think you'll make it but you're wasting your time
You'd sell your sister just to have that last line
You've got to have it you don't care what you pay
Your body's dying but you like it this way
You feel the rush and now the high takes control
Your heart is pumping and you're needing some more
You just keep trying but you can't reach the sky
You've fallen victim to the great white lie
You pave a highway full of ups and many downs
Can't find the fast lane, you just circle all around
Your wheels are spinning, find the rush to live again
Your life line candle is just burning at both ends
When will you realize? when will you see?
The poison in your blood was never meant to be
You stick the needle, whip the blow, you're dying hard
So fuck the world, yeah fuck 'em all, right up your arm
You need the speed
Great white lie
I've seen no lesson learned so here we go again
Can't buy utopia so you just buy your friends
You masquerade behind a face that plays the game
It's your addiction who's the one that digs your grave

7. Open Hostility

Forget the bullshit, turn up the tunes, we don't care for what's wrong or right
Don't be a stooge 'cause we're not in the mood and we're ready to kick ass tonight
Don't be an ass, just raise up your glass, carving the only command
Smashing the load until we explode and we don't need to hear from you man...
'cause we don't give a damn
Forget the bullshit, turn up the juice, be ready to kick ass tonight
Making the laws, we'll fight for the cause and we don't care if it takes all night
Don't be a clown, pass it around, no bogarts the only demand
Dish out the sound, onward hell bound, and we don't need to hear from you man
'cause we don't give a damn
Forget the bullshit, crank up the tunes, we're gonna raise hellfire tonight
Power and speed is all that we need, blasting at ten is our right
Don't mess around, never go down, we give all we've got for the band
Live for the fun, we get the job done, then we fire up the engines and...
Do it all over again

8. Nine Dead

Puddles of bloodstains on the floor was all that they could find
They knew he's insane and he'd kill again but they didn't act in time
Never a witness, never a clue. no one heard the cries
There isn't a suspect, they don't have a lead. I ask "can they solve the crime?"
Killer on the loose
Down goes the sun, now the night has begun and there's panic on the streets
Swift as the wind as the fear's settin' in cause tonight nobody sleeps
There isn't a motive, no sign of remorse. there's no clue to where he creeps
He's wicked, he's out there. an evil disorder, lusting while he reaps
There's a killer on the loose
A whisper, a shadow, you feel he's behind you
Your heart's beating faster, you're reaching for air
Attack from the blind side, the gash spills your insides
You beg for your life but you know, he don't care
Puddles of blood smeared on the wall, now he's toying with their minds
Checking the score we see the cops have nil and the killer stands at nine
Never a witness, there's never a clue. they wait, who'll be next in line
There isn't a suspect, they don't have a lead. I ask "can they solve the crime?"

9. Goof Soup

You had your say, it's time to play my way
You waste my time, I'll speak 'cause it's my dime
Don't care no more, out cold lying on the floor
My choice, my rules, no time for dancing fools
Taking my chances, I've paid for mistakes that I've made
Fight for the striker, I pay back the piper in spades
Surviving the slaughters, it's taking its toll
Target on side as we break down the wall
Savour the smile on my face as I blow it away
Revenge is sweet, served quick makes a very nice treat
Just add one goof, beat well so there is no proof
Kick hard, kick fast, love the moment, make it last
No guilt, be strong, sick of hearing the same old song
Goof soup tastes good, hits the spot like you knew it would
You'll like, you'll see, good source of vitamin v's
Goof soup tastes great, have seconds, fill up your plate
Goof soup tastes fine, kills the hunger every time

10. Violence... Gun Control

It was a stormy night... while the city's asleep
I was down to my last cigarette
And the holes in my shoes let the rain soakin' in
It's a night that I'll never forget
The flickering street light, the cold in my breath
Intensity ripped in the air
The sound of a gun as I watched a man run
Into blackness he then disappeared
Gun control
My heart skipped a beat as I ran 'cross the street
To the house, the lights on inside
As I stood at the door, he was there on the floor
With a bullet between the eyes
They zipped up the bag and they wheeled him outside
As I watched the lights fade away
And the holes in my shoes, still the rain soakin' in
I can't walk away...
I can't walk away...

Jon Armstrong - Bass
Dave Carlo - Guitars
Rich Oosterbosch - Drums
Bob Reid - Vocals

Recorded at The Tube, Hamilton Ontario, Canada, Feb. thru May 1997
Produced by Dave Carlo and Bob Reid
Executive Producer: Tom Tremuth

TYPER OF THIS TEXT: Anatoly Hooker (hooker_75@yahoo.com)

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