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1. Survival Of The Fittest

Victims of technology, trapped in future plans
Acting without asking, won't meet our demands
Stuck walking the straight line, opinions overthrown
Deep inside we feel it, chills us to the bone
Society's own children, bodies whitout voice
Decisions made without us, as if we had a choice
Controlled intervention, who are we to trust?
We must get back the power, our freedom gained a must
Survival is our interest, no question of remand
Survival of the fittest, our lives are in their hands
We beg and we plea for some understanding
A sense of awareness is all we're demanding
Twisting the truth to protect their own
The blunt of raw deals is all we've been shown
The echoes of crying, the innocent dying
An evil force reigns so supreme
With sheer devastation, corrupt motivations
They've shattered our unendless dreams
Our brains have been scattered, our blood has been splattered
And no one is telling us why
These things are forbidden, they're keeping it hidden
And sending our youth off to die
We've tried to find out, hear our screams and our shouts
We're building in force by the hour
We will rise above, forsake glory and love
Their half-hearted lives we'll devour
Blinded by power, they are obsessed
With public supremacy they are possessed
Dictatorship flourishes beyond our control
Poverty stricken, now death takes it's toll
Lost inside ourselves, our inner feelings can't be shown
Cast aside as if nothing matters but their own
Force of one rules over, paralyzing life set still
Brainwashed minds diminish captors for their thrill
Who will win the final battle of death or suicide
Thoughts of human independence, warriors of youth will ride
Seeking out a common mainstream, driven by restricted lives
We must all be strong together, our only chance to survive (yeah!)
The power of the free world, is all that we protect
Enemies among us, who will we suspect?
One thing is for certain, things can't stay the same
We will fight to set things right and beat them at their game

2. Shootout

Living on the east side, trouble's on it's way
Get your piece together, take your place and stay
Is your pistol loaded? ain't no room for buts
Strangers eye to eye, hope you've got the guts
Lawman, draw your gun
I may be the one
Trigger happy fingers and you give me cause
Lawman what have I done - broken your laws?
Strangers, Dangers
Desert sons ride from the heat
Little doubt, in this shootout
Wipe off the dust from the street
Chasing with tequila, and gypsy ladies dance
Never thought I'd shoot again until I had the chance
One on one I'm laughing, spit in the sand and draw
Just not quick enough, so much for the law
Lawman draw your gun
I may be the one
Knock down and drag out, the taste is in the air
Lawman what have I done - do you really care?
Given the limit, the job is yours today
Just another sorry man standing in my way
A bad lad uh huh! lives up to his role
Live it up, laugh it up, end up in the hole
Where you die another soul will stand
I'll be riding riding riding across this land
You've been shot down, now you're gonna crawl
Those who stay alive are those who don't come out at all
Just another shootout, one more dirty deed
Your peacemaker's heavy, one shot's all I need
Make your move now mister, sherrif's history
Feelin' lucky are you? Good-bye deputy!

3. Forced Annihilation

Slicing through the silence
Like blades of stainless steel
A rush of metal fury
Forged from what you feel
Mayhem all around you
You know you're not alone
Fierce and violent actions
Crush you to the bone
Driving us higher, we plunge into fire
A desperate risk we must take
Amidst devestation, forced annihilation
Cause of our necks soon to break
Possessing unknown power
Grinding to your minds
Don't try to escape
It aims, it seeks, it finds
We know you want it louder
An awesome overload
Decibels of torture
So eardrums will explode
Drove killer instinct
A surging in your veins
Past points of resistance
A level we sustain
Our fuel feeds your fire
Cause this is what you choose
Thrashing with aggression
And cutting fuckin' lose

4. Last Rites

Mount your stag, my sword is waiting
A duel, we're gonna have it out
Follow paths where the night lets you travel
Through frost and the echoing shouts
Ride alone and listen for reason
The wind whispers something to you
The son of a savage, the son of a snake
They had you for something to do
You've come close, the quillotine missed you
You ran from the Crown with their gold
The Round Table met, and chose me to find you
A chalenge is all you've been told
I wait alone, no armour to shield me
The thunder slows to a fade
My cold eyes staring to the edge of the silver
Lightning strikes the blade
The tension's in the air tonight
The night sky tempts the dare
I can feel the distant fight
You're nearing from out there
The silence of my second sight
Last rites, only fear
I'm young and you're old but the age doesn't matter
I'm hard, I can take it, the cold night drops the rain
Never question ontold secrets, never guess what you won't gain
I'm the lastting storm to break you, you'll swallow my sword and it's pain
I've longed for the moment with passion and fury
To watch as you cry out in pain
Take a last look at the sky when you've lost
When your shadow no longer remains
Our eyes meet as strangers, no fear of the dangers
The sparks kly, our swords strike as fire
All that you hear are your worst dying fears
Afraid of my passing desire
You drop from the dark, shaking from the answer
You strike to fight the sky, yes I'm in the way
It burns and takes all, life and what you wanted
Where's your spirit drifting, it's left you here to stay
I've longed for the fire that's burning towards you
The fool is caught in the flame
Take a last look at my eyes the reflection
Unreason is rising again
You've met the deadline, now back, to the king's wine
Ride and return what you stole
You'll never see, what the last rites can be
Last rites only fair to your soul
Daylight is breaking, I am alive, you've lost with no time to tell
The silence has faded, the Queen has arrived
They've witnessed your journey to hell
That lonely temper crawls, the loser's the first one that falls
First you feel pain then you feel nothing at all
The chains that bind you are held by the captor
The one you once tried to decieve
I head down the path where our challenge began
Take a last look as I leave
The wind has lifted the rain, The Black Sword has been slain
I'm forever, and I'll ride my horse again

5. Snake Eyes

Pretty as an angel, but the bone of the devil
The smile of a fox, but talking on the level
The figure of a lady peekin' through the holes
Tying down my wings, pulling on my soul
Your fingers are snakes, they're eyes and they see
Everytime we touch you take a bite out of me
Driftin' through my head, all the things that you said
What is written on the walls isn't right until it's read
So read: with your snake eyes
You're the devil's daughter, I've met him, skip the fakin'
You've been growing horns since your halo has been taken
In the trap you were the bait, that was your mistake
I never cared a bit for dirt or a black-eyed city snake
I was hartly temped with a wink and a bottle of sin
I had my own three bottles of the driest kinda gin
Undressed yoy with my eyes and then I realized
Your rolling dice and broken wings gave in to your disguise
Gave in: to your snake eyes
Everything at stake but I've learned my lesson well
You're giving me the choice will I roll heaven or is it hell
Remove the flashy costume, show me what you've got
A taste of what's below, so you'd better make it hot
Can't you see me laughing, you're begging with your cries
The fireballs I'm throwing are burning in your eyes
I can't roll a seven or even an eleven
Give me staring snake eyes, I wasn't made for heaven
Surprise: I've got snake eyes

6. White Noise

Against the odds, we proved them wrong
We challenged and we won
We're doing things our own way
Just like we've always done
People try to tell us why
We'll never be on top
I'm telling you, that we're not through
We're never going to stop
We play too fast, we play too loud
I've heard it all before (Harcore!)
But every time we play a gig
They're coming back for more (Aaahh!)
A smoke filled bar, a rusty car
This is the life I lead
We'll bring our sound to your hometown
I guess we'll stick around
So don't tell us to turn it down
It's just too loud for you!
And don't tell us to change our sound
Cause we'll just say... SCREW YOU!
You might find, we're not your kind
But we've got our pride
So if you don't like Razor
then get your ass outside!!! (NOW!)

7. Going Under

Hang the Jolly Roger, it's time to set the mood
All kinds are invited, the sweeties and the rude
I see so many people, who's here that I know?
I don't see any faces, they're head first in the snow
My dazed eyes closing, how I want to see
What did I just say, I've lost my memory
Find someone to lean against, I don't wanna fall
He can't drive 55, well I can't drive at all
Going Under, but I'm still drinking, and will until dawn's light
I'm Going Under, and I don't care about anything tonight
Noise and confusion, what'd ya say, I can't hear
Don't move the floor I don't wanna spill my beer
Who's that in the corner beyond his own control
It's showbiz with a little wiz and playin' in a hole
Naked women dancin' round, take yor pick today
It doesn't matter who you choose she wants it anyway
Where is it you're taking me going down head first
Then take me for a ride just to quench your thirst
Living hungry just as long as we're livin' on the road
Pretending I understand the road crew's secret code
Hard times the better times, been hangin' here for months
But your life's too short a line and you only live it once
The fast life the only life, one life I know about
So I'm passing out the bottle, while some are passing out
The road long and lonely, last night the tune is sung
I'm gonna live forever, they say the good die young

8. Russian Ballet

Mike Campagnolo - Bass
Dave Carlo - Guitars
Mike Embro (M-Bro) - Drums
Stace "Sheepdog" McLaren - Vocals

Recorded at the Waxworks, St. Jacobs, Canada, February 1987
Produced by Terry Marostega and Razor

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