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1. Sacrilege Of Death

Forged in a world of decay
I've no remorse
My blood is cold
I walk through the underworld a fiery path
Inhale the black smoke in this tomb

Sense the pounding from beyond
The sound of ultraviolent force
Prepare yourself the time is now
Razorbalde knife to fuck this world

Forged in the bowels down below
I have no pulse
My blood is cold
Walk through the desert is the only way
Inhale the black smoke in this tomb

Ready to kill

This abyss underneath my skin is vast
Since morbid times it tunes in hideous sounds
Like sledged beast that's roaring from the past
I heed the call and here I stand

Rise through this living hell in mayhem and decay
Onslaught has begun
I chose this bloody way

Ready to die

2. Possessed On Burial Ground

Tonight the black moon lurks
Shadows move they dance they hide
Ancient gospel of the unblessed
Listen and tremble
My fate is sealed

Possessed on burial ground
The oath I took
Possessed on burial ground
I'm undead I cannot die

Stand in awe
Ecstatic breath
Ruthless eyes
Abyss calls
Burial ground
Torces high
I'm reborn
The only one

Possessed on burial ground

Beyond the gates of your world
Lies a secret from the unknown
This curse will kneel you to death
The urge to cut your mortal flesh

Possessed on burial ground
The oath I took
Possessed on burial ground
I'm undead I cannot die

Sacrifice this skin for knowledge
It's clear and I can see
Black moon this holy night
I sold my soul and now I'm free

3. Hail Revenge

With clenched teeth I stalk God's madness
Gifted with blindfolds charisma
Should I dig out my eyes
A dogma begins
And Satan was there

Mouldy the air you breathe
Feasting on venomous prey
The sacred tumor won't let you see
What lies beneath this palace

Thieves of abyss
Bring forth all sacred gold
Ancient blacksmiths
Treasures turn to war
Sing with angels
Songs of morbid cult
Cursed be your tombstones
Unrest to lay forever

Forever to smite in death's own tune
Forever to burn in fires of heresy

Cursed be your forehead
Cursed be your womb
Cursed be your shoulders

Hail Realism
Hail Fanatism
Hail Revenge

4. Morbid Blood

I got morbid blood
I know it runs inside of me
Pure and mighty
A magic spawn
A glorious birth

The breed of the cursed I always knew
Morbid blood runs inside of me
Eternal life I got alone in falls of venom
Eternal live in falls of venom

Morbid blood
So few against countless
Morbid blood
The bloodshed never ends
Morbid Blood
A handful versus thousands
Morbid blood
Surrender or fight til death

I got morbid blood
And you're the living dead
Oh the living dead

And how can I oppose this galaxy of fools?
A martyr serving madness
Heart of stone
Salvation through doom

Morbid Blood
So few against countless
Morbid Blood
The bloodshed never ends
Morbid blood
A handful versus thousands
Morbid blood
Surrender or fight til death

5. Winds Of Damnation

Deep in the veins of this earth
In solace we're breathing for ages
Underground unearthly seed
Aborted through past congregations

A servant walked the era of kings
Bind in eternal lust and chaos
Serpent's son
Father of rats
His names of damnation now summon

Commence the orgy
Desecrate at will
To carnage we ride
Through winds of damnation

Violently baptized in sanctity's deep well
One by one got damned
Again and again
Walk in peace
Carrier of pest
Word sinks
My last breath

To carnage we ride
Through winds of damnation

Serpent's son
Father of rats
His names of damnation now summon

6. With Hunger In Eyes

Tentacled priests
With baphomet's blood
To the horncrowned demise
We pray

Atrophic lands
With leprous life upon
Through stillborn screams
We leave behind our seed

The horncrowned demise
Its stench you shall breathe
With hunger in eyes
Fates to be sealed

I call the clouds together
Enshadowed the ring of the moon
Winged one through whirlwinds
Who bears the cloak of bones
Witchcraft breathing in his hands
Eighteen hands raised towards the sky
As pest awaits to arrive

The flavour of torments bitters your tongue
In oceans of sulphur
To get drowned
To the death

7. Snakes Crawls

Around your aura
Stench and healy
Snakes crawl!

Since my poison is tempting
Inexpressible my shape
When the seven coffins dance
Bells toll for you and me
I'm like no other
But walk among you
Snakes crawl!

Crawl with me I'll teach you
The art of betrayal and monstrous craft
The ways to cause the bitter cancer

No fruit is forbidden and lust unpresent
Feast at your own sick flesh
Quenched with blood envenomed
Once you've followed
There's no return

8. Black Rites Of Execration

A parade of blades
Marching round your neck
But glorious like mountain you stand
Cold sweat leads fear
To the upper layer of skin
To an escape so great
From cells that beg to die

Darkness brighter than all suns
World without end
Testament of mourn

Enchanted dead skin
My eyes are doomed
In my sockets
I bestowed your icon
A vomit of spells
Backwards to spit
Mind's eye condemned
Body deceased
Spirit misled
Through candlelit halls
A lifeline attached
To strings of revenge

A parade of blades
marched down your throat
But glorious like mountain you stood
On a grasp of breath ashamed you fade
Gold scepters are nothing but plunder

9. Sworn To The Unspoken Oath

Stakes aflame it's time
Sworn to the unspoken oath
Absurd tongue
Fainted eyes
Raise this knife through me

Cut deep
Crown this corpse

Heresy now shall spread
Straight from the womb of madness
Deeds I've nothing to atone for
Contagious patrimonial pest

I'm there each time you pray in my name
I mock when witches chant your funeral words
I laughed when dogs sucked you rdy
Possessed now I own you

Still all stakes burning for me

Born in the grave of hope
A monarch in holocausting throne
Command of fire and death
Morbid gospel
All life to dust

10. The Gates Of Bloodshed

This necromourn is hounding
These waters reflect the unsilent face
Madman stares straight in madman's eyes
Carved flesh to see beneath his skin

Deep in the dark
Where blood turns black
Soil turns red and gods are mad

A death-trip among the living
The gift they grant him
Lack of sanity
The coin to cross the eternal river
White in eyes
As last drop falls

Heaven sounds like mourn to me
Wilings enthrone all absence
Moisty earth
Endless plains to suffer
Where sanity resembles divinity

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