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1. Blind Eye

Brought up hard on a mean street take
The rough with the smooth
You gotta go with the flow now get
Right into the groove
Think you're gonna be righteous no
Room here for a saint
You see me coming and you best beware
Turn a blind blind eye
Out of sight is out of mind
Turn a blind blind eye
Never seek and you wont find
Turn a blind blind eye
If you don't see then you dont lie
Gimme an alibi - You never saw nobody die
Striking out at the market feel the turn of the screw
No way you can repay them - Hey well
I can help you
You want the slate to be wiped clean
Get them all off your back
Just tell the story theres no looking back
Is that your consience calling you
Maybe theres something you can do
To help you make it through the night
You keep your lips sealed tight
No matter how much you pay them
What you're willing to do
Take a hard look around you this was
Coming to you
If you live like a hard man gonna die behind bars
You're out the picture noone need beware.

2. No Pain, No Gain

Each time like the first time last shot that I'll get
Got to hit the target I aint got no safety net
Taking all the chances put that foot down to the floor
If nothing else I Know theres just one way to go
Its my philosophy
Push hard - You'll see
That its meant to be
No pain no gain
You pick yourself up and you do it again
No rest never stop
Like I told you gonna rock until I drop
Feel down from the mountain bleeding on the floor
I can hear them laughing but they don't known the score
Work my fingers break your bones 7 I'll
Knock down that door
They think thats its a sin to have the will to win
Its my philosophy
I'll kick so hard you'd best be on your guard.

3. Sweet Jane

Under the microscope building up their hope
Stinging them on you really got it down
Another sad sack falls prey to your attack
Crawling after you all over the town.

Sweet sweet Jane dont you hear me
They stare at you but you just don't see
So insane its so easy
You pull their chain oh so viciously
They love you for your mind not your body.

They way she walks that walk she got
That curvature
She knows so well its gonna drag them down
Busting out on top and leaving them behind
But thats as close as they'll get no doubt.

Just what I've always wanted but I can never be
So wrapped up in herself she's never gonna see.

You want an eyeful - She's so delightful
Check out the merchandise all on show
But if you get too close she's gonna burn you
One way ticket and its time to go.

4. Holy Grail

Do you know what you're doing think you
Made the right move
Don't you think you'd be better take rough with the smooth
Do you know where you're going setting off on your own
Don't you think it'd be easier staying inside the comfort zone
I can feel it I can see it
Know that I'll reach my holy grail
No disguising no denying gonna reach out
I'm gonna climb up the mountain
I'm gonna reach for the sky
Do you know what you're doing you've been here for so long
Did you ever consider it was us that made you strong
Hey you should be grateful we made you
What you are today
I don't know how could you stand up and walk away
I'm gonna climb up the mountain
I'm gonna reach for the sky
I'm gonna stand on top of the world.

5. Hungry

Don't want the negative
Gimme the positive
Things are tough enough I don't
Want to hear you whine
Don't want no third rate second
Stringer wannabees
Call in the first division make 'em crack
it up because

I'm hungry - I need to feed come on
I'm hungry - Don't want no second best
I'm hungry - Won't buy what you sell
I'm hungry - gimme gimme gimme
The real thing.

You tried to tear it down rip it out and let it die
Who cares for quality selling mediocrity
But hiding underground the keepers of the flame
Don't want no imitation they don't need alternative.

6. Insane

Yes I heard the story great white
Hope once and future king
Well that was then and this is now
Lured by the glory turned to make it real again
Don't look back in anger
Don't look back in pain
Just look to the future
And concentrate like you're insane
Like you're insane
No reciminations nothing ventured
Never nothing gained
And I got my hands full
Its never if you win or lose you just
Got to keep on fighting
Listen to yourself
You're the only one who knows
No limitations
Take what you got and make it work
I got a mean streak - Its half a mile wide
I'm gonna push you and reach the other side.

7. Everything Louder

Never travelled your road stubborn as a mule
Worked and slaved to make it real I bet you think that I'm a fool
But if you listen me I'll tell you what I've learned
There aint no easy way
You got to pull together you got to make a stand
You got to get your goal in sight never give in to their demands
And make everything louder than everything else
Stretch to the limit and better yourself
When you're backs to the wall you must answer the call
When it seems you must stumble remember
All for one and one for all
All the talk I'm hearing you say the lifeblood's disappeared
The only thing thats missing is what used to be between your ears
I've never listened to you but I'm about to make you see
This is our philosophy
you got to make it happen theres no one else it must be you
You got to get your goal in sight never give in and follow through
They never want to listen they think the bridge is burned
Oh but theres a better way

8. ???

9. Between The Wheels

Hunting seeking move in for the kill
Into focus you won I hear a sound until
Rights read in monotone and then they're stripped away
Trust is eroded confidence betrayed
You're turning you're burning fabric of your life is torn apart
Crushed between the wheels
Crushed between
One law - Slow strangulation by red tape
One law - Stealing time what does your future hold now
Burning wreckage one that got away
Fingers pointing let the chips fall where they may
You're turning you're learning
Swift manipulation of the truth
No light lost in the darkness - Reach out but who can you trust
Nightmare breaking the silence no one gets out of here alive.

10. Losing My Mind

You come on like a freight train no way out in sight
You want to go the full nine yards morning noon and night
Can't take it anymore you set my brain alight
Oh no - You got me going
Oh no - One more time oh no - I hear you coming
Won't you draw the line
Losing, losing, losing, losing my mind, losing, losing
Everything I say or do
One more night is gonna break my back in two
You got me under pressure mile after mile
I know the show must go on but I cannot raise a smile
Can't take it anymore right out of control
Won't you listen cant you see
You keep this up you know you're really gonna be
The death of me
I need a month to relax I gotta get some peace
Trouble is once you start you never ever cease.

11. Get Your Finger Out

Wake up in the morning go right back to bed
All you got is comic songs running through your head
Keep on going nowhere you'll just disappear
Pull yourself together
Get your finger out and get into gear
You want to make the big time what you got to fear
Pull yourself together
Get your finger out and get into gear
Running on that treadmill 9 to 5 and more
Hey if thats all there is to life
I'm never gonna cross that door
It doesn't matter who you are don't care what you do
If you're really trapped the only one thats gonna
break the chains is you.

12. Wilderness Of Broken Glass

See the madmans grinning face holding his gun up to the sky
Etched in their minds the time and place
Too bad they never
Questioned why a nobody could raise himself to infamy
Open your eyes and you will see
Nothings as it appears to be
In the wilderness of broken glass
Liars bury the twisted past
See the proud men in control sifting sand but they all know
Truth is not the object here nail the blame
On the scapegoats skin storys over
Feed the furnace and push him in
See the photos watch the movie the camera can lie
No escaping these conclusions
You stripped away the innocence
Gave birth to years of dissonance
Paranoia rears its head
Long live the king - The king is dead
Wall of silence starts to fall piece by piece it is revealed
Time and time again it seems
One man rises, one man stands, one man speaks out
Shows the blood upon their hands will not bow to their demands
No more.

13. !!!

14. Fingers Do The Walking

I know what I want I'm gonna grab it with both hands
Gotta keep a moving to satisfy demand
You got what I want and I'll right through that door
The only trouble is I'm always wanting more
Wait until their backs are turned before you know
I'll let my fingers do the walking and you'll see what I can do
Fingers do the walking and I'll walk all over you
There aint nothing you hold sacred that I cannot take away
Let my fingers do the walking and I'll be right on my way
You can keep your mortgage and your 9 to 5
I'll just take your money and get it in my car and drive
You think I'm crazy well be that as it may
Look in your walley guess how much made today
Wait until your backs are turned before you know
You think its all over 'cos I'm under lock and key
Talk to my lawyer and I'm sure he'll disagree
Soon as I make bail I'll disappear into the night
Can't help if I don't know whats wrong and what is right.

15. Bonus


John Gallagher ‒ Bass, Vocals (lead)
Mark Gallagher ‒ Guitars, Vocals
Joe Hasselvander ‒ Drums, Vocals

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