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1. Speed Trials

Beaten and crushed by the daily grind.
It takes more than $5.50 an hour to survive.
People being tested on a daily basis by life's many demons and different faces.
I have no dreamy notion of how life is supposed to be,
but I'm mad as hell at its inconsistency.
It's these speed trials and tribulations that make me shred hard with no regard.
Don't be bummed if you feel like shit.
It is what it is, no deal with it.
If life was easy and great all the time,
you'd never appreciate the uphill fight.

2. The Threat...

Our soil does not know the taste of American blood,
for we have yet to shed it.
We have not endured the daily attacks,
constant bombings; just exclusive terrorist acts.
The threat does not exist.
We fear terror, but not for the right reasons,
for we fear it ever happening again.
While other people fear it doesn't happen within this week.
The threat does not exist.

3. Lazer Assault

The Judgement day is drawing near.
From the pits of hell creatures will appear.
The stench of rotting flesh, as twelve-foot zombies march toward your death.
Only one man dares to uphold the law.
First name's Lazer, last name's Assault.
He won't fight those ghouls in a court of law.
And there's never been a battle Lazer's lost,
He'll splatter their brains, he'll saw off their limbs.
It's just another day at the office for him.
In battle he takes his files, his razor sharp documents.
Opens fire on the undead, sending them to their eternal end.

4. All In All

Why has that spark been lost?
Where have we lost our passion?
Are we as outraged as we were forty years ago?
At the social climate of the times.
At decisions government made that affected our lives.
We are part of a nation that dragged its people to foreign lands to fight for freedom and democracy.
All in all, we face the same exact situation in the present...
Yet there are still some links missing.
We're more concerned with fabrics of our culture,
rather than having passion and defiance against war.
And for every detached, impartial opinion,
there is another freedom taken. another life is lost.
All in all, no man deserves to fight for a country that doesn't give a fuck if he lives or dies.

5. Shane Embury Is The Brad Pitt Of Grindcore

Your calluses rip as your fingers are set ablaze.
The riffs speed past like the ghosts of hell.
Decapitating the false with your razor sharp licks.
You live to grind, you live to fast, you live to speed and forever blast.
You drool all over your wretched life,
You look like crap and smell the same.
Wasted no time by playing slow.
Wherever 'too fast' is happening, you will know.
You live to grind, you live to fast, you live to speed and forever blast.

6. Bogus Facade

There's something I see below the surface.
An ugliness we hide but it serves a purpose.
We've been successful at keeping the oppressed in their place
because of race, but still preach equality.
I think it's great we accept different cultures.
Won't single you out because of your color.
But it seems to me that things have been tainted.
We've become culturally diverse without erasing the hatred.
Pull this blind from our eyes.

7. Sound The Alarm

Your pool. Your rules.

8. Immigrant Song

'Close off the border and let's build a wall.
There's no room left for ingredients in this melting pot.
'I hear this and think where we would be without the foreign workers in this country.
How easily we've forgotten all of the signs.
No Irish need apply.
No Germans allowed inside.
Now as a country we face a new wave of immigration.
One that will 'surely bring an end to this democracy'.
We're so fickle with the arguments we choose.
Many of our ancestors faced hardships when they arrived.
So let our new immigrant amigos just live their lives.

9. Political Party

Don't keep your head in the sand, place an ear to the ground.
Use the tools we've been given.
Stay informed, make your own decisions.
I have little faith that my species will accomplish significant changes.
At times I feel we're just playing out our parts.
Biding our time till culture falls apart.
Apathy is no friend of mine.
I strive toward positivity.
Focusing on what matters to me.
Brews don't contradict my beliefs.
So if my faith is slowly diminishing in the human race.
What better reason to party with those who know and share my thoughts?
Just because I'm a thrasher shouldn't be an excuse to ignore the problems of the world.
There is no excuse.

10. Man Vs. Machine

There's the jerk on the blue tooth oblivious to the world around him.
The kid locked in his room playing video games for too many hours.
The on-line personality of prince charming, but in real life he can't even look you in the face.
This technology is getting ridiculous.
Let's not let this separate us.
And the more we become globally connected, the more we seem to grow apart.,
It's man vs machine and it's rather cutthroat.

11. Arrested Development

People like the idea of feeling safe,
but what if that feeling was not a reality?
What if it was a misinformed belief?
What if safety did not lead to happiness?
What if it would lead to a life not worth living?
What if adventure was replaced by the mundane?
And to gain security meant to lose everything that once made you happy?
To settle for less is to accept the status quo,
and be convinced that such standards are appropriate.
The surface has been only scratched.
There's so much more to explore.

12. A Modern Myth

How arrogant are we that we disregard past religions as
mythology, Odin and Zeus are still just as real as they were centuries ago.
One man's religion is another man's myth,
while one man's myth is his religion.
If one can't accept the fact that the Valkyries are soaring in the heavens,
Then one must accept the fact that their god,
which ever that may be, does not exist.
It's all or nothing when we come to question whether god exists.
Either there are many little men living in the sky,
or there's no miracle in the life you live.
You live and you die and that's it
There is no heaven and there'll be no hell.
Now think of the future and what that'll hold,
when your gods are taught as historical myth.

13. Heavy Metal Thunder

In the dead of night I prowl the skies striking fear,
into the hearts of men who know danger is near.
And those who cross my path never live to cross again. Protector of the last heart forged from steel.
Heavy metal thunder, Lightning in the skies.
Bodies torn asunder, It's heavy metal thunder.
Hammer always at my side.
Goat-drawn chariot I ride.
Swinging Mjolner with all my might.
As lightning surges in my veins and the crashing thunder reigns.
My powers will increase, my powers will be unleashed.
Heavy metal thunder, Lightning in the skies, Bodies torn asunder, heavy metal thunder.

Jonah Livingston ‒ Drums
Kallen Bliss ‒ Guitars
Pete Gallagher ‒ Vocals
Derek Cloonan ‒ Bass
Ricky Zampa ‒ Guitars

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