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1. Into


2. Planekeep / The Crypt

In the land of the dead shall thee travel an isle of ghosts and demons...
For as thy knowledge be rooted in history past - thy thoughts shall be but echoes from the crypts of the lost and the dead...

They that stare blindly into the hall of the past shall see not...
While he that stands aloof and notes carefully shall find the secrets witch lie nestled along out skirting waters... to embrace the dead as it truth is to dwell in darkened crypts... to cast thine eyes upon the radiant sun let this be thy truth...

Thus may one escape the crypt, and depart the island cube...
Thus may one escape the past and depart the island mind...

In the midst of ruin and misery shalt thy fate lie for thou hast chosen it for thyself this way thy kin is never innocent they said only feeble fragment of truth they new thou art not of thy kin thou art not of any kin in the Valley of the Doomed shall thee wander a meadow of shattered bones and shredded flesh for as thy eyes are shut willingly no ray of reason shall pass to enlight thee so thou couldst rise above the blinding mist and ascend to the Cosmic Circle

Lurk in twilight grey soft and warm safe and silent raise not thy sight calm thyself and live in peace calm thy soul - "live long and prosper" calm thyself and live in peace calm thy mind and lay thyself to sleep.

Armies of raised spirits march forth the sea of the undead is growing hazing thy sight and guarding thy Nemesis delight - to be blindfold... liches of thy mind leave the spellweb that binds thee to the mire of sweet memories safer than mother's womb: "why look ahead and see only sorrow and pain why lost thy faith in past..."... awake

Thou shalt stay with us, the crypt awaits thy return cantors praise thy rest in the midst of ruin and misery shalt thy fate lie for thou hast chosen it for thyself this way thou art of thy undead kin march with the army stay with thy ghosts.

3. Fevered


4. Dawn

At dawn
As the silence betrays
We're afraid of our fear...
We sway and
Suddenly once again strangely
We regret...

The visions fevered, exotic sorrows restrained obsessions all come to life when the asphyxiating freezing light grows midwide and steals the last resort for maggots of the sane

Now we're silently defending our world and fragile veils of dark to keep us safe

We stray in search of false "Diminished Master" blindfold ourselves to see the most and so we fail drowning deep in faint lies the maze we've seen before

Mind pulse blown away with the wake souls innards ripped out steaming stinking with the dark bluish mist - unveiled mystery of Life and Death... hhh go fuck your own pride worm and rot on

Can't survive the sunrise can't keep your poor "sanity" you now have the Box open see all your fears and pains and whatever loose
Haunting you chasing you preying you until the next sunset do you really hope to get to it alive?

CRAWL whine and writhe with cut off mental strains
Breeding scorn that falls upon your filthy dying realms
Within your sick imagination's womb
Begotten well-constructed thoughts NOW clearly
Reveal chaotic fault you knew as life

The chrysalis is broken dissolved in acrid breath of sun
We silently surrender our fight and fragile veils of dark would never keep us safe

5. Trust This

Do you trust me?
Trust this...

6. Edge

Like serpents entangled in faint starlight black seals entwined in crystal gleam
Dark shapes enframed in a myriad of suns
The infinity ends

The past plains of snow the visions of frozen landscapes flow silent yet charming sights of pale serenity

You've chosen the way
Where patterns of frost lead you astray to the glacial crypt of thoughts
Aside and away from inner space you roam afar from sanctuary of morbid self beyond the reason locked in a rotten shell while lost in everlasting sleep
The path that you walk so gracefully paved with icy thorns led you to the realm forlorn

You've chosen the way
Where patterns of frost lead you astray to the glacial crypt of thoughts

To knowledge that made illusion of your existence fade
Never to return

7. Horizon

И тут мы увидели целую флотилию маленьких лодочек, плывущих в море. Легкие, как бабочки, скользили они по собственному отражению в воде. В лодках тесно прижавшись друг к другу молча сидели какие-то серовато-белые существа. Их было очень много и они неотрывно глядели в море...
- Хаттифнаты - произнес Фергюсон - плывут с помощью электричества...
- Хаттифнаты? - взволнованно прошептал я - те, что только и знают - плыть да плыть и никогда никуда не приплывают...
- Они заряжаются во время грозы - сказал Фергюсон - Жгут, как крапива. И еще они ведут порочный образ жизни.
- Порочный образ жизни? - заинтересовавшись спросил я - А что это значит?
- Точно не знаю, наверное топчут чужие огороды и пьют пиво...
Мы долго глядели на хаттифнатов, уплывающих навстречу бесконечному горизонту. И у меня зародилось странное желание последовать за ними в их тайное путешествие и тоже вести порочный образ жизни.
Но я ничего об этом не сказал.
Ну а завтра мы выйдем в открытое море?

8. Vicious Life

Disappearing in your fears...
Disappearing in your eyes
Why? Why? What is it?

9. June 3


10. Just Another Lament

Raven the Wise shed your lore onto me
How can I hold my beloved?
The abyss between us, the bottomless sea too wide to fly over... she is mortal...
Silvery crowns of the frostbitten trees sunlight so bright yet so cold
Ravens above me descend heed my pleas carry my cry to the gods to let her live...
War and disaster they took her away dismal is garden of light chaos and emptiness led me astray helpless emotions yet so strong...
Cursed be the life with a heart fool of gloom cursed be the laws of this world
Cursed be the curse my sinister doom the ages without her...what is it all for
Carry my lament all over the plains over the white sylvan realms useless all magic of elven domains to keep us together in this existence...
Raven the Wise shed your lore onto me
How can I hold my bethrothed?
The abyss between us and so let it be I shall follow her... to the afterrealm

11. Tiny Deaths

I leave grey ashes covering my sight self-sentenced to exist
Atrocity of silence preys worst yet silence I crave

Leprous vultures feast upon my bones dancing round and round my plagued still
Writhing corpse wraths arise to guide my steps beyond arousing memories buried deep I thought buried deep

Burnt my cage with lies searching (the) dream to find a cure
Crust of scorn upon my rusted empty shell

Playing life twisted sorry masquerade poisoned granted tiny deaths to celebrate

Great... I have lost my worlds my universe I built in tears and blood caught in childish snare in hollow abyss hand-made for me alone
Why what a pity word regrets sorrow - just shallow symbols lost in pain lost in vain lost the game of fear that binds me to this self

Crawling to feel (the) sky below again I shall inhale an emptiness but (the) healing for dire wounds of my sanity out of reach of my morbid being

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