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1. Dying Realm

Far in mountains lies the realm of sorrow
A dying realm which fate's forever doomed
Still live today but maybe dead tomorrow
On blackened sky the shade of Evil loomed
Dying rivers - no life in empty waters
Silent lakes where nothing dwells within
In the canyons the signs of ancient slaughters
The remembrance that people couldn't win
The flowers bleeding, trees are dead
The landscape painted by the mad
It's always night, there's no sunrise
No light in kingdom of demise
Crying widows, young girl mourns for lover
Grief and sorrow, death is all around
Soulless bodies, shroud is down to cover
And no strength to bury them in ground
There's no birth, just stillborn
The heart of mother is torn
Painful groans fill the sky
All who live want to die
The realm is dying
The deadly curse oppresses, preys the land
Payment for the sins in past
The sky is crying
This terror is released by Evil's hand
The realm will die, the curse will last
Far in mountains lies the realm of sorrow
A dying realm which fate's forever doomed...
Death has come to the land Brought the realm to the end
Disappearing in gloom
Suffering ghastly doom

2. A Pass In The Ethereal

[The Legend]
"At the heart of silence writhing Flame now slowly dies unpowered anymore,
with the strain of Keepers gone, those swone to keep the Flame alive but
vanished long before the time - the advent of the Creeping Calm.
- ...In awe they stand and watch as the Mist engulfs them all... I behold
the world fades as they pray to their Goddess for death...
Vast aeons passed like the time has stopped, yet the live still stirs in
it's freezing breath, and the Stillness stalks the silent realms.
Could they prevent the Creeping Calm? They prayed to their Spider Queen
in fear but their Goddess was the first to dive the peace of frozen sleep.
I stand atop the highest cliff, I observe the rest of the fussless world,
I see the planes where I'm alone at last. In the Sacred Hall the Flame
still dies, dropping shadows living their final dance in the middle of
the ice-veiled universe..."

Beautiful, a web of stars, theat looms amid the sons of earth...
Enfolds me in these silvan arms that unite vehement charms...
Befalls the weary son of earth...

3. Insurgent One

One Thou, the Risen One, Insurgent Mage
Who shook the power of gods
All that you've done, eternal rage It justifies unholy thoughts
You fight alone - Young Gods are foes
Defending their Hallowed Land
You feel so strong,
Darkness is yours
Feel there's no need to defend You do everything
If they ask you for help you help everyone
You pity their grief, you will not deny Whether beggar or king
Liken mortal to god, there's no thing that can't be done
But see their belief - they worship the Lie
Raise your sword of black in raging flames
You challenge gods in Hallowed Land
No turning back, it's not a game
The reign of lies must come to end
Your armies vast devour the worlds
And conquer lands on their way So strong and fast infinite hordes
It's time for Young Gods to pay
And the battle's begun
At the gate of the Land that is Hallowed for all
Their armies are great, much stronger than yours
"Outnumbered you're gone
So prepare for the end, now you'll suffer your fall
Sealed is your fate - you're out of your force"
"How dare you, worthless one encroach on holy things
Rakoth now you'll be gone or slave to Seven Kings"
"No way, I'll die but free or crush the tyrants down
My armies cannot flee - they're led by Darkness Crown"
The Hallowed is trembling, igneous gales
Summoned from Chaos, incinerate the worlds Lost...
The battle's lost, you're chained and bound
Down to the Bottom of Worlds
Ruined is your host, no fame you found
Disincarnated by the Lords
And all returned - no truth, just lies
And Young Gods rule the worlds again
But people learnt on your demise
And your defeat was not in vain
Free spirit lives on
And no power for gods to erase it from mind
The riot after riot, they know no more rest
Now you're not alone
Not the slaves but free men can no longer be blind
The times won't be quiet - your spirit will last

4. Story Of The Nameless

It was the age of darkness.
And Evil ruled all over the land.
And there was the one - He was Evil itself.
He had no name and they called Him - NAMELESS!
He sat on Throne of Gore in the Castle of Ruin on the Ebony Hill.
And He reigned in blood and terror...
But artifacts of great power were given to people.
And they rose and overthrew Him.
He was banished from the world and could not find a way back...
But the servants of Him remained,
so remained the ways for Him to return and restore His reign of terror...
Nameless... He shall return...

5. Farewell

Farewell to all, I'm in arms of eternal sleep
In mourning hall your sorrow for me is too deep

No feeble thought, you gaze into the void
Think what you are before the eternity
Staring with awe yet unbelieving
The vision before your eyes - the bloodstained flowers...
An everlasting torment

Moaning, crying, in flowers body lying
Rain of tears is pouring from your mourning eyes
Depression, sorrow, for me there's no tomorrow
Now you take all pain and grief for my demise

My coat is shroud and the coffin is my only home
Don't moan so loud, let me rest, don't make my soul roam

Blessed are the strong, the strong with spirit
And grief is supressed by fierce impact
The flash of insight reveals desire
To join me within my grave - the godless craving...
An act of desperation

Don't cry for me, can't you see - I feel better now
My soul is free so get near and kiss my cold brow

And no tears last - the chalice is empty
Extict the feelings, fear's gone and forgotten
And in your dream I beckon to follow Come share my afterlife...
I'll wait

6. Brightless

(I) Fall into a lifelss pattern of sin
Different, different, different.......

Take part, soulflammable gas
Play your role of uncertain death- watch
I'm havin' neither part nor lot in such path
Measured with allowed steps

So is your role as seems (to me)
Undoomed to fail and unrelieved
How will I know... I deny,
I confess, I've denied

"More carrion for vultures" - they said, an atheist becomes dead...

Ne invoces expellere non passis
(Do not call up that you cannot put down...)

What am I feeling when you make me alive in the mo(u)rning
In the crystal caves of falling streams.
within misty shades of falling (fallen) leaves ?

Evolved a plan, to sell blue skies
Corrupted watcher - mine demise (I know what's price)
Idyllic place, huh, you want some more
Coffin on start, just push the... door
...above... Adore!?

My rudeness you will pardon
Nevermind yourself, as you don't care at all
"I am weary of men-sized chimeras"

So is your life as it seems to me
Redoomed to fail unrelieved
How will I know

I give you a day as a gift to burn your lies
a night to strike up again
I am your watcher - your demise

Mors principium est

7. Return Of The Nameless

Night, bloody night,
such a sacred night I came to this night through the rivers of blood
The spells I've cast and people I've killed
Left no return so more blood will be spilled
The legend says that He'll rise tonight
And they will see His power and might
They have forgotten that Master's alive
So He will rise and none will survive
Oh what a land, land of joy and sunlight
Such beautiful beings these elves and unicorns
They will die by my hand, enemies that I fight
All the earthly kings I shall crown by the crown of thorns
The reign of terror will fall on earth again
And they will suffer and none shall kill their pain
There's no salvation - Nameless will rise tonight
And when He comes falls the endless night Rise... Rise... Rise...
I summon Thee back to the earth To return and punish the traitors
To rule again all over the land
To reign in blood...
"I'm coming"

8. Diamond Angel

The solitude falls so heavy on me
And loneliness leaves no salvation Wonderful face
I desire to see I cannot resist desperation
But like spark in the dark there's an image inside
Diamond Angel is coming again
The memories strike and nowhere to hide
I'm screaming in pleasure and pain
Heart of steel is inside of her beautiful chest
And no kindness - it's just iron will
And her soul is a diamond, I fall from the crest
Realizing that love is unreal
Seeing light of her eyes I cry out her name
I'm in fever but light is ice cold
Feeling warmth of her smile I know false is the flame
And her feelings can't be unfold
But someone will come...
And in pain she will drown...
And desire for her will be real
And the diamond will break...
And the steel will melt down...
And the suffering of love she will feel

9. Der Jammerwoch

[by L. Carrol, translation by Robert Scott]

Es brillig war. Die schlichte Toven
Wirrten und wimmelten in Waben:
Und aller-m�msige Burggoven
Die mohmen R�th' ausgraben.

Bewahre doch vor Jammerwoch!
Die Z�hne knirschen, Krallen kratzen!
Bewahr' vor Jubjub-Vogel, vor
Frumi�sen Banderschn�tzchen!

Es griff sein vorpals Schweichen zu,
Er suchte lang das manchsam' Ding;
Dann, stenend unten Tumtum Baum,
Er an-zu-denke-fing.

Als stand er tief in Andacht auf,
Des Jammerwochen's Augen-feuer
Durch tulgen Wald mit wiffek kam
Ein burbelnd ungeheuer!

Eins, Zwei! Eins, Zwei! Und durch und durch
Sein vorpals Schwert zerschnifer-schn�ck,
Da blieb es todt! Er, Kopf in Hand,
Gel�umfig zog zur�ck

One, two! One, two! And through and through
the vorpal blade went snicker-snack!
He lft it dead, and with its head
He went galumphing back.

Und schlugst Du ja den Jammerwoch?
Umarme mich, mein B�hm'sches Kind!
O Freuden-Tag! O Hallo-Schlag!
Er chorteln froh-gesinnt.

'Twas brilling and the slithy toves
Did gire and gimble in the wabe:
All mimsy were the borogoves,
And the mome raths outgrabe.

P. Noir - vocals, flutes
Rustam - vocals, keys, sequencing
Dy - guitars, bass

Recorded and mixed during December 2000
at Signal Studios (Obninsk, Russia) & CDM Studio (Moscow, Russia)
Featuring the "Russian Grotesque Live Orchestra"

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