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1. Don't Fear The River

Bridges smiled at their innocence, the night whispers to
the river painting it lively.
Resounding water under
stopped me from breathing frailness.
Holding the amulet,
grace found in warmth within.
I heard a hiss from a fissure,
an exhalation from a hazy ingress.
It was my hidden heart.
Where is the entrance of emotion's realm?
Down the river it flows.

2. Leaves' Frottage

Leaves fall again, carrying remembrance of a lost season,
of summertime, when leaving was easy...
Back then, when my orchard was in bloom,
I had a time of my life.
Those times when we walked together made sense of us all.
We were walking towards trees,
with those same fears that we have today.
We forget that time shall pass, and leaves shall rot,
and our hearts shall yearn.
In my dreams the enamoured ones shall forever beseech for solace like underwood after summer aroused and yearning for its leaves.
Sarah, my orchard withers while beauty of yours blossom even in fall.

3. Waves

Rain...Innocent smiles of a life, a ghost waved a melted eyes,
Inner voices turned to roaring, lengthening the railway of pain,
Like a flower in a trodden sand,
ripped by ash coloured waves and smashed over the stones of human emptiness.
I couldn't give you life, so i gave mine.
Rain fell within a moment, each drop i have felt.
we are drinking rainwater, together again.

4. Deep

What is it about depression that makes you hide and think of death?
Wanting hugs, wanting kisses, not getting any
That person that can calm me couldn't be found
Play it good, play it loud.
Break something if that can make you calm.
The feeling of overloaded stomach, i am down inside.
And don't you dare touch me. I don't want to awake.
Every face is the same, looking for you.
Never know what is true, what won't hurt.
This blur look of mine is a clear show of every man's melancholy.
I want everyone to like me. Can i make it easy? Oh, how i want to cry.
Or is it just in the moment? Make me pathetic.
Will that help? And give it all away for that one kiss.
Drown you i will, if you're still alive.
That pressure that is on you,
does it mean something?
Can we analyze it?
Can we make sense?
The sunset is now.
Sorrow is strong.
Moment is gone.
Crying won't help, but seeing you in eternal sleep.

5. My Summer Sojourn

This is my congregation.
These are my words to you,
Made of sugar, spice and everything that's nice.
You live a life of rain and everything insane.
In a heartbeat passed all my days abroad.
Beautiful as I've been told, but it only takes a bit of vemod,
a bit of nostalgia, to fortify my frustrations, my restrained feelings,
in my summer sojourn.
But that brief visit was a reconnaissance flight.
Now all hope remains in transit.
So, hold your protectorate and my arrival will not be in vain.
In memory of our rainy, nevertheless beautiful, svensk sommar...

6. Fulcrum

Beloved, the aftermath will be disastrous.
I am still holding on to your words, that changed its meaning several times by now.
Ephemeral words of support I used as a fulcrum.
Today is no different.
Inhaling the same smells,
Alysa Ashley and vanilla sticks.
Remember those 23 degrees.
Seconds from disaster, I've noticed that crushing wave.
Then the fulcrum collapsed.
Moreover, the levee broke.
You, the distant, inflamed me, the suburban.
Our relations dissolved after that shockwave.
Still, we breathe dissonant.

7. In Early Somnolence

All my dreams are gone. Day delayed by the fog,
reversed itself at this dawn over the moor where i was lying alone.
Last December, I remember, even asleep, i craved for my dreams.
For the dreams that painted my years.
Stars were fading slowly on the mourning horizon,
we inhaled that fog, now transparent and oblivious.
It was the first day of the rest of our lives.
Are we ever awake?

8. Empty As I Am

Bottle empty as i am left ad wasted in this poison ivy, they call love.
Not so bad after all.
Don't feel sick, don't feel like crying.
This song is sad for other matter.
Savoir ce que je sous. Want to know. Want to set it up.
I need water with air, so i won't burst out.
Contradictions all around are scaring the children.
They don't know, but they feel. Voir aulas de nous.
Punishment always justified, hits you right in the spots, as i see it coming.
Opening myself towards it and taking a blow.
Taking what's coming.
It's so hard now, but no remorse.
And please, take it as a man. The only way you can.
Causer a soi meme.
I'd give my eyes to know if she even thinks of me, if she needs me.
I'd give my life to have her one more time.

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