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1. The Medina Division Has Ceased To Exist

I thought they wouldn’t shoot you if we were together.
We ignored the curfew, ran through ruined buildings,
something has passed me by, before my hungry eyes.
They are getting closer. I won’t deny
that the bridge is falling, as hope dies for us now.
As much as we cherish each other’s poems
the orbital path was just too vast.
Now, together, we are running for something second best.
She took a headshot. My heartbeat, a blast beat,
was strong enough to assassinate.

2. Falling Asleep In Real Time

Severely sleep deprived I wandered out,
already infamous like Caravaggio.
Entire city of vermin is beneath us.
No night out!
There are just too many people I don’t want to see.
How badly depraved these nights can be?
With just too many people, I don’t talk anymore.
I would rather fall asleep behind the steering wheel,
but I won’t let it go.

3. Hummer Pierced Through The Central Square

Kevlar helmet barely holding,
flattened tires keep on rolling.
Airport City / Delta City / Inner City
Inner city, afternoon, assault on the vehicle
that only one man could bear.
Hummer pierced through the Central Square.
Father, do you remember the poem that I wrote
the day you thought that I went mad?
Time to remove the catheter, time to live again.
‘Cause morrow, it will be one on one,
and morrow, it will end up on the ground,
with a flawless submission.

4. Veneto Slumber Recon

This is the nighttime broadcast from a
moonlit balcony via Southern relay station.
If you are listening to this program be aware that the city
where you’ve laid down to rest is sinking steadfast. Go!

Slučajni susreti, nešto što Mesec uredi.
Da, tu je on. Blizu…
Zamalo da dodirneš zabranjeno odavno.

Sklonila je baldahin i posmatrala me dok sam spavao.
Setila se jedne jeseni venecijanske, pozne i hladne.
Baš te koju sam sanjao. Jeseni koju je kod kuće presedela.
Ona, jedina kojoj sam otkrio tajnu veštinu pravljenja
najfinijeg stakla, ledenim rukama samo me je ovlaš dotakla.

5. Selena

You’re the sight for my soar eyes.
A thousand words gathered,
but none of them right when it gets spoken.
Words empty like an office,
the same one where I’ve been
judging your flawless résumé.
Don't just pass me by.
It wouldn't kill you to try.
Selena, I demand your answer.
What separates us is only one wall, but
even that white wall is the world in whole.

Samo jedan zid nas deli,
ali i taj zid beli, svet je celi.

6. Shiseido

I’ll take you to see that postponed air-show.
I’ll take you to Venice. Then, how far can your Nice be?
I’ll teach you Goshin Jujutsu. I bet you’ll look good in a gi.
秘密な世活はどうするか Zeitgeist!

7. Par Ti, San Marco

Me pare xè in leto, indrio dormir.
Me mare xè persa coi so pensieri,
sta roba la preoccuparia e basta.
Par ti, San Marco. Par la Serenìsima.
Par ł'onor de chel posto indove la gente se mete
łe mascare par divertirse, e mai par via de la paura.

Nothing stopping me from leaving the book
and taking the sword.
Nothing stopping me from dropping school
and going to war.
Nothing… Yet everything.

8. Nothing... (The March Of Death)

[originally by Mourning Beloveth]

A figure of despair staring into the nothingness, lost among life suckers. So
Small standing by the ocean sensing the rain, worn out from grieving through
a storm of rage. I have succumbed to sorrow, the hoary darkness and the
all-consuming silence, for I had such hopes and dreams, dreams that fell like
vapours throug the summer air. I had such thoughts, thoughts that would crush
mountains and blunt the very daggers to my heart and yet the mere sliver of
hope sent to the corner to be lost among life's pain.... immortal. My bones
are weary; weary from this malignant mortality we hold on to with such grim
despair that it becomes all-consuming.

Stefan Radojković ‒ Bass
Marko Mrčarica ‒ Drums
Željko Zec ‒ Guitars
Dušan Pešić - Guitars/Vocals
Bojana Milosavljević ‒ Vocals (female)

Thanks to skajty1van for sending these lyrics.

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