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1. Leave You Or Forsake You

I know you know everything I do,
And every move I make.
I feel you sometimes in my sleep,
But you're gone when I awake.
I think of you every night and day,
You're always on my mind.
And when it gets too hard to take,
You let me know that you are mine.

[Chorus #1]
I'll never leave you or forsake you,
The words I always hear.
I'll never leave you or forsake you,
What does it take to make that clear.

I feel you standing by my side,
When I'm walking all alone.
I hear you talking through my lips,
About things I've never known.
The fear I feel inside for you,
Sometimes is hard to bear.
But then your love flows through me,
Letting me know how much you care.

[Chorus #2]
I'll never leave you or forsake you,
On these words you can depend.
I'll never leave you or forsake you,
I'll be with you until the end.

2. Reason To Rock

Hey-there standing all alone,
Won't you listen to me.
Got message and it's it's coming your way,
For the whole world to see.

"Got a reason,
Got a reason.
Reason to rock."

Fallen angel hard to see,
Laughing in my face.
You'd better wake up cause in due time,
I'm gonna leave this place


So, let me tell you for your own good,
It's gonna leave you in shock.
Christ is the reason you live,
And he's the one way to rock.


3. It's Not Late For Love

She just started life on her own today,
Never seen the light of day.
Prancing around on a darkened street,
Taking what comes here way.
Kicked out, running scared,
Looking for a place to live.
Hopeless and blind with no state of mind,
With so much love to give.

It's not late for love,
When it comes from above.
All her life's been misery,
Broken hearted tragedy.
It's not late for love.

Always seems the world's unfair
No one gets a second chance.
Spinning around never touching the ground,
Living in some kind of trance.
Reach out, grab ahold,
Time to make your move.
Open your eyes look up to the skies
He's waiting there for you.


4. Somebody's Watching You

I lose my mind everytime you tell me no,
It's not your kind to show your face to baby just go.
Well, it seems a shame, such a pretty young thing,
But you've got such a pretty warped mind.
When heaven comes down and I'm not around,
You'll be praying for a little more time.

[Chorus (x4):]
Somebody's watching you.

Your smart remarks keep me hoping you'll walk away,
And the way you carry your body, just got to say.
Well, I wish you could see it from another point of view,
But there's only one way and that's yours.
There's no kind of changing, no rearranging.
You're a wicked, wicked woman of the world.


Everybody, me and the boys got something to say,
So why don't you take a listen:
Ya know, everyday we take for granted that if we should die,
That we would go to heaven.
But what we don't realize is that one day,
We're gonna have to account for all our doin's.
So, while you're out partying and living it up,
Just remember that no matter where you go,
What you say or what you do,
Somebody's watching you.


5. Hooked On A Good Thing

I don't know how you found me,
I must have been asleep.
I've never felt so on fire for someone,
I've never loved so deep.
Since you came and made your injection,
I haven't been the same.
Your love is like an obsession,
A fever I can't tame.

Somehow you knew I was burning,
You put me under control.
You took away all the fear in my heart,
And love has finally taken it's toll.
Since you cam and made your connection,
My life has turned completely around.
You've filled me with your holy affection,
In you eternal life can be found...now

I'm hooked on a good thing,
I never knew it could be this good.
Took everything,
But you gave me your love in return.
Hooked on a good thing,
My hunger for you grows stronger each day.
Look unto the king,
Hear what to say.


God's a mean addiction!

6. Do You Still Believe In Love

I'm forever chasing you,
It seems you're always on the run,
With nowhere to go and no one to meet.
Don't you know, sometimes we're too blind to see.

Do you still believe in love,
Do you still believe in me.
Do you still believe in heaven above n' God's holy love,
The one thing that sets us both free.
Do you still believe in love.

I'm gettin' tired of this merry-go-round and around,
I can't stop this love that I've found.
The harder I try, the deeper I fall,
Girl listen to me won't you answer my call.


I'm forever chasing you,
It seems you're always on the run,
With nowhere to go and no one to meet.
Don't you know, sometimes we're too blind to see.


7. Rock For The Rock

It's been a hard road to travel,
You know it takes some time.
To speak what you believe in,
And make the words to rhyme.
So listen close to what we say,
We feel that God's the living truth.
So let's shout it with conviction,
And scream it to our youth.

Let's rock for the rock,
The one that gives us life.
Let's rock for the rock,
The one who's the light.
C'mon rock.

The way has not been easy,
Many walls we had to face.
But still we keep on striving,
Towards the one that grants us grace.
If only you would just believe,
And realize he died for you.
He'd come inside your heart today,
And show you love you never knew.


8. Are You Ready For Thunder

Guitars were smashing when heaven came crashing down,
A master disaster, the world as we know it crumbled on.
When the maker was quaking, father we heard not a sound.

When the fire was burning, desire was turning away,
There's no way of knowing who's leaving or who's going to stay.
Prepare your hearts now for the trumpet may sound any day.

[Chorus #1]
Are you ready for thunder,
When the lightning strikes.
If the lord calls your number,
Will you be ready tonight.

Follow the light deny the nocturnal breed,
You're lost in the dark you know what it is that you need.
When the fire arises you won't have a moment to bleed.

[Chorus #2]
Are you ready for thunder,
When the lightning strikes.
Is it taking you under,
Like a thief in the night.

Freely surrender you know that there is no other way,
Put your past far behind you in time it will all fade away.
Deep in the hour you'll run to the power of day.

[Chorus #1]

[Chorus #2]

9. Don't Give Up

No chance to see the lights of the city,
No time just to walk in the sun.
Don't cry there's a reason for living.
Take a look in the mirror baby dying's no fun.

Don't give up,
When you're down and out,
Keep on smiling.
Don't you frown,
Give it all you've got.
There's a better way,
Just beyond the horizon.

Break out of your state of depression,
Look at the bright side of life.
Well, you may not be what they call a socialite,
But what you you be at the end of a knife.


Out on the streets, you're looking for trouble,
Laying your life on the line.
It's time to shut the door to your past,
Never look back, go to leave it behind.


Dale Gilfort ‒ Bass
John Fowler (R.I.P. 2008) ‒ Drums
Frank DiCostanzo ‒ Guitars
Greg Kurtzman ‒ Guitars
Dan Marino ‒ Vocals

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